Olympic Closing Ceremony Opened at 8.12 PM and closed at 12.20 am. Why?

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Free WiFi...
The library computer facilities have changed since I last used them. There is now free wifi! (albeit with terms and conditions, but so has everything else I am using). We have no wifi in our new home because everything takes 3 weeks to set up. And costs me £50. Surely all they need to do is enter a few details in a computer. Interesting how the home facilities have got more laborious since I last moved 10 years ago. Gas and electric will take 3 weeks to switch to my preferred supplier too. Great, enough to put you off moving home too often, if sorting and packing the huge amount of stuff hasn't already done so. The good side is that we don't have wifi in our home, interfering with our bodies and brains. It is interesting how easy it is to use wifi outside of the home, cafes ate good too, and I am starting to wonder if this might be a good permanent arrangement. The only show stopper is the school homework requirement. School controlling my life as usual.  

 The 2012 Olympics Number Game...
I could hardly believe my ears at the swimming pool today whilst lounging in the jacuzzi (after a good swim). "Did you watch the Opening Ceremony?" someone asked another. I thought we had moved on from the Olympics as the main item on the stage, but later twigged we are now on Act 2, the Paralympics. Normal everyday people at municipal swimming pools are completely puzzled as to why they started the Ceremony so late, why it dragged on really slowly in the middle, (with huge gaps between each team coming in), and why it finished so late (there was even an announcement that people might miss their last trains home). I pointed out that it started at 8.12pm which is 2012! Then someone mentioned that it went on til twenty past midnight! Oh I get it! 12.20am. That's 20.12 reversed. They love their little number games, and I feel sure there is more to it than just childish play. It's also interesting to note that people DO notice odd things going on, like odd start times and end times, they just don't know why. 

 Act 2...
The Metro used "Act 2" to describe the Paralympics. Now the mood is different, and people feel guilty that they don't watch it, people feel bad that it's not as good as Act 1. Noone is allowed to say what they really think about anything because there are disabled people involved and this requires a certain correct way of speaking and behaving. I am not sure how the Paralympics has suddenly got propelled to main stage. It never was before. I noticed the Opening Ceremony had a chemtrail plane spraying fireworks out of its wings (chemtrails often come out of wing tips these days). And lots about rain (or "reign" as the papers are fond of drawing our attention to... It's the same thing, it rules over us). I also noticed the concentric circles of people (with umbrellas) in the centre of the stadium feeding the earth energy node. 

Another Olympic Opening Ceremony, again the moon is involved, this time 2 days before the Full Moon, a blue moon, which we will not get again until 2015 (assuming the Moon is still here of course, and I hope it will be gone by then). The Moon is very big at the moment, which I think means more power. Another closing ceremony, the date is set for 9/9. The whole thing is a massive worship ceremony which is feeding energy to something that has been planned for a very long time. Opening the stargates, and sacrificing children is my guess.  

 Burning Down...
Have you noticed how many important buildings are burnt down, bombed, or demolished by earthquakes? It is almost normal. It is not a surprise to learn that a theatre or church burnt down twice in its history, for example. I suspect all these places are on energy nodes, and the fire is symbolism, as well as feeding the energy node, and giving an excuse for reconstruction. David Icke says that the flame is a symbol of an Illuminati assassination (e.g. Diana's grave).  

 Morphing P's...
I have seen several logos and trade names recently where the P is starting to look like a ?. This is reminiscent of a Troytown maze to me, and the symbols and logos often are quite maze like. C's and G's are often morphed to look like mazes or labyrinths too. I have recently read that there is a way of creating certain energy by tracing the Troy maze with your finger or your body whilst singing certain sounds. I am sure there is something very powerful in this.

Tintagel Castle Sound Chamber...
I think I have worked out what the strange tunnel is for on the top of Island. It is a beautiful curvy S like shape with the cross section like a Gothic Arch, beautifully and carefully made. English Heritage claim not to know what it is for. I have read that chambers carved in rocks and also man made buildings in various parts of the world are specifically designed for their acoustic properties. Churches are a good example, you can feel it straight away in a big cathedral. So I am pretty sure that the Tintagel one is designed to create a certain sound, a certain echo.  

 Crown Chakra...
Another link to show the importance of the chakra! Purple is the colour of Royalty. Royalty is also known as the Crown. The Crown chakra is purple. And they know it! They have deliberately chosen the crown as their symbol, and the colour purple as their colour, together And this is the top one of the seven chakra. The other chakra connection which I have noticed is the one in the Church, which is laid out as Jesus' body, the crown of his head matching the purple altar. See an earlier blog post http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/jesus-da-vinci-and-chakra/ 

 Neil Armstrong..
Died last week on 26/8. Not long after a hospital visit. It seems to me he has spent 40 years of his life struggling to not tell the truth about the Moonwalking. What kept him quiet? What was he threatened or bribed with? I have had a lot of people arrive at my blog since then via searches on moon subjects! The blog post on the anti D injection is the most consistently popular method of arrival, which shows how many people are questioning it, which is a good thing. 

Porsche 911...
This is the name of a car. A very deliberate name.

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5 Responses to “Olympic Closing Ceremony Opened at 8.12 PM and closed at 12.20 am. Why?”

  1. Auntie Stung By A Wasp. says:

    Aparently, im told the Alien invasion armada was delayed on the M25 by a jack knifed lorry so the decision was made to call it quits for the night and to hold the Alien invasion at the closing ceremony Organisers are now looking for 70000 volunteers willing to be slaughtered in the false flag attack which has had to be postponed till the paralympic end

  2. Son Of Stung By A Wasp says:

    Prehaps Neil Armstrong struggled to tell the truth about the Apollo landings because nothing happened except the truth?? Just a thought.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I thought Julia might confuse the trolls!

  4. Auntie Stung By A Wasp says:

    Au contraire not confused just mocking some of the idiocy written on hereent. Not everything had to be a conspiracy.

  5. Tapestry says:

    You’re the only one who thinks that everything is seen as a conspiracy, oh thee of multiple epithets. There is another level above the national governments where enormous power has resided for hundreds of years. You’ll get used to the idea. There is little choice but to do so.

    It is quite interesting how these people at the punnacle of power are so reliant on magical dates and numbers, a bit like the auspicious day in India. You wouldthink that people endowed with all the advantages science can bestow would have found more rational ways to reach complex decisions.

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