Olympic Pseudo-Terror Was An Anti-Blogger Strategy

The possibilities for a false flag at the Olympics have been pushed out in all media, including the BBC, which makes the predictions a little odd. Surely an FF has to be a secret!

No. This is false false flag territory, in all probability, although saying that, there have been Olympic terror attacks in the USA – see the details about the Batman attack in particular.

More likely the Olympic terror narrative, promoted in movies and advertising, is another attempt at reducing the status of the blogger.

A different attack is envisaged, far more lethal than the bombing of a stadium containing tens of thousands of people.  They are working on the removal of Vitamin D from our bodies by the blocking of sunlight with chemtrails, undermining the immune system of hundreds of millions around the globe.  This will be followed by a mass panic about flu, with millions rushing to be vaccinated.

The business of the elites is depopulation, and nothing reduces that faster than vaccination as Bill gates has stated. Even more so when there’s a mass panic driving people to impale themselves on a laboratory-designed virus-injecting needle or saliva spray.

The only opposition will be bloggers who will be warning of the dangers. That’s why they created the false narrative of Olympic terror, to wrong-foot the only people who will be warning the populous that the flu vaccine is the real killer and not the disease itself.

See what happened in 1918. See the movie Contagion. This is their anti-blogger strategy.

In COMMENTS, TB is not happily under control in humans as WHO apparently believes. In the UK, it has increased by 8% in a year.  I am unable to add a comment for some reason.

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25 Responses to “Olympic Pseudo-Terror Was An Anti-Blogger Strategy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As the great Alan Watt says: everything is planned, nothing is coincidence.

    The elites/globalists might not do anything during this Olympics ritual, but that’s not to say they won’t do something further down the line. They just need Syria and Iran (Iran being a tougher cookie than Israel would like to admit), and then they might just get their ‘New World Order’.

    The elites must be worried though… more people are waking up faster than they can kill them with GMO’s, chemtrails, forced-vaccinations, cancer, McDonalds ‘happy meals’ … the list goes on. lol.

  2. What a load of tripe.

    We’ve had nothing but “numbers” and secret sets of “Numbers” and all the numerology paraphernalia.

    We’ve had “one eyed” mascots. We’ve had stadium that looks like a Tron movie. We’ve had triangular spot light with “illumanati” significance.

    We’ve been overloaded with conspiracy tripe from Wasp and Gordon and others.

    So when nothing happens they crawl back into their holes and refuse to admit they are just scare mongers but then you go on to excuse them by saying it’s all been in the press and that the “false flag” was a false flag.

    Have any of you every heard of the word “integrity” ?

    Look it up sometime. You might just learn something.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “They are working on the removal of Vitamin D from our bodies by the blocking of sunlight with chemtrails”

    Tell me do you really believe this?

  4. Chris J says:

    A false flag event can happen anywhere,including at these olympics. However to wish for a tangiable event may be missing the point. The Olympics themselves and all that ita entails IS the event – no major event has to occur for the message to get through.

    It has managed to casually have the weaponised military mixng in with civil duties, a mass hysteria of forced union jack wag flaving and forced ‘British unity’ by the dinasour BBC,the forced worship of the undemocratic royal familly by the mass media and all it scrooges,an oppurtunity to try baselessly to slander the chinese as cheats without any evidence whatsoever -again with the full cooperation of the dinasour media and ,of course that opening ceremony and the closing one to come.Not to mention the very sinister draconian banning of any other branding exept the olympics very own designs.

    All of this on top of the symbolic triangular lights, the word Zion everywhere as a logo – and all of this while another illegal proxy war is being committed yet again in the middle east by the uk governmenta,with this fact totally ignored by the dinasour media

  5. Tapestry says:

    The sunlight is being blocked in the sky above our heads as I write. How do you explain this? There has to be a purpose. Cooling down the climate triggering a very cold winter, undercutting peoples’ immune systems, launching a pandemic flu virus and matching vaccine. It all fits together as a strategy to kill large numbers if people, and that, we know, is their aim.

    If you can find a better explanation, I’m all ears.

    Discrediting bloggers would be another plank of this. As the movie Contagion makes clear, they are very bothered about the possibility of alternative media alerting people to the dangers of mass vaccination programs.

    This is a seamless explanation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “The sunlight is being blocked in the sky above our heads as I write. How do you explain this?” – A little thing called the ‘atmosphere’ – if you look up there are things called ‘clouds’ in the sky that from time to time block out sun. If you’re still not sure type ‘Meteorology’ in to Google. Careful though as Google will track you’re every move and send around a hit squad of flu carrying squirrels to bump you off if you delve to deep into the murky world of science.

    Chemtrails are nothing more than, are you ready for this shocking insight… ‘Contrails’ that disperse over time in high humidity. They can stay in the sky for hours in periods of low humidity nothing sinister about that, but to say otherwise is unfounded.

    It’s quite easy for ISP’s to censor blogs if the depopulation brigade wanted to shut you up they’d do it, obviously your not even a blip on their radars… or is this all part of the diabolical plan.

    Tell me have you ever been vaccinated, a BCG jab by chance?

  7. Tapestry says:

    I saw a squirrel in a tree just now. He ran off PDQ.

    BCG? I’ll check it out. Tuberculosis is on the increase in cities. It’s not Russian drug dealers apparently. DEFRA admit it’s caused by cats transfering the disease from badgers (although they don’t get it themselves).

    They don’t eliminate badgers. They protect them. Are you getting the picture yet?

    If not, don’t worry. You will soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here is a link to the DEFRA website on ‘Controlled shooting of badgers in the field under licence to prevent the spread of bovine TB in cattle’ – http://www.defra.gov.uk/publications/2012/05/03/pb13716-shooting-guidance/

    And according to the WHO TB is slowly in decline. – http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs104/en/

    It’s not looking to rosy for Badgers but on the plus side us humans ain’t doing bad now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tap, Wasp you bastards!!! Ive stocked up on baked beans soup and the like in anticipation of an alien invasion/ terrorist attack and now your telling us that it isnt going to happen? You told us on at least 3 occasions something would happen how could you do this too us i genuinely believed you that “they” were planning to attack at the games.
    How can we believe anything you guys say from now on? Im sorry but you tits are the real problem spout a load of shite then turn round and try to say the false flag was in fact a false flag and in fact we now think its something else will happen.
    Give it up you blerts its you who feed the paranoia and the shite.
    Face it there is NO illuminati only in your small minds.

  10. Chris J says:

    I dont quite get why people are trying to put down anyone who was worried about another false flag – while you are smirking there are laws being quitely passed taking even more of your rights away,the army is ‘casually’ on the streets and britain is in massive austerity whilst £20 billion has been thrown on a vanity projects for big corperations.Theres no gloating to be had by anyone

  11. Tapestry says:

    It’s interesting that someone is bothering to reply according to the suggested strategy I wrote.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I think you are closer to the plan than you realise.
    Doncaster has been Chemtrailed all day, they are still at it.
    It’s hard work when anon at 2.04, cannot even open his eyes and see the truth.
    Hett has pointed out the list of 33degree Freemasons who have held high office.
    Anon at 5.52 cannot be bothered to put “illuminati” in your search box, or even Google’s.
    We are not mind readers, we can only look at the Form and make our own assumptions.
    If we had information about insurance payouts from 9-11, 7-7,and Bhopal. we could get a lot closer.
    Gareth williams was onto something when he was taken out, by his own supposed side. We can trust only ourselves.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To be fair i’d let the illuminati chemtrail doncaster all day long.

    It’s hard work when anon at 8:56pm chooses not to debate an alternate theory to his. I think your showing signs of being brainwashed, now you’ve figured it all out the illuminati have got you exactly where they want you. Open your eyes to the truth, if not, you’re just another pawn in the illuminati game. Don’t you see it, if not don’t worry, you will soon…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Seems anon at 7.15 does not know the difference between Theory and fact.
    Theory is what happens before Fact is established.
    Facts can only be established through observation and measurement.
    It’s a fact that camera’s supplied by Wackenhut never work when they are needed.
    It’s a fact that the buildings taken down in 9-11, fell down quicker than freefall speed.
    Bring on your debate, anon at 7.15
    It’s only a Theory about Gareth Williams, Deadfoo7. But without a doubt, he was onto something.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You win, you’re completely right.

    The illuminati are real, chemtrails are real, the 9-11 attacks were staged, the rothchilds control all the money, the Olympics are nothing more than rigged sporting events plastered in illuminati symbolism, government death squads are staging executions and blaming terrorists, alien reptiles from outer space live in a hollowed out moon beaming down brainwashing signals and those sick twisted bastards at wackenhut sell dodgy cameras.

    Now what? Now you’ve convinced me this is all real and my eyes are now open to the real truth and reality around me what can i do about it?

  16. Tapestry says:

    The Olympics and the various ‘lone gunman’ attacks are an exercise in mass mind control. Even on this blog, Google rushed to list the various Olympic terror stories into the top ten, when they normal;y do all they can to keep Illuminati revelatory tracts on the sidelines. The primary source for their being attack at the Olympics was the Rockefeller 2012 forecast document claiming 13,000 would die there.

    There is always a game on. The game here is to draw in blogger and others in alternative media to talk endlessly about a false flag at the Olympics, and then when one doesn’t occur, use that to belittle and deny the credibility of alternative media sources.

    That’s targeted at the next scenario, which was reenacted perfectly in the movie Contagion, when their real game plan, mass loss of life to an injected flu virus, was played out, except of course it was not the vaccine that was killing millions but the bloggers telling people not to be vaccinated.

    There is clearly a game plan to discredit alternative media, as part of the effort to lead people to impale themselves on a lethal flu vaccine. This in combination with geo-engineering to create very cold winters, by slowing the gulf stream with oil and other spillage, and the cooling achieved by chemtrailing.

    And the effects of warfare combined with economic depression, caused by withdrawing cash-flow from the economy, with banks refusing to lend, governments taxing people to oblivion and so on.

    If you want your mind controlled and to follow the game plan to your end, that’s OK. or you can read what people write on here and elsewhere and try to save yourself and your family, friends and workmates from the attempt to herd you into a bitter end.

    You will be able to keep your immune system in far better shape when you realize that all our misfortunes are being deliberately engineered, and are not chance events of nature. You can do things to enhance your diet, raw milk for example, and many other ways, and avoid the high fructose input on offer elsewhere. You can keep away from vaccinations loading your body with toxins, sterilizing many people and lowering IQ, and above all, crippling your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to the killer blow which is being set up for later – a mass pandemic, injected with the very vaccine they will be telling you will save you.

    This attack is well documented and is available to read on this blog. All the events I can see are now fitting in with, and pointing to this being the primary depopulation scenario.

    Mass mind control followed by mass illness, and if we let them succeed, mass killing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I must say that I would be very surprised if any attack during the Olympics was going to happen the way it has been described in this blog or any other blog (mind you it ain’t over till the fat lady sings). Whoever controls our lives, I do believe that 100%, is not some stupid government agency they are very clever and use technology beyond our comprehension so if there’s going to be any attack then you’ll only know about it when it happens e.g 9/11.

    I can’t say I believe in everything Tap and others write on this blog but most makes sense even if its only theory. You get to facts by theorizing, some will turn out be bs but not everything. You can’t make people believe or understand about chemtrails, the control of humanity etc. people have to choose to believe it or see it. The first step has to come from self. If the only thing you have to contribute is rubbishing this blog because a theory might have not happen, all in the comfort of your armchair yeah because you haven’t bothered to go out and do any research, please spare us your thoughts.

    By the way we haven’t had any chemtrails in the south or Portugal since mid June. Chemtrails seem to stop here during the summer months I have noticed this for the last 4 years. It is very dry though and crops are failing maybe its nature’s natural course maybe its not!

  18. Tapestry says:

    Not so, anonymous re chemtrails. Once the sky is full of particulates, clouds don’t form unless they are seeded. Don’t ask me to explain that one, but the US drought gives you the picture. Once chemtrailing stops, the clouds disappear. It’s not your imagination.

  19. Tapestry says:

    Bill Gates. 1.5 billion lives. vaccination. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  20. Tapestry says:

    I am sure that the Totalitarians will put opponents into the psychiatric system, as is the normal procedure. In the meantime, while they maintain the pretence of democracy, we are able to discuss their miserable plans. To be honest, you have to wonder for the sanity of the likes of Prince Charles, who maintains a public face of friendliness, yet he is clearly a mover and shaker in the depopulation strategy of the United Nations. Sustainability is his all. Lebensraum.

  21. stedra rulz says:

    You know, if there’s no false flag attack at the Olympics: I won’t be disappointed!

  22. Tapestry says:

    The attacks go on. Look up in the sky. Chemtrails blocking the sun. If they were bombers taking our lives, people would understand. Removing Vitamin D from our bodies kills just as surely, as does extreme cold, or drought and flood. Climate is a weapon now.

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