Tap Blog Reader looks out of her office window

I thought you might like to see the view from my office window right now. Nice!
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Tap Reader
No sunlight permitted.   The climate is being cooled prior to a release of pandemic bird flu, in the middle of an icy winter.  People’s immune systems will be degraded by lack of Vitamin D, then a panic will be released into the media, driving people to get vaccinated.  The vaccine will be the way the flu spreads.  The lab-created killer flu will appear two weeks after the vaccination, so people don’t associate their misfortune with the jab.
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  1. Been wondering what the end plan was , thanks for putting forward a theory/plan

  2. Tapestry says:

    the Gulf oil release was part of it – to thicken the waters of the Gulf stream and slow the Atlantic conveyor, bringing in icy winters.

    then the deprivation of Vitamin D, plus further climate cooling from chemtrails.

    the killer blow to be a lab-created killer flu delivered by vaccination. first they’ll create panic in the media.

  3. Aha that makes sense now. I wondered why BP were so blase about the whole thing

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