WASP still thinks Olympics will be attacked. The Paralympics Closing Ceremony…..

Hi Tap, I see there has been an increase in the number of ‘WASP CASUALTIES’, so the ‘T’s haven’t gone, it was just a temporary Lull, GARBAGE THESE DAYS IS VERY DIFFICULT TO GET RID OF, & most is Recycled, otherwise it just Hangs around, just like THEM. 


Gordon & Julia, have brought us back to numbers again, & shows how important they are, as you are all aware, the world is controlled by ‘SIGNS & SYMBOLS’, Numbers are just that, those who dismiss this fact will never see the whole Picture. In the past I always tended to believe William Milton Cooper, w/r/t to ICKE, but it does appear since he has given up the idea that he was a reincarnation of Christ, he needs reappraisal, though some of his theories I have difficulty in finding any validity in them, but then who knows, The information in the video w/r/t WWIII , is not difficult to agree with, & ties in with Common Purpose Puppets.

I was informed via The ‘Grape Vine’, possibly a ‘Tertiary Source’,  that three non Europeans who were going to take a Flight out of the country, from one of the Smaller Airports, Boarded The Plane, but just before take off they changed their minds, the flight crew during this disturbance, were called away from their stations, to deal with the situation, during this incident. One of of the three men went to the loo. The three passengers then eventually disembarked, It was only later that the Captain of the Plane found that, his credit cards, & personal documents, together with location of all the Security Runways & Codes were missing. This was one week before Cameron made The Olympics Look Like  a WAR ZONE, & introduced Missiles & Heavy Armaments, which was unprecedented, as the details were via a chain, I can’t say where the originated information was derived & have been unable to obtain any further details. I have included this solely as a point of Information.

EXTRACT  –  Every event foretold in the Illuminati card game has come true…so far.

Paralympics opening ceremony 
            attract 11 million

I only saw bits of it, & can’t say I know much about it,  The Chap who made this Video certainly does know far more than most, he looks at it in great detail, in The Light of NUMEROLOGY. & ILLUMINATI CARD GAME. This wasn’t the stuff I was going to Post, as Assange & Biggs – Davison still interest me, but that can wait.

Proof London Closing Ceremony Paralympics Illuminati Bombing On The 9/9/12 Part 1

Now Lets Begin! ……………………………. Part 1
” Conspiracy Theorists”  ………………….  Part2

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Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJWfzSd8LKcIlluminati
Part 2 Continued: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-z4qIxiyts
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iwT9SFEFk8
Website : illuminatiorder.info/ac/thaumaturgy/index.html
2nd Illuminati Website : http://academy.illuminatiorder.eu/ Login: user and Password: user:user
Special thanks too: http://www.youtube.com/user/xBehindthetruthx
Special thanks too: http://www.youtube.com/user/spellbinder00
Nothing will happen at the London olympics because this is the illuminati’s plan. To make the conspiracy theriosts look dumb and wrong. And when nothing happens at london olympics people will stop believing in the illuminati. But at the paralympics closing ceremony is on the 9th of september which means lots of people are going over there 100,000 tickets have been sold already. Then people wont believe there will be a bombing or attack anymore. Then the illuminati will bomb the paralympics closing ceremony. How do i know these? After the september 2001 9/11 attacks. How many years has been now from 2001? Its been 11 years. And the closing ceremony of the paralympics is on the 9th of september. So which means again 9/11. 9 is the favourite illuminati number. And the london bombings on 7/7/2005 happened. So 9/9/12 closing ceremony of the Paralympics will be bombed. 9 favourite illuminati number. 9 september. 12 which is 11 years after the 9/11 attacks. So 9/9/12 see it will happen at the London 2012 Paralympics! The closing ceremony of the PARALYMPICS on SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 is the day. The olympic stadium will be almost at capacity with spectators along with performers, athletes, and security equaling more than 100,000 in attendance. 9/9/2012 is a month after the closing ceremony of the actual olympics so people wount be thinking about the posibility of an attack anymore. the london bombings in 05′ ocurd on july 7 which is 7/7, sept 9 is 9/9, the tv series describing the bombing is called spooks:CODE 9….
So i dont think the london olympics will get bombed but sure about the paralympics will get bombed! This is my opinion!



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The first Olympic closing ceremony.  The start time was 8.12 pm and ending was 12.20 pm.  The Illuminati even insist on exact minutes for the major events,  What about the moment WW1 ended?  The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  Now don’t tell me that had anything to do with anything other than a code known only to the elites.  We are still called to a minute’s silence at that exact moment each year.

I guess WASP would say that 11+11+11 = 33, giving WWW1 (world wide war!) a clear Masonic ending.  Remembrance Sunday ceremonies remind the elites as to who really controls all the wars that happen in the world.  The problem is there are so many Illuminati/Masonic numbering possibilities that using their preferred numbering systems as a prediction tool leaves so many possibilities.  WASP is brave enough to keep telling us what he knows and believes, despite endless ridicule in the comments section.

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19 Responses to “WASP still thinks Olympics will be attacked. The Paralympics Closing Ceremony…..”

  1. Anonymous says:

    WASP is still an idiot then.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an Islamic video, which is why it talks about Djial, Imam Mhadi and Isu at the end.

    A lot of the info. is right though – the card game from 1995 or 1996 is right about many things.

    WASP is on a Jihad !

    Btw, Islam was created in 6th century by Rome to control those populations, as they would not convert to Roman Catholicism.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with this post completely, the illuminati have been planning this attack for ages, the numbers add up they even had the audacity to make playing cards to toy with us truth ers. Wasp is right when he says they’ll be an attack on the games, he was right before and these trolls need to open their eyes to the real truth. I’m not going outside today as they’ve been chemtrailing all night again here in stoke. I’m going to wait until the air clears before I go out. You trolls really are stupid!

  4. Tapestry says:

    The troll office opens at about 9 am every day. Who’s payin?

  5. so if you’re wrong wasp will you apologise for scaremongering? It’s a pretty big claim you’re making here. Will WASP take responsibility for his actions and stand by his prediction, or will he convieniently worm out of it if he’s wrong (like last time, still waiting on that apology)

    Nows your chance to silence us trolls once and for all.

    Though I can’t believe I have the audacity to challenge you after the attack at the closing ceremony last time with the terrible loss of 13,000 lives at the London Olympics which was correctly predicted by WASP and TAP.

    You’ve got good odds WASP, will you rise up to the challenge or has the wasp been easily swatted once more…

  6. Anonymous says:

    We are told the Armistice was signed at 5am to take effect 6 hours later, so there’s another 11 for you right there.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Troll ‘error’ repeat. It was the Rockeffeler report that predicted 13,000 dead at the London Olympics.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tap you really know how to crack me up, I had you convinced you were under attack from a paid illuminati team… This shows how detached you are from reality, it also proves how much of an ego you have. The truth is I’m just one bloke who stumbled across your blog and feel its content is harmful to impressionable individuals. I have a few blogs I make it my mission to eventually get shut down. And they do get shut down. I also hunt down scam websites and scam banking websites and shut them down. there is no illuminati, just me. I leave the blog open throughout the day and comment on it freely. I must say you and your regular bloggers make excellent ‘trolling’ (your words, not mine) subjects. I’ve learnt a lot from your posts and the language patterns have helped me recently shut down a scam auction website where I was dealing with its owner via email.

    I thought I’d introduce myself as I’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment. So can’t dedicate a lot of time to this blog.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Not up to the challenge tap?

    You fell for then13,000 bull in that post but rejected the part about responsibility…


  10. Tapestry says:

    As I say, who’s paying you?
    It’s quite peaceful out of hours.
    We are repsonsible for running the blog, and writing on it. If the trolls starts getting boring again, the delete key is good and ready.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So much of the Illuminati card game ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati_(game) ) is true and may well become true. It’s designer Steve Jackson certainly has links to the illuminati.

    Incidently, the trolls and sheeple are being played off against the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’. This was done by design by the illuminati… divide and rule… theirs even a card in the abovementioned game to denote this:


  12. Tim Ullaini says:

    TAP please understand, no one is paying me I do this as a hobby. That delete key isn’t going to do you much good is it. Those censored posts by google, no just me toying with you by the way.

    I’ve given you clues all along but you blindly turn an eye to them and make links out of nothing, the reasoning is quite hilarious, and WASP he’s excellent at that to by the way.

    Allow me to give you a huge clue now…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The misguided trolls , what have they to offer, only more propaganda backed by nothing.
    The Games have not ended yet so anything could happen.
    What is obvious is the amount of troll rubbish that suddenly arrived.
    Gareth Williams was onto something, that is why the camera’s were turned off at his protected flat in London.
    Andrea Davison my be the only person other than Abel Danger that knows the truth.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Seems anon at 11.43am cannot even answer the question.What have you to offer.
    Its easy not to offer anything.
    What truth have you to offer.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, So the trolls are frightened of Gareth Williams even from the grave.
    He must have been some Man, with his logic, he told others what he knew.
    The trolls are empty and have nothing to offer.

  16. We know there will be other terrorist or ‘false flag’ attacks upon us, committed by our own governments and secret services sooner or later – but, of course, no one knows when, so WASP or anyone else is entitled to examine any clues or evidence and speculate as to when these attacks may occur.

    Really, why does anyone respond to these ‘trolls’? Why bother? They havent’ told us anything of any interest at all, or refuted any real facts – they are just posting to disrupt.

    And as for getting this blog closed down, it’s not an impossible claim.
    We don’t have freedom of speech any more. We have something called ‘freedom of expression’ – whatever that is.

    I noticed David Icke (in the clip when he is attacked custard / cream pie) using the term ‘freedom of expression’ not freedom of speech. They are very different things. They must be, or the terminology would not have had to have been changed.

    Ten or twenty years from now, we may not have freedom of anything, s make of it while you can people…!

    We are waiting, Lord for Thee.


  17. Anonymous says:

    For the avoidance of doubt, can i just ask is Wasp definately saying there will be an attack of some nature at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games on 9th Sept? or have i read the whole thing incorrectly. Can someone explain it in laymans terms

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, How come nobody wants to know about Gareth Williams, Andrea Davison or Johnathan Moyle the helicopter expert.
    If we don’t look at the past, we might repeat the same mistakes in the future.
    In answer to Anon at 9.50am, in order to look in the future we can only use the Past as a marker.
    Bloggers have noticed how the Illuminati card game seems to ring true, along with the freemason use of certain numbers they like.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have it ON RECORD 5/9/2012, from the Derbyshire Police (Ripley Police HQ) From the Team who, following a combined Met / Derby Organised Crime Operation ran the Raid at 13/1/2010 at MANCHESTER HOUSE 32 BANGOR STREET. Y-FELINHELI. GWYNEDD. LL56 4JD under a Proceeds of Crime Order, that, Following the Mold Crown Court issue of a Bench Warrant for her arrest for failure to attend her own Criminal Trial which started on the 4/7/2012 that Ms ANDREA DAVISON has been now traced to ARGENTINA.
    There are efforts via the authorities to return her to serve her 2 1/2 years custodial sentence

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