The Queen smuggled raw milk into Eton for William and Harry

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Here’s a couple of interesting articles in relation to your recent
posts “Cameron’s a fucking criminal” and so is who he works for, for
it’s certainly not the people of the country

As for raw milk –

The rest had to drink pasteurized – no vitamins.

Finding access to raw milk is difficult in many parts of the US, but the situation is even worse in Canada where national law prohibits the sale of raw milk anywhere in the country. Few people realize, however, that Queen Elizabeth and her two grandsons drink this supposedly “dangerous” food item, as do nearly all Canadian farmers surveyed in a 2010 study published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine.

A writeup on raw milk published in The Globe and Mail back in 2010 explains that Queen Elizabeth personally drinks raw milk, and that when her grandsons Harry and William were students at Eton College, she went out of her way to smuggle it in for them as well. The Queen apparently recognizes some value in raw milk beyond what health authorities are willing to admit.

On the same token, nearly 90 percent of more than 2,100 Canadian farmers who sell their milk to the country’s government-run dairy cartel revealed that they siphon off raw milk from their own cows to feed to their families before it gets shipped off for homogenization and pasteurization. Like the queen, these farmers are apparently unswayed by the pseudoscientific nonsense about the so-called dangers of raw milk.

And yet ordinary Canadians continue to be deprived of their freedom of choice in choosing what type of milk to drink. Those with lactose intolerance, for instance, are forced to simply stop drinking milk, as only raw milk contains the lactase enzyme that properly breaks down and digests lactose in the system. The process of pasteurization destroys lactase and all other enzymes, which makes it difficult for many to digest.

Like the US, Canada has had its share of government raids and tyranny against those that even just try to set up herd shares, which allow individuals to purchase shares in a cow or goat, and access the milk. Back in 2010, for instance, the Supreme Court of British Columbia issued an injunction against dairy farmer Alice Jongerden for boarding other people’s cows, and forced her to basically stop milking the cows altogether, which is a form of animal abuse (

But the fact that both Queen Elizabeth and thousands of Canadian dairy farmers drink raw milk proves that milk can be produced and consumed safely in raw form. It also represents a blatant double standard, where only the “elite” are privileged enough to make their own food choices, while everyone else is subjected to erroneous and arbitrary restrictions on a wholesome food item that has been consumed safely for centuries, long before tyrannical governments came along and prohibited it.

Learn more:

and “How Pasteurisation destroys the goodness of milk”


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TAP – intended for comments but I can’t get access.  Raw milk is made deliberately hard to get hold of, as it is so cheap and unbelievably nutritious.  Drink it frequently and your immune system will see off any number of infections that might otherwise knock you over.  With the world government, we are all losers.  But once you know what you are up against, it becomes easier to get well if you are sick, as I was, and save your family and friends – just as The Queen was trying to do for her grandsons at Eton.

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  1. Only a few days left Tap for your resident “conspiracy” glee club (Wasp and Gordon) to show they know nothing about anything.

    False flag at the Olympics?

    Surely their secret sources have given them all the details by now.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The possibilities for a false flag at the Olympics have been pushed out in all media, including the BBC, which makes the predictions a little odd. Surely an FF has to be a secret!

    No. This is false false flag territory, in all probability, although saying that, there have been Olympic terror attacks in the USA – see the details about the Batman attack in particular.

    More likely this is another attempt at reducing the status of the blogger. A different attack is envisaged – the removal of Vitamin D from our bodies by the blocking of sunlight, followed by a mass panic about flu, with millions rushing to be vaccinated.

    The business of the elites is depopulation, and nothing reduces that faster than vaccination as Bill gates has stated. Even more so when there’s a mass panic driving people to impale themselves on a laboratory-designed virus-injecting needle or saliva spray.

    The only opposition will be bloggers who will be warning of the dangers. That’s why they created the false narrative of Olympic terror, to wrong-foot the only people who will be warning the populous that the flu vaccine is the real killer and not the disease itself.

    See what happened in 1918. See the movie Contagion. This is their anti-blogger strategy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL I remember the days when mars bars and crisps were smuggled into private schools now its raw milk.
    Give it up ya blerts if you think this an example of the new world order go lie down in a dark room. You guys have been found out the last few weeks Tap the court jester wasp his faithful fool. LOSERS!!

  4. Paul says:

    I keep telling people, raw milk isnt hard to find or get. I get mine from an organic farm in cumbria, eight pints a week, and its great. It’s not hard to get hold of, you just need to look. Farmers markets are a great place to start and you can always search it online, you will be suprised how easy it is to find. I dont miond paying for it either, £1 a pint I pay for mine, to me thats ok, as farmers get jacked all the time by supermarkets, I also but organic meats and fruit and veg from them to, a bit more for better nutrition is an easy price to pay. This is with severly limited funds, but the benefits to my health considering I am a disabled person is immesurable, since I changed my diet totally over 2 yrs ago I have got better and better healthwise, cant do much about the diability, but I hardly ever get colds and flu now and infections seem a thing of the past, and even when I do its so minor its hardly noticable, the odd sore throught as opposed to a full blown in bed illness….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Milk does trouble me

    Its like many things you see the odd change.

    But when you look back you see many sometime subtle turns changes.

    Is there really any harm in reviewing the changes or even challenging them as over time we find on many occasions the change was not too beneficial.

    Surely adult review & debate is healthy and responsible & aids knowledge awareness & hopefully truth.

    My concern is any issues previously aired by TAP etc.

    however as we now have three UK pasteurised milks:- red (skimmed), green (semi skimmed), blue (regular)
    we are directed for a healthier lifestyle to the low fat options.

    initially when the red first came out it was very watery thin and nearly see through very pasty NOT SO TASTY or sweet?.

    now its seems whiter more acceptable a more regular milk feel taste.

    when i drink it with tea it makes me sweat, WHY what’s in it? Genetically modified corn syrups?
    or worse? what’s omitted off the label? like bread are we being deceived?

    help advice sought


  6. Pity that even on an enlightened forum, posters and bloggers alike are still tragically misinformed about milk. There are NO health benefits to humans from drinking animal milk, particularly from cows. Animal calcium is unsuitable for human consumption as we don’t have the correct naturally-produced enzymes to break it down – as such, it crystallises around joints and within organs throughout the lifespan and contributes to osteoporosis in later life, amongst other problems. Beats me how people still think its okay to drink something designed to turn a 50lb calf into a 600lb animal but there you go. The ONLY milk which humans can and should safely drink is milk produced by other humans, namely adult females. The real travesty is the systematic conditioning of the Western mind to reject breastfeeding, particularly in public. It’s worth reading The China Study, really opened my mind to the absolute farce of our nutritional ‘education’ (indoctrination), not just in regards to dairy products but also artificial sugars and the death sentence promised by meat consumption. By the way, I’m not a hysterical vegan prophet, just a guy who loves research 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou Mathew, Well done, appreciated your contribution here, I can confirm the validity of your information.


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