WASP on Andrea Davison, and why she’s hiding inside the Ecuador Embassy

Hi Tap, getting away from Philosophy of Religion for a while, Masonic Involvement & Influence, Though Christianity is not what many think it to be, Christ who was one of Two Brothers, he was Initiated into a Secret Order, to the 33°.  It was set up as a State Controlled System by Constantine, so I am quite happy & not the least bit Confused being An Eclectic Theist, where “G”  is The ‘GRAND GEOMETRICIAN OF THE UNIVERSE’


I also realise & have stated on many Occasions that REALITY is not what you think it is. To appreciate that there is an Inverse you only have to look into the mirror, Your Image is Actually Inverted, but you don’t see it that way, so you are kidding your self Yeh!!!!!! 
In addition to that you are a Mobile Electromagnetic Field, this is where it gets very interesting, & Religion, Magic, Praying, Synchronicity,& Thought Form Energy Systems Overlap. I might do a Post on this Stuff when I have Time.
The One Good thing about this Stuff is that The Trolls don’t have The Intellect to understand it, so in Inverse Reality State you would see an insult as a complement, so If you decided to be nice to them they would actually see it as an Insult, but by the same premise if they Insult you, you would see it as a Complement, as an Inverse Observer, just like Looking In The Mirror. 

To get back to ‘Brass Tacks’:-
It is my considered Opinion that ANDREA DAVIDSON IS BEING SET UP THIS IS THEIR BRIEF Look at Notice Board

Sarah Davidson was involved in Litigation:-


His Honour Judge Parkes QC
(Sitting as a Judge of the High Court)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Between :
– and –

The Claimant acted in person
Antony White QC (instructed by Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP) for the Fifth
Hearing date: 26th and 27th July 2011
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Approved Judgment

His Honour Judge Parkes QC:
1. The claimant acts in person. She claims in her Amended Particulars of Claim to have
been an intelligence adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee investigating
the supply of arms to Iraq, an issue which she herself investigated, and she says that
she gave evidence in secret to Sir Richard Scott’s inquiry into the supply of arms to
Iraq and expects to give evidence to the Chilcott inquiry. She told me in the course of
her submissions that she used to work in the intelligence services. When she retired,
she became a Mental Health Advocate doing voluntary work with the mentally ill in
North Wales, and she now runs a small business which provides services to
businesses, such as mail, telephone and fax forwarding. She complains of a number of
allegations published on the internet, on websites ultimately hosted by the fifth
defendant, Google Inc., which provides the platform Blogger.com. These proceedings
concern, in part, a blog hosted on Blogger.com by the second defendant, which carries
articles written by the second defendant and contributed to by the third defendant,
which the claimant alleges to be defamatory of her.

2.On 20th January 2011 the claimant obtained an order from Master McCloud giving her
permission to serve the fifth defendant out of the jurisdiction, namely in the United
States. Her application did not make it clear on which ground in paragraph 3.1 of CPR
Practice Direction 6B she relied, but it now seems clear, and she confirms, that she
was intending to rely on paragraph 3.1(9), which enables the court to allow service
out of a claim in tort where damage has been sustained within the jurisdiction.

The present application
3. The fifth defendant, represented by Antony White QC, is a Delaware corporation with
a principal place of business in California. It applies for an order setting aside the
order of Master McCloud, and declaring that the court has no jurisdiction to try the
claim against the fifth defendant or, alternatively, that it should not exercise any
jurisdiction  ………………

The claimant’s case
4. The claimant complains of a large number of articles alleged to have been published
by the first, second, third, fourth and fifth defendants. She describes the first
defendant as the chief editor of the Palestine Telegraph newspaper, and the owner and
controller of the internet website located at the URL (Uniform Resource Locator, or
internet address) http://www.paltelegraph.com; the second defendant is said to be a
columnist on the Palestine Telegraph, who owns a blog called ‘Peter Eyre’s Space’ and
owns and operates internet websites with the URLs

defendant is said to have contributed articles to the Palestine Telegraph which were
then published on ‘Peter Eyre’s Space’, and to have contributed other material to that
blog and to the Eyre International website; and the fourth defendant is the publisher of
the Palestine Telegraph, an online newspaper. It appears that the first and fourth
defendants settled her claim in June 2011, published an apology and retraction and
agreed to pay her damages and costs. The sixth defendant, Google UK Ltd, is no
longer a party, the claimant having accepted that it does not operate or control
Blogger.com  …………..  pdf . Litigation inc.

This was on The Palestine Telegraph Web Site


In The Above Link Take Special Note of The Banker Cameron’s Family Connections, Then Tell Me He Is Out For Our Best Interests – To Which I Will Reply BOLLOCKS

London, (Pal Telegraph) – The Palestine Telegraph  deeply regrets  and retracts the Publications of September  6th  2010  entitled Pandora’s Box Opens up More Grime (Part 2)  and  a second article  entitled Pandora’s Box Opens up more Grime  (part 4) published on the 24th of September 2010

We made no attempt to check the accuracy of the stories about Tara Andrea Davison before publication and did not contact Ms Davison prior to publishing the articles.

The Pandora’s Box Series has proved to be a disjointed jumble of nefarious allegations written by Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden without evidence or justification.
The claim that Tara Andrea Davison was involved with the Prime Minister David Cameron and Peter Lilly MP for Harpenden, in the purchase and sale of six nuclear weapons is totally without merit.    The further claim that Tara Andrea Davison is a money launderer   for the Tory Party involved in massive fraud is entirely unfounded and there is no truth in it.

We unreservedly apologise to Tara Andrea Davison and have agreed to pay damages.
We regret that on this occasion our journalistic standards fell below our normal level of care and we have put safeguards in place to make sure this does not happen again.

An Apology to Ms Tara Andrea Davison
MONDAY, 20 JUNE 2011 13:02  RONAN MACFIELD  HITS: 1375     
An Apology

We, the Palestine Telegraph, express our deepest apology for any grievance or hurt caused to Ms Tara Andrea Davison.
Any offence caused was unintentional and we hope to redeem the situation to your satisfaction.
The Palestine Telegraph tries to promote freedom of expression and in that context; we fully appreciate that at times some opinions steer outside the boundaries of acceptable criticism and polemics. Like all virtues, this is the unfortunate consequence of the virtue of freedom of expression.
I hope you will accept our most sincere apology and we will ensure that this does not happen again.

I also searched this out on The Site Straight From The “Horses Mouth” so to speak

He States:-

It was with amazement that I read the following headline in Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper: “Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa.”

“Israel helped South Africa develop ten battlefield nuclear bombs.”  ……

The establishment of the South African Nuclear Industry managed to make 10 nuclear weapons without the United Nations ever finding out. Needless to say the US and UK Government certainly knew about them but not the United Nations. I find it amazing that David Cameron and others travelled to South Africa during the embargo period and not only violated international law but also violated international law in dealing with nuclear weapons that were not known to exist according to he UN. Perhaps it would be fair to suggest some other names bouncing around at the time who were also possible involved in this shonky deal. David Cameron was still rather a young research officer at the time and certainly could not have dealt with this programme by himself.

It was suggested that some key figures who may have played a major role in this corrupt, under the table deal was that of Kenneth Warren(now Sir Kenneth) and David Wiltshire, the then head of the DTI Peter Lilley, Alistair McAlpine and the shonky arms dealer himself John Bredenkamp. Many other third parties were either involved on the investment side of this deal or otherwise implicated. The extended list could include John Majors, Ken ClarkeMaggie Thatchers son Mark (now Sir Mark) etc. We must obviously include Blair, Brown and many others within the British Government ranks.

He with the assistance of Kenneth Warren and David Wiltshire (with US approval) they were able to secure three of the remaining 9 weapons for the UK to put into storage in Oman on standby for the Iraq War.

This deal involved more than 52 million pounds of taxpayers money to which 17.8 million pounds would be siphoned off and given to the Conservative Party Election Fund, that too this day has never been investigated, despite it being raised in the Parliament.

We should now reflect on the suicide (assassination) of dear Dr. David Kelly who simply died because he knew too much, having been personally responsible for receiving these weapons for and on behalf of the British Government.

The final straw came when the government under the command of Tony Blair, not only sexed up the Iraq Dossier (with the help of that other scumbag Alistair Campbell) but went to war under false pretences. Blair knew, Campbell knew and Brown knew the entire history of this dodgy operation.
If one can justify going to war on an assumption, when others knew much more than was first reported, then we certainly went to war with the wrong country. It became painfully clear that the three nuclear bombs had each been taken in an ambulance to another country.

As a result of this absolute farce over one million Iraq’s have been killedincluding our own troops etc and more important is the fact that the US and UK governments have totally contaminated Iraq to a point that its very DNA is not under constant attack with devastating results. The same can be said for the war in Afghanistan which was all totally orchestrated by the US and UK governments.

There is no enemy (terrorist) the “Axis of Evil” lies deep within the New World Order, the international bankers of Wall Street and the City of London. We have to remember that war/conflict is good for business…..it drives up the price of a barrel of oil and enhances the most lucrative business in the world…..that of arms manufacturing.  ……….

So if The Palistine Telegraph lost their case w/r/t Money Laundering & Thatcher’s Nukes etc why are they still hounding her. it has got to be due to the Paedophillia Connection & The Elite one would trend to think.


This is The Link:- to Peter Eyre’s Part 4

What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common? – Final Part 4

She also later said:


“But conversely Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up.  Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.”

“These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from me they have not been returned.”…………

….many ex and current PM’s and respective high profile politicians are determined to keep her out of the public domain……one could make up a short list such as Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and  David Cameron. The list of other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords is endless but certainly include Lord Alpine, Lord Heseltine, Lord Robinson, Sir Ken Warren, Peter Lilley MP etc etc 

Add to this the current Prime Ministers involvement (with others, including the above latter two) in the illegal purchase of 3 Israel/South African built nuclear weapons that were stored without security in Oman and then stolen by the same arms dealer who sold them (John Bredenkamp, a Jewish Rhodesian) and one can see just how evil and corrupt our leaders and MP’s are!! ………….

…maybe you can all recall the loss of a “Black Ops” Chinook helicopter on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre  – On the 2nd of June 1994 an RAF Chinook helicopter took off from Belfast Aldergrove Airport bound for a high level conference at Fort George, Nr Inverness, Scotland. Onboard were four very experienced crew members and 25 top level terrorism experts. The helicopter flew out over the sea in a north north-easterly direction towards the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland and crashed into the headland at approximately 1800 local time, killing all onboard. The aircraft tail number was ZD576 and crewed by Flt Lt Tapper (captain), Fl Lt Cook (co-pilot) with MALM Forbes and Sgt Hardie (crewman).

it was Ms Davison who spoke with me on the telephone during a fairly long conversation and said that this Chinook crash was an inside job……basically she explained that when the Northern Ireland peace talks were not going too well a few problems occurred and as one would expect when you have a problem you remove the problem…….hence the loss of the Chinook and those 25 VIP passengers that covered the best of the best in Anti Terrorist, Northern Ireland Police and MI5 who believe it or not all traveled on the same flight which is against normal civil and military protocol!!……needless to say Ms Davison was not involved in this terrible act but obviously would have been aware as to what the DTI were doing at the time!! ..

….input from other whistle blowers found out that the crew were not responsible for this crash (as first blamed) and that their was a huge government cover-up.  ……..

….The final bombshell came when another whistle blower told me that via another third party the passengers and crew had not all died as one would expect from multiple high impact injuries but had all died from gunshot wounds to the head which means they were all dead when the Chinook hit the higher ground on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre!!

….an incredibly intelligent women with so many hidden secrets and one which our leaders and government do not want you to know about……….I would challenge any media to come forward and allow me to present a story outside of the Ecuador Embassy that could only be described as the biggest scoop of all times……….as you would expect no takers!!!  ………

……It is also fact that Ms Davison gave much information to Tony Blair about the ring of Paedophiles in Wales and one would ask the question why did Tony Blair not act upon this information?…….this was the second time that Blair had received such a list……maybe there is more to Mr Blair than meets the eye……..certainly such is the case with Gordon Brown, Lord Robertson and MP’s like Lord Mendelson. …

…….the FBI who also gave Mr Blair a list of such high profile people who were involved in such activity and who could be considered as a security risk to this country!!

He also adds this statement

Oh and by the way one would assume that having been found guilty as charged you would cease your fraudulent activities…..well folks her business AFBIO is till up and running and can be viewed on the following link http://www.afbio.com  …….it is still advertising virtual officers all around the world that Gordon Bowden and I call “Boiler Rooms”……..so much for justice hey?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/8/2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “What you should never forget is that ALL RELIGIONS ARE CONTROL SYSTEMS, SO DON’T KID YOURSELF THEY AREN’T.” – It’s been long over due but finally something worth reading from WASP.

  2. wasp says:

    I have stated this on many previous occasions anon, you haven’t been paying attention.

    The aim is Total Control, by what ever means is necessary, The Degenerate Victoria, whilst wearing a Black Arm Band, & purposefully Starving The Masses, who she always referred to as ‘THE MOB’ hopped into bed with who ever she fancied,hyped up on DRUGS whist upholding Her Piety to The Church. She waged wars all over The World ensuring she maintained control,killing countless millions, to expand her personal fortune she invested in Off Shore Accounts.

    VICTORIA was the worlds Greatest Legal Drug Dealer, Via The East India Company. To this day they occasionally salvage opium, from East India Ships that sank.


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