Tap Blog comments taken over by trolls

It’s all happened in the last two weeks.  Maybe they don’t like all the excellent posts coming in from Wasp about the Olympics,  the Batman Aurora killings, the closing ceremony, 007 and so on.  I’ve no idea.  Tap comments have usually been fairly quiet over the last six years.  Suddenly they’ve been taken over by a bunch of folk who don’t seem too happy with us quietly enjoying ourselves, writing about the developing world we see around us.

They seem to object to the association of the Royal family with the depopulation agenda, and want to rubbish such talk.  To my mind,that merely confirms that what is being written on here is more likely to be true.  If it was gobbledygook, would they bother?  I doubt it.

If the comments are being lost to a group of presumably paid spoilers, we still control the posting part of the blog.  At least we used to do.  They deleted the whole post about Federer throwing the Olympic Final to Murray, at its peak of traffic landing thousands an hour.  I reposted it, but the links from elsewhere were finding the deleted post.  Let’s hope the spoilers don’t start deleting any more posts they don’t like.

I quite enjoy sparring with the trolls, when I’m available.  Trouble is, I also have a job and a family,and can’t keep pace with their prolific output.  They seem to have all the time God sends, day or night.  That suggests this is a paid operation to spoil the blog.  We’ll pull through, OK.  We’ll just adapt to the new circumstances.  I can’t be bothered to read them all any more.  Maybe readers can send me their thoughts via email if I miss something important.

I suppose it should be taken as a compliment really.   we must be worth attacking, at least.

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5 Responses to “Tap Blog comments taken over by trolls”

  1. horehound says:

    I have been reading The Tap for more than a year.Like 99%+ of readers I have never commented nothing sinister but people have lives and whatever conspiracy you believe or not that will take precedent.I write this now because like some tap readers I feel I may fall into the catagory of being a troll.The first comment I made on Tap was trolling and I apologize for it.I made it because the accusations involved were too wild and unsubstantiated and it provoked that reaction.I apologize.

  2. horehound says:

    I would add that for anyone who reads tap,before it’s news,above top secret ect many posters have built up 2012, LDN olympics ect, as having a special significance due to everything to the significance of numbers, Nostradamus and ancient Peruvian tribes, so as 2012 progresses it is only natural that people who have in the past have been unsure/confused/ sat on the fence now speak.This means more voices + debate and a side effect will be trolling which people should just ignore.On a practical level I do not know if you can do this on blogger but losing Anonymous tags, getting people to use avatars would help flow of debate and help people spot trolls

  3. Well Tap you are beyond contempt.

    Anyone they has the temerity to object to unfounded “conspiracies” is branded a TROLL.

    You are happy in your obvious ignorance and rely on cut and paste amateur postings by people like WASP because it saves you the effort of writing anything concrete because you are too busy “working”.

    There is no paid operation as you put it. I do not think the powers that be would consider this site worth expending any effort on because you and your avid followers have closed minds.

    The reason I have objected to some of the wild unsubstantiated allegations and conspiracies is because I value the work the internet does to uncover truth.

    You by your obvious ignorance have decided that it is better to side with fantasy than to deal with real life affecting events.

    I have decided (and you will be happy about this) that you and your followers are not worth the trouble to comment on further.

    I realise, too late, that you, Wasp and Gordon are just a backwater of inconsequence and so I now leave you to our conspiracies and stupidity.

  4. James says:

    Tap, I found your blog through a link someone left on a newspaper comments board. I’m schooled in the ways of science and as such I view stuff on numerology linking Aurora with Olympics with scepticism. I’m not in the pay of anyone other than the NHS and no I do not vaccinate people or dispense drugs

  5. Anonymous says:

    TAP, it seems there is a pattern to all blog sites and that you have the “totally convinced”, the “don’t really know’s” and the “it’s all nonsense” brigade. Do not upset yourself or get into spat’s with the latter group. I consider myself an “interested bystander”. I became conscious of the so called “conspiracy” world shortly after 9/11 and did much reading around the area (and have continued to do so). My conclusion is that no individual person can be coerced to believe what to all intents and purposes is actually happening. You waste energy trying to convince- I simply encourage people to look into things themselves and form there own opinions. The scale and resources of what you are up against is just too vast. It’s not an overnight thing…it’s taken me ten years to arrive at this point after many episodes of dismissing “conspiracy” material only to return to it when another piece of the jigsaw fell into place.For your warning re flu jabs to have any credence, many would need to see instant association”jab them, they die instantly…yes, i know it was the jab that did it” mentality is prevalent in our X Factor society.The conditioning to “trust cleverer people” is simply too deep to break no matter how good your intention. We both know that the conspiracy is multi-layered and liable to change at any point.The rabbit hole is incredibly deep. Point people in the right direction and in time those that make any sort of effort to research for themselves will start to see it. The other side will never encourage independent analysis and will insist an individuals thoughts and knowledge to be fed to them by MSM (don’t read that other stuff, you’ll be brainwashed…). These people are beyond help and will never get out of the goldfish bowl.

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