Olympics Cover-Up. Radioactive material 2 feet deep.

Hi Tap, I am getting back to form again, as I have just had another Post banned from The Daily Mail Comments, this one related to The Royals, The Brain Dead objected to comment regarding Nuclear Lizzy’s Off Shore Bank Accounts, I mentioned it relating to her charging her ‘SERVANTS’ for recent Photographs, or perhaps it was the ‘RIDER’ Feudalism is Not Dead.

To continue, it appears that The Olympic Site is the Site of yet another one of those Illegal Chemical Dumps, only this one also contains “SLEEPING TIME BOMBS”   ASBESTOS  +  RADIO ACTIVE WASTE,  There is also a possibility of the presence of UNEXPLODED BOMBS The pasting has caused a bit of a problem for some reason, so might not apppear as I would have wished.



by Mike Wells
2012 Olympics contamination warning marker layer being installed
The Giant Cover-up: the Warning Marker Layer covers up to a million square meters of contaminated ground on the Olympic Site
“The Olympics is a great brand.” So says David Higgins, Chief Executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority. One of the words Higgins would not like attached to his brand is – rubbish. Yet rubbish features large in relation to the London Olympics. The Main Stadium, Basketball Arena, Velodrome, and the Media Centre are all built on rubbish, or to be more exact former rubbish dumps. Most of this rubbish (with associated contamination) remains under these venues.
Documents submitted for planning approval reveal that the ground below the Media Centre is still producing so much methane from the decaying refuse it contains that special precautions should have been taken to protect the expected 20,000 visiting journalists and media.
picture showing extensive area of this private dump at Hackney
Rubbish Foundations: historic photograph (c1930) of the rubbish dump that remains below the Media Centre

Two documents (excerpt from one shown below) warned of buried radioactive waste near the site of the Basketball Arena and Velodrome, close to the Athletes’ Village – yet the authorities ignored the possibility of widespread contamination until radioactivity was found in excavated material some months after works began.

From contract for construction of Eastway Cycle Circuit 1974. Extensive dumping of radioactive waste across the site was never considered in remediation plans.
Then at the site of the Main Stadium, significant quantities of radioactive contamination were unknowingly excavated and spread around other areas of the site. Documents also acknowledge that further contamination remains buried beneath the stadium.
In a bid to prevent a rubbishing of the Olympic brand London 2012 bosses have been at pains to play down the issue of the radiation hazard and its poor management. For example, in February of 2008 when radioactive waste had been inadvertently excavated, a PR distraction strategy was hatchedwith all the parties involved, which included the claim:
“Highly-sensitive monitoring has been carried out on the site during the earthworks programme and this has detected a small amount of low level radiological finds in the soil in the area. This soil, with mild radioactive properties present due to the past industrial activity over the last 100 years or so, is being managed so that it presents no risk to public or workers.”

In fact, excavations at the Main Stadium site were virtually completed before any radiation monitoring or protection measures were introduced – despite its history as a high-risk unregulated private landfill. When radiation was detected in the excavations in November 2007, no action was taken, and it was not made public. Only in February 2008 were the relevant authorities alerted and remedial and protective measures started. Meanwhile a delegation from Beijing visited the location – where far from ‘mild radioactive properties’, detection equipment was registering off-scale readings. Since surveying first started on the site, mysteriously high levels of background radiation had been consistently recorded.
The ODA claim that “Health and safety of the workforce and local people is our number one priority.” Yet the failure to carry out a detailed and comprehensive radiological investigation prior to starting earthworks would suggest otherwise.
Paul Charman, analyst with the Citizens Intelligence Network, expresses his concerns:
“It has become clear that the real priority is the avoidance of negative PR and of any delays to the delivery schedule – and the less that was known the better. The ostrich-like approach led to real injustice and left the workforce and local population vulnerable.”

Olympic stadium radioactivity plan

X marks the spots – handwritten annotations show locations of hotspots of radioactive material, still present up to 4 months after the ‘early start’ on the stadium construction. ‘LLW’ refers to waste requiring regulatory control and offsite disposal to the national LLW Repository. Click on image to enlarge.
Olympic spin-doctors are also keen to play down the fact that more than 7,000 tonnes of radioactively contaminated material has now been reburied on the Olympic site. The potential for bad publicity makes the reburial of this material a surprising choice. Paul Charman comments
“Taking this PR risk looks to have been unavoidable . The waste includes material that could not be disposed of to any landfill in the country and may well have been refused even at the specialist radioactive waste repository at Drigg. The conditions for acceptance at Drigg would also have meant external scrutiny – which could have been highly damaging. Reburying it on site looks like a gamble they had to take.”

Olympic radioactive waste dump location
The Olympic radioactive waste dump is just to the north of the Main Stadium – a top athlete could cover the distance in 25 seconds. Note proximity to waterways
There are a number of irregularities about the on-site burial of radioactive contamination. The authorities appear to have colluded to place the problem outside regulatory control. They did this by claiming higher activity material was to be mixed with lower activity material, thus reducing its average radioactivity to below the legal threshold – a process of dilution. The Environment Agency prohibits this type of dilution for the purpose of avoiding regulation. Furthermore documents show that when the burial actually took place there was no physical mixing of contaminants, rather they were simply placed one on top of the other in a hole in the ground. Surprisingly this was approved by the Environment Agency – who subsequently claimed to have deleted the relevant records.
John Large of the nuclear consultants Large & Associates, who is presently assessing the Olympic Site radiological situation comments:
“Mixing the radioactive wastes with lots of non or low radioactively contaminated soils etc scraped from around the Olympic site is nothing more that sharp practice – it defies national government policy that radioactive wastes should be concentrated and contained and not, as is the case here, diluted and dispersed.”

Before and after London won the Olympic bid officials were telling us that the Games provided an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ to clean up this highly contaminated area of East London. In reality what has been done is to leave unknown quantities of contamination in the ground and then to cover the majority of the 200 hectare site with a warning sheet of orange plastic. On top of this has been placed a ‘separation layer’ of supposedly clean material. As a consequence, any future excavation work will require special precautions, and any excavated material is to be ‘treated as contaminated unless proven otherwise’.
With regard to the legacy use of the Olympic site, John Large notes:
“After all of the Olympic razmatazz has passed this very long-lived radioactive waste will remain, it will require management and safeguarding for tens, hundreds and more years, and its presence will blight the use and future development of the Olympic site.”

Hi Tap, I am getting back to form again, as I have just had another Post banned from The Daily Mail Comments, this one related to The Royals, The Brain Dead objected to comment regarding Nuclear Lizzy’s Off Shore Bank Accounts, I mentioned it relating to her charging her ‘SERVANTS’ for recent Photographs, or perhaps it was the ‘RIDER’ Feudalism is Not Dead.

To continue, it appears that The Olympic Site is the Site of yet another one of those Illegal Chemical Dumps, only this one also contains “SLEEPING TIME BOMBS”   ASBESTOS  +  RADIO ACTIVE WASTE, There is also a possibility of the presence of UNEXPLODED BOMBS 

“Imagine that”. When the unthinkable becomes the reality. Leyton Marsh

“Imagine That” is a work in progress by film maker Sasha Andrews. An extract of the film will be shown as part of the OPEN event at Cafe Oto, Dalston on Sunday 6th May. Sasha Andrews has been documenting events on Leyton Marsh where the Olympic Development Authority, despite the local community’s objections, has appropriated public open space.

Imagine That” does not just reveal the extent of excavation and surface dumping of toxic material on the site but also the authorities harsh treatment of individuals who dare to question their methods. You can read more about the issues here and here


Film maker Sasha Andrews worked closely with Mike Wells to create his film “Gold Dust” in which Iain Sinclair highlights the excavation and burial of contaminated radioactive material on the 2012 Olympic Site.


Of the Leyton Marsh excavations, the Olympic Development Authority spokesman says “our work is subject to the same high standards we adhered to during the construction of venues on the Olympic Park.”..

How reassuring is that?

On the Olympic Park they buried over 7,000 tonnes of radioactive waste without any prior regulatory inspection or planning approval at all.


LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 – A NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA: A presentation of evidences that allow for informed consideration of the possibility that the 2012 London Olympic Games (27 July – 12 August) may very likely be utilised to manifest a “False Flag Operations” orchestrated/staged “terror” event (whether “live” or “foiled”) as a deceptive means to advance the totalitarian globalist agenda beyond the level which the 9/11 & 7/7 events laid the foundation for. Beware the ongoing “Strategy of Tension” of the New World Order puppetmasters. FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS: “False flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is: flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations and can be used during peace-time.”; STRATEGY OF TENSION: “The strategy of tension is a theory that describes how to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.”; “It is a tactic which consists in committing bombings and attributing them to others. By the term ‘tension’ one refers to emotional tension, to what creates a sentiment of fear. By the term ‘strategy’ one refers to what feeds the fear of the people towards one particular group” – Daniele Ganser (French radio interview, December 29, 2006)



Mike J Wells, July 2009
.: Olympic contractor tests a soil sample for radiation with a Geiger counter. Photo © Mike Wells
Olympic contractor tests a soil sample for radiation with a Geiger counter. Photo by Mike Wells
A document obtained from an undisclosed source reveals that hazardous radioactive waste was excavated and moved within the London Olympic Park before official permission was granted.
In this document Vivienne Ramsey, head of planning for the Olympic project, warns the Olympic Delivery Authority …
“You are reminded that Remediation Change Notes [legal documents allowing work to continue] are intended to be issued and agreed prior to works being undertaken. The submitted Note is retrospective and therefore gives the Local Planning Authority no opportunity to comment on the adequacy of the proposed measures prior to them being carried out.”
The fact that work to excavate, handle, transport, and store this material was carried out before permission was granted is a serious breach of regulations, and places doubt on the safety of workers and local residents. The situation may also influence the legacy value of land and housing.
Though the authorities have known for some time that radioactive waste was buried in the Olympic Park it is not until now that the scale of the problem has emerged. Documents reveal that more than 7,000 tonnes of waste has been found on site to date, much of it unexpected. Some 7,300 tonnes has been placed in a radioactive storage bunker built into the approach to a bridge in the Olympic Park – within 250m of Stratford International station and around 400 metres from the Olympic Stadium. Olympic Delivery Authority contractors claim that the waste in the storage cell will be safe for at least 1,000 years. The waste, a legacy of the site’s industrial history, is something Olympic bosses have been trying to play down, stressing that it is “Low Level” and “naturally occurring” radioactive material.
However, Doctor Chris Busby, an expert on radiation and health, comments that radioactive material can be classified as Low Level or Naturally Occurring but still be extremely hazardous.
Here are the important links :-


Story Image The Olympics site in east London. A plastic sheet, 31ins down, protects against buried toxins

Sunday February 14,2010

By Ted Jeory, Whitehall Editor

THE entire Olympics site in east London has been built on top of a thin plastic sheet laid at a depth of less than three feet to separate surface soil from potentially heavily contaminated ground below.
The Sunday Express has obtained documents which reveal London 2012 chiefs have covered up land that is possibly contaminated with asbestos and radioactive materials with a huge, bright orange sheet.
Spanning more than 600 acres —equivalent to some 400 football pitches–it is buried at a depth of 31ins to protect the health and safety of future builders and homeowners.
It is designed as a warning marker layer to anyone digging the foundations of new homes and offices that they must follow special precautions if there is a need to excavate more deeply.
While “clean” soil and debris have been placed above the sheet, anything below it has to be considered hazardous unless proved otherwise.
The revelations cast doubt on the Government’s central justification for staging the £9.3billion Games—that they would be handing over a huge urban park fit for human habitation and 10,000 new homes.
Even after the Games have finished, the site will still be classified as brownfield, with the onus on future developers to fund extra decontamination work, outside the giant Olympics budget.
The risks are likely to concern anyone considering living on the regenerated Olympic Park after 2012 and have major implications for recouping money from land sales.
Last night, John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, said: “If a future developer is required to bear extra costs for decontamination, that will reduce the value of the land and that’s something of concern.”
Games organisers set aside a budget of £364million to remediate what they claimed was one of Europe’s most heavily contaminated sites, which had been home for a century to landfill tips and heavy industrial use, including scrap cars and batteries and a mini test nuclear reactor.
The scale of the task, with a fixed deadline of 2012, was one of the major reasons for the resignation in 2006 of Jack Lemley, the former chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

Shortly after quitting, he claimed Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell and her team had severely underestimated the problem, saying: “I said it would be enormously expensive because of the technical process of cleaning it up.
“When the London and Continental railway was put through there, as an example, they had to ship off-site several hundred thousand cubic metres of highly contaminated soil.
“At my final interview for the job, with John Prescott and Tessa Jowell, I said it was going to be one very complex programme to deliver, based on what I had seen on the site.


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TAP – the hyping of the Olympics and the flood of medals makes a perfect backdrop for the delivery of a monumental shock, just like when we won the Olympics on 6/7, the day before the London tube bombing.  If Federer throws the Olympic final against Murray, as he tried to do at Wimbledon, the  state of national furore will be unstoppable.

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    Jesus Wept!!!

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    All those athletes and spectators that could well have contracted cancer from visiting this stadium.

    Of course, nothing will be said in the lying mainstream media.

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    Here is a very informative Video by Mike Wells & Sasha Andrews on this subject it was created to highlight the existence of Radio Contamination on London’s Olympic 2012 Site Link:-


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    Obviously they slipped the robot Federer into Wimbledon to finish the job the real Federer refused to do at Wimbledon.
    The connection? G4S in charge of security at Olympics the illuminati weren’t going to make the same mistake twice. I’ll upload video and my working out later.

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    Federer tried to throw Wimbledon final just as Tsonga threw the semi final. Murray’s nerves made the throw impossible. Today Murray’s nerves held, and Federer’s strangely subdued form was able to get the result the paymasters wanted.

    The whipped up a state of national elation the day before 7/7, when Britain signed the Olympics in Beijing.
    The question is why are they so keen to fix British medals. We’ll see if it’s a set-up for a crushing blow to morale which is to come next.

    All you can say is the hand of the Illuminati is visible at every turn. And their agenda is not benign.

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    Hi Tap, Why not ring 118 118, see what they have to say about winning. Saturday might be a bad day to remember.

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