US Army suicides double in July

US Army reports spike in suicides
(AFP) – 3 hours ago  
Are more soldiers realizing how evil the people are who control their deployment?  How they are being used to destroy their own country?  We didn’t hear from Greg Pitchford for a while.  If he’s around, maybe he’d have a comment on this story.
WASHINGTON — Suicides among US Army soldiers more than doubled in July compared to June, the Pentagon said, the latest evidence of a worrisome trend that has vexed military leaders.
Among active-duty troops, 26 soldiers killed themselves last month, compared to 12 in June, according to an army statement.
The July toll was the highest for any single month since the Army began documenting suicides by month in 2009, officials said.
The army, which has borne the brunt of more than ten years of protracted ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has suffered the highest suicide rates among all the US armed services.
Commanders have struggled to stem the problem, funding a myriad of programs and research to try to understand what is driving so many soldiers to take their lives.
“Suicide is the toughest enemy I have faced in my 37 years in the Army,” said General Lloyd Austin, the US Army’s vice chief of staff.
“That said, I do believe suicide is preventable,” Austin said in a statement. “To combat it effectively will require sophisticated solutions aimed at helping individuals to build resiliency and strengthen their life coping skills.”
The army reported 116 suicides through July of this year — and if the current trend continues, the year’s toll would far surpass the total of 167 for 2011.
Although officials suspect repeated combat deployments have contributed to a rise in mental health problems and suicide, a significant number of soldiers kill themselves who have never been in combat.
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5 Responses to “US Army suicides double in July”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got to admit i’ve been ‘Trolling’ this site for quite some time – i’m part of the staffed 24hr attack at the illuminati headquarters in Doncaster where we’re currently chemtrailing non stop.

    But i have to admit this post is the first piece of real fact i’ve seen on this site. Commentors like ‘Helen Highwater’ (a great nom de plume by the way) could learn from this person who has reported actual fact.

    I didn’t agree however with “Are more soldiers realizing how evil the people are who control their deployment?” which is a tiny bit trite but acceptable considering all of the other dramatisation on this site.

    Such a shocking waste of life.

  2. horehound says:

    This is a real problem which seems to happen in all ‘modern’ conflicts.Its a sad fact that more Falklands veterans have killed themselves since the war than died in the war and I expect one day the same could be true of the Iraq conflict.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Iraq. It already is true. It’s when the realization dawns that the people they were told to kill were innocent civilians, and the lies sink in, they can’t face themselves any more.

    We have no right to be invading country after country, murdering civilians in all of them purely to grab their oil and gold, and opium in Afghanistan. Soldiers start to realize they are being conned into acting like savages to serve the greed of the elite banking families, people like David Cameron.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tap,

    i’ve been reading through some of the posts from these trolls lately and I think you might not be far off from thining there’s a paid attack on your site. You’re a very active blog and i think you’re closer to the truth than you think as theres an odd comment in your Assange post.

    Keep up the good work and for all those trolls out there come on lets see you’re proof, you’re quick to slate us but have no evidence to back it up!

  5. horehound says:

    I wonder if the people who ‘pilot’ the drones which have killed many 100’s if not 1000+ of civilians will suffer the same mental health/guilt problems as troops on the ground considering most of them pulling the trigger are sitting on a base in the US.Do their superior s believe that killing people as if playing a video game will prevent the guilt/ realization.

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