What are the ‘magic wheels’ being used by the British cycling team?

Daily Express –
After fending off complaints this week by the French that Team GB’s cyclists were hiding unfair technology used on “magic wheels”, Sir Chris had the final say when he last night set the record straight.
He said: “Actually, they were made in France.”
TAP – That doesn’t really answer the question.  It makes you wonder if the organizers of the Olympics have found another way to manipulate winners, other than persuading opponents to lose voluntarily, as with Federer in the tennis.

The sprinter François Pervis, who had tweeted “la sodomie continue” (rough translation, “we got shafted again”) after Jason Kenny’s victory over Grégory Baugé in the match sprint final, said on Monday that he was certain the British were not using drugs, but that they had the edge on the equipment front. “I am sure they are clean but their kit … Everyone here says the same thing, their kit is not within the rules. They use wheels they make themselves and they put what they want inside. Because no one checks.”

TAPIt seems as if no checks are going to made either. 

(Interestingly in the Tour De France, British riders got away with riding on bikes with a fractionally oval pedal wheel, when all others were using round.  Ovals give greater leverage, but were found to be within the rules on an enquiry.  That seemed a bit unfair, to say the least, but the media doesn’t pass on much of this sort of thing.)

There is the suggestion that the investment in the Olympics demands its reward for the host country.  My mind goes to other possibilities.  Why are the mind controllers so keen to whip a state of national euphoria amongst the British, using any tactic?  They no doubt require a nicely compliant population to cooperate with their next initiative, whether that be war, or mass infection with disease.

The lesson of the 20th century for the depopulationists is that disease kills far more people, more quickly than warfare.  Nuclear weapons are hardly a realistic way to go.  Killing by vaccination, as declared to be the new strategy by Bill Gates, is the path they have chosen to go down.  Mass compulsory vaccinations of British school kids are being readied for later this year.

The previous post shows how the hunt for a killer flu has been going on for decades.  The method of delivery is undoubtedly to create panic and then have a program of mass vaccination, compulsory not voluntary, backed up by military supervision and force.  Opponents to be ruthlessly dealt with.

To create the level of compliance necessary, a period of great national joy would be created first, just as is being engineered at the Olympic Games.  The false flag non-appearance would be part of the same strategy.  All these conspiracy theorists that tried to tell you they’ll bomb the Olympics, now say, don’t get vaccinated.  You see how dumb they are!

Remember the movie Contagion.  The biggest baddies were the bloggers telling the public not to get immunization from the State, saying it was all just an attempt at mass murder.  The bloggers were proved wrong, and as a result of their warnings, many people died who were not immunized.

In reality, the situation is the other way around.  In 1918, those who went to hospital and were vaccinated, died in droves, with very low survival rates.  Those who were treated at home, and avoided medical intervention by vaccine, lived.

See the previous post.


ANOTHER sport which is not policed properly – swimming.

Cameron van der Burgh has admitted using an illegal dolphin kick on his way to winning the 100m breaststroke gold medal but is allowed to keep his medal as FINA are unable to sanction him.
With no underwater technology swimming’s governing body has no way to investigate the admission five days after the event, meaning that the South African will retain his gold medal.
Van der Burgh won the title in a world record time of 58.46 seconds ahead of Australian Christian Sprenger and Brendan Hansen of the US.
Underwater footage of the start of the race clearly shows Van der Burgh doing more than the one dolphin kick allowed by breaststrokers on starts and turns.
But the South African claimed he was forced to break the rules because illegal kicking was common-place among the swimmers and policing the rule was poor.
“I think every single swimmer does that,” Van der Burgh said. “At the point of time before the fly kick was legal, (Kosuke) Kitajima as doing it and the Americans were complaining.
“It’s got to the point where if you’re not doing it you are falling behind or giving yourself a disadvantage. Everyone is pushing the rules and pushing the boundaries and if you’re not doing it you are not trying hard enough.
Van der Burgh admitted he knew the kick was morally wrong but insisted that unless the rule was enforced he, and other swimmers, would continue to employ the tactic.
“I lost my 50m breaststroke (world title) last year because a Brazilian swimmer (Felipe Franca da Silva) did the fly kicks and beat me,” he continued.
“I think only if you can bring in underwater footage that’s when people will stop doing it. We will have peace of mind to say I don’t need to do it because not everyone else is doing it and it’s fair.
“Everybody does it — well, if not everybody, 99 per cent of them. If you’re not doing it you are falling behind and giving yourself a disadvantage.
“For me, it’s not obviously, shall we say, the moral thing to do but I’m not willing to sacrifice my personal performance and four years of hard work for someone else who is willing to do it and get away with it, and has proven to get away with it, as they did last year.
“I’m really for it if they can bring (underwater technology) in. I’m all for it, it will be better for the sport, but like I say, I’m not willing to lose to someone who is doing it, who has done it to me before.

TAP – It seems as if sports organisers want to leave open a few loopholes so they can manipulate results.  As with football not having goal cameras, swimming and bicycling are not being policed.  Sport results are nopt hard to manipulate given that amount of leeway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As always, follow the money.

    Betfair for example: you can see the liquidity and betting patterns (especially right before the event starts) to know something isn’t right.

    It’s ‘Jubilee’ year and the Olympics are hosted in London. The corporation that is ‘Great Britain’ needs to show some face. Murray vs. Federer was blatantly thrown… but the [B]ullsh!t [B]roadcasting [C]orporation would have you think otherwise… another victory for Great Britain [cough, splutter]. In the meantime, as everyone’s focus is on the Olympics, we don’t get to hear what else is going on the world… classic mis-direction.

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