They knew Euro was set up to fail from the beginning

The Euro was designed to crush the nations that joined

Hello Tap,
Here’s an article you may find interesting.  It’s from a publication called The Philadelphia Trumpet.
The article is entitled They Set Up The Euro To Fail and reveals how Spiegel (German newspaper) published details of documents from the Kohl administration, confirming that the creators of the Euro new exactly what they were doing.
BTW, I think some of the comments from those you refer to as ‘trolls’ are valid – my problem with these commenters is that much of what they write are simply ad hominem attacks on the writers; ridicule and attempted witticisms, personal slights.
You do need some dissenters to comment – otherwise your blog can very quickly become a runaway train to Bonkersville.

TAP – the writers get obsessed with the Illuminati numerology, which doesn’t get me so excited, I have to say.   The elites clearly do select dates for their attacks from a select list of important numbers.  Which suggests they are hardly sane themselves, and not quite as scientific as they would have us believe.

I stopped contributing a few months ago, because you would not post my rebuttal to an article about the authenticity of the Holy Bible – so please do not ever claim fairness in debates or objectivity. 
I have one or two other interesting posts that I will send through.
Here’s the link for the article:

A suitable nom de plume is Helen Highwater

I sincerley hope your child’s health has improved and things are now ok.
 Helen Highwater

TAP –  something’s gone wrong with the download of this one.  Sorry I can’t agree with all callers on all points.  Criticism and different viewpoints are healthy, in my opinion.  I only agree to publish what interests me, as does this piece.  
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10 Responses to “They knew Euro was set up to fail from the beginning”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I happen to agree on this occasion with this article. The single currency was nothing but a get rich quick scheme to help boost the global market. It was never a long term solution and now it’s come back to bite us in the ass.

    Credit where credit is due.

    Thank you for sharing.

    A refreshing change from the fear spreading posts of the Olympics false flag debacle.

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    I disagree, it hasn’t failed – it’s working according to plan.
    You are assuming it was designed primarily as a currency – it wasn’t. It was designed as a method to create a future problem, one that would require a solution of greater integration and central control over the countries and their people.
    It has functioned exactly as intended.

    • Scotty says:

      Correct. That’s what the article says. The powers behind the scenes don’t need any more profit, they own a huge percentage of everything already.
      What they want, I believe, is a US of Europe, an end of individual nation states, one super-state, which is what we effectively have now. They are using the artificially created Euro crisis to achieve the completion of that objective.
      They create the problem, which demands the pre-planned solution.
      Ordo ab chao.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting take Woodsy42

  4. The plans for a European single-state (not the same EU we have today) were published in 1942, along with plans showing where borders would be at the end of WW2; for example, the full extent of the USSR’s reach into Europe.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hitler and Himler devized the EU back on the 30’s, it show how good they were when you consider it is being done without them now.
    They planned Germany as the power house
    France for wine and sex
    England the holiday camp
    Can you see it is still creeping to those issues.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ John 10:10 AM

    It was Karl Marx (and Adam Weishaupt before him) that came up with the European Union idea. Karl Marx wanted the world split into three zones: The North American Union, The European Union, and finally the rest of the countries would be part of the Pacific Union (

    The purpose of the unions is to break up nation states and destroy their national identity – even to the point where countries would no longer exist… they would simply be called ‘zones’. Tony ‘war criminal’ Blair made sure the UK’s forced mass-immigration went in to overdrive and look at the country now. Blair brought in reams of Marxist anti-racism laws to penalise people from the inevitable anger at the situation too.

    Finally, Karl Marx envisioned all three unions joining into one superstate. Politicians throughout the years have teased at a one world order/new world order/one world government in their speeches as they are all part of the global agenda.

    • In addition, Marx was a freemason, 32nd or 33rd degree.

      My information is that his works were written for him, based upon control methodology worked out by Jesuits in Panama, over a 300 year period and that he was ‘tutored’ in the British Museum.

      Richard Wurnbrand wrote a very revealing book about Marx, called Marx and Satan – easily obtainable as free PDF download.

  7. Tap- been some time since I commented on your site, I do visit regular, but some of the stuff is beyond ridicule.

    Anywho, the title: Euro set up to fail, may be missing the point. I have written many times on my site about what the euro is all about, and that is a non sovereign central bank without a national treasury behind it and ABSOLUTELY NO DEMOCRATIC OVERSIGHT.

    If there were ever a plan for bankers to take over the world, the ECB is a massive step in that direction.

    What we are seeing right now is a face off, a game of poker between politicians and bankers. I think any sane person would recognize that this crisis could end at any point, all the banks have to do is open the credit spigot.

    The problem is that the politicians have realized the extent of the power grab, and have got cold feet. They are negotiating for position, which has manifested itself in the Libor/ HSBC/ StanChart scandals.

    The politicians are fighting back for no other reason than to gain an advantage for themselves.

    As for the euro, as a numismatist what interests me is the history and science of money. It was only 300 year ago that England united with Scotland. Just about 150 years ago, Bismarck united Germany, and Switzerland, possibly the most stable and richest county in the world, came into being about 150 year ago. The same can be said for dozens of countries: Japan, Russia, Malaysia, USA, etc etc etc.

    Would they have been better off staying as sovereign states?

    I am sure that all of these Unions were hated and reviled at the time, and I am sure there were secret deals and negotiations we may never heard of. And I am sure millions died because of these unions. We are just unlucky to have found ourselves n the midst of another system transformation, but the likelihood is out grandchildren will benefit.

    The bottom line for me is that most of these events are beyond our control and possibly for some, beyond comprehension. It is very important to keep on revealing the machinations of the elite, but not to change it.

    The important part is to take advantage of it.

    Forget the ignorant masses; there is little hope for them. Look after yourself and use the knowledge we have to position ourselves into an advantageous position. Whether that is selling arms to Bosnia, electing repulsive individuals you know will advance the agenda, or just simply opting out of the system. There is very little that any of us can do to stop, delay or reverse what is happening.

    The only thing we can do is batten down the hatches and make sure that those closest to us remain safe and come out the other side with the greatest advantages.

  8. stedra rulz says:

    Has this crisis blown up in their faces? Is it worse for them than they thought it would be?

    Have CDO’s and CDS’s put them in a position whre the western world’s financial system will collapse and drag them down with it?

    We shall see!

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