No one wants Blair


The British Labour party has said almost to a man that to accept Tony Blair back into the party would be the kiss of death for them. Privately leader Ed Miliband is said to want no part of him, although supporting the same agenda of more Mid-east wars for Israel.
Tony Blair created the British Freedom of information act in 2000 yet refused to appear before the Commons justice committee, it is known now how much he lied about Iraqi WMDs, and aquiesed about the murders of Princess Diana and Dr. David Kelly, and he was obviously in fear of appearing at the enquiry.
Tony Blair called himself a “nincompoop” stronger language than that was heard all across the country as Blair excused himself from speaking at the enquiry, all records had been destroyed so no proper investigation can begin into Blairs actions.
When Blair first came to power bankrolled by Lord Levy and the Jewish lobby he had just one remit, the Iraq war. Iraq was not a threat to Britian but was seen as not sympathetic to Israel’s expansion plans, so US and British soldiers went to war for Israel, the fighting between Shiites and Sunnis has never existed, not in 1600 years and not now, it’s all orchestrated by the allied powers to get them fighting among themselves.
Similarly the Katushka rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli wasteland is fired by disguised Israelis, if it were not F16 fighters would have bombed them ages ago, but it makes a good excuse to say this is why they need to keep attacking the Palestinian people.
Both the N.S.A, Rupert Murdoch and British intel bugged Blairs calls, David Murphy-Fawkes the whistleblower says even Blair’s bedroom arguments were listened to and taped, papers taken from the rubbish bags at Matrix Chambers, wife Cheries law practise tell of big disagreements with Blairs policies, and echo Blairs cowardice in attending the enquiry which is chilling, and this from a man who now wants to send British soldiers into Iran.
Same day as Toerag Tony refused to appear, Brian Harris was fined £200 for throwing his shoes at Blairs car, this is now seen as a legitimate protest after the shoes thrown at George Bush gained worldwide approval and fetched a huge sum at auction, regular rubbish collections were taking masses of shoes from outside the Israeli embassy, but I have a feeling Tony Blair will get used to having them thrown at him.

T Stokes London

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  1. Sackerson says:

    Do you think Blair makes noises about returning merely out of a mischievous delight in seeing how his name still scores in the news?

  2. wasp says:

    I am an great fan of all Cable Documentaries, & Occasionally watch Uk TV History which used to have a Pyramid integrated into it’s Icon. They then changed the name to Yesterday, & as far as I can remember there was no Pyramid. The Design has now changed and the Pyramid is now obvious, being generated from the Green ‘Y’.

    I can’t find any further information on it yet. This change has only just happened, for some reason, I am wondering why?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Has Wasp noticed, Yesterday is a propaganda site.
    Just before elections in this Country it starts the WW2 series again, where the Nazi’s give everyone a good kicking.
    Then after the elections the Allies win the day for humanity, it’s etched on my mind after all the replays.

  4. wasp says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you Anon. I only watch The UK TV History Prog. occasionally, just to see what they are pushing out. I have a better perspective of war histories than they will ever have. They don’t give a balanced assessment. I get my information as far as possible from original Sources.

    I mainly watch non controversial Documentaries on Cable TV, I find the Archeology, & Animal Programmes, a welcome change, as sitting at the PC too long is not very relaxing.


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