Philippines suffers nasty dose of weather ”modificiation’

As the Philippines suffers appalling floods in Manila at an unprecendented level, you feel almost certain that the weather weapon is being used there to degrade the economic and health environments.  The signs of weather ‘modification’ programmes being put into effect are present, although few in South east Asia are yet aware of what is happening to them.  This came in from R.Zedinko.

Hi Tap,

I remember I sent you an interesting article about the announcement from the US govt. about 36 incoming typhoons to the Philippines. We normally have 20 each year but to hear this “forecast’ of 36 could only mean that 1) ‘they’ can make things happen, weather-wise or otherwise, 2) they are operating weather modification, despite the Thai governments ‘refusal’ (to allow NASA weather operations from U-Tapao) because on a clear day(which we rarely have nowadays), high-altitude planes can be seen drawing white outlines in the sky (chemtrails).

Just about two days ago,they did perpendicular trails over my area. I took a photo but it is not as detailed as I wanted it.

Recently, the Thai government said they wanted to undertake the ‘research’ themselves to the tune of B200 million.  (TAP that’s to get around the opposition which claims loss of sovereignty to the USA)

News about this and the use of the airbase has taken a backstage now.

Best guess: they are working in the Philippines, just as they have “warned” us earlier.

Will have another look at the local reports though.

Been busy at school the past few weeks

Will keep in touch.


TAP.  A follow-up email from Z shows more evidence that bad weather is connected up with the spread of the flu virus, this time in Vietnam.  It sounds like they’re hoping.

Grim weather may bring bird flu outbreak in Vietnam.

News Desk
Viet Nam News
Publication Date : 08-08-2012

Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan said yesterday there was a high risk of new bird flu outbreaks due to unfavourable weather conditions weakening the resistance of poultry and ineffective management of poultry transportation in its border provinces.
During the past two weeks, bird flu has reappeared in Hai Phong City, with poultry infections numbering as high as 67,000, while the number in Ha Tinh Province was 17,000.
Bird flu outbreaks have so far been reported in the two cities of Hai Duong and Hai Phong, along with the provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh.
According to the Animal Health Department, there will be scattered outbreaks of the disease in some localities in Northern provinces during the time to come.
More than three million doses of bird flu vaccine have been allocated to the localities and nearly 100,000 affected chicken, ducks and other birds have been incinerated.
Tan asked the localities and agencies to strictly implement Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s directive last week requesting them to strengthen inspection and control of poultry imports to Vietnam to prevent bird flu.
To control transmission of the disease via illegal poultry imports, Dung asked border provinces to encourage local people not to take part in the transport and trade of unidentified and unquarantined poultry.
Other ministries, including the ministries of Industry and Trade, Defence, Finance, Public Security, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Information and Communications, were asked to work together to deal with illegal imports of poultry, while strengthening inspections and popularising measures to prevent H5N1 human influenza and information relating to the fight against bird flu.
Meanwhile, according to Hoang Van Nam, the ministry’s acting head of the Animal Health Department, outbreaks of foot-and-mouth and blue-ear pig disease are under control with no new cases reported.
The two provinces of Nghe An and Dak Lak are still officially classified as under threat of blue-ear pig disease.

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  1. Greg Chua says:

    We must be ready in all times when storms and typhoons attack us if ever. Hope this coming rainy season, no strong storms and huge floods will come. That’s why according to the Philippines Weather
    update we must still be ready for the upcoming rains that will enter to our country.

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