what’s your brainwash? X Factor or Big Brother?

Nice blog Sir Tap!

Regarding Atmospheric Geoengineering Aka Chemtrails, don’t be put off by any TROLL suffering from Cognitive  Dissonance coming along and trying to convince Themselves that this is Horseshit.
I am in the South of Brasil and I can assure you even in the height of summer, they are still here..
Not just in the South, the only places NOT affected are unpopulated areas.

There are MANY people who suffered from CD, (cognitive dissonance/denial, whatever one cares to call the shift from decades of conditioning that One’s Government would never tell tales to it’s people, who it clearly cares sooooooo much about) who are now starting to see the Wood for the Trees..

I can tell you that some, no matter what physical evidence whether it be in written ink, in black and white, or something that’s on their wavelength like a visible example “live” or video taped.. They will still take the Herd Mentality which we all have no choice but to accept.. That’s their choice.

All I can tell you is my late mother (who was a Baroness) before she died, (From CJD, which if you are interested was/is caused by the LEATHER Industry lobbying the Veterinary Association (Plying them with Plenty of CASH) to have  cattle Vaccinated against insects from borrowing through their Hides and causing Holes within the Leather… Obviously to generate more F***ing money…) She told me that Black Rod (At the time, the Man (A Bloody decent Man I would say) said that most senior MP’s knew all about the Fate of Princess Diana before she was executed/sacrificed for their Ritual in Paris.. (Since she was The Moon Goddess)
So just to verify what you already knew, She WAS executed. No Conspiracy. Only Fact.
Plus my mother also warned me of the Totalitarian Dictatorship that was on it’s way..

There is also a Chamber underneath the Houses of Parliament, (Which is sinking! )
TAP – nothing to do with Guy Fawkes presumably……She WAS one of the Hereditary Peers who was voted on to stay… Many were lazy asses who just came in, signed what they were supposed to sing and bugger off home, usually not realising what they had just done..
Blair destroyed the House of Lords.,Got his people in on the inside.. Most Laws are made by unappointed MEP’s from Brussels now..
Europe will probably be divided into North and South… Germany is running the Show.
Churchill Brankrupted the UK in WWII… The Zionist’s got their Part of the deal… Isreal.

You see most people are so wrapped up in their little lives, that they don’t wish to know about all this, just  what makes themselves happy and content.  Be it X-Factor or Big Brother...
No one really gives a damn about any of this, as they don’t see how it concerns them.
They convince their Egos that the problems going on are random and don’t concern them, as long as there is TV Shows and food on the supermarket shelves.. (The fact that most of it is Genetically enhanced/modified does not concern them)
The smart dressed person on the box @ 9pm ONLY tells the Truth. If any of “This” had any substance The Smartly Dressed icon would have told them already. They after all, have been educated to a reasonable standard (Depending on how much it cost to educate them) The smart scumbags in office know how to pander to the public’s ego. It’s very simple.

I’m not going to ramble on, you seem to have it in the bag, here I get my water from a well and one of my neighbours had his water tested and asked me if I’d had mine tested, did I drink mine?  I replied to him in Portuguese,  ‘I don’t believe judging by what I have seen in the sky (CT’s) that I need to have it tested, don’t tell me…. Evidence of Aluminium perhaps?
He was taken aback as the result was four figures higher than the nominal “Safe” levels…  I then spent 20 minutes giving him a very quick lesson in Geo engineering which as he should know boils down to Money in the end… Corruption is rife globally I said, Not just in Brasil… Monsanto/Terminator Seeds etc, this country is brimming to the hilt with GMO.   Its everywhere, and Propaganda here is hard core to say the very least, as only 1.9% own 98% of the wealth.

So this fuel additive is everywhere. It’s not just specific planes kitted out with all the gear. They like to start ahead of the wind currents so that it can generate time to expand etc, so that the ELF technology (Remember Brasil has 2 HAARP facilities) can be used to subdue the already “Over subdued” Brasilian brain dead public.

I personally don’t believe that Nibiru exists, if it did according to Stewart Swerdlow it was destroyed back in 2003..
So Planet X is disinfo.

I did read the Roswell Interview which I found interesting (Attached for you in case you hadn’t read it, plus another “Interview” which has some intriguing parts, but again, Swerdlow believes is incorrect…)
I did order The Ring Makers Of Saturn, but it never arrived, and it was sent out. Most other books arrived. (There’s no Import Tax on Books… Books are the ONLY things allowed into Brasil w/out Import Tax)

The thing which bothers me is the fact that like yourself and many others out there, EVEN if all this was BS, (Which I now know it isn’t)  Why most just can’t even get to grips with a subject that’s like Heroin, once you get involved, you can never be the same, as you and I both know how to differentiate between facts and fiction, what really is BS (Like Paul McCartney being run over and substituted with a double!)
Yet you and I and many others know for a fact that all Presidents/Actors etc have doubles and even if you are not aware, Clones do exist and are out there already. The question I had was regarding their Soul… ie Do they have one?  Apparently not.
Hence they would kill another human being w/out empathy. Which is what they are designed for.

You mention PC (Project Camelot), I emailed Bill a few times and being a fellow Brit, I thought he was genuine… I didn’t like his counterpart (Like most others apparently) SHe is Bigoted and Arrogant.
Wilcock really is NOT the reincarnation of Cayce, and when he gloated about being so, I switched off… HE is eager to know just like the rest of us, but He’s been duped unfortunately..

Bill Ryan knew they had been infiltrated, just like all these groups.  It really is too late to stop the bloodlines doing what they’re doing.  Way too late.  Our father’s (The Silent Generation who were born during the 30’s) were conditioned from WWII..  So without being too cynical, if something was do be done, it was their generation..

EVEN with the INTERNET, we can’t stop the Program, when the CyberSecurity Act goes through… As they say Here… Ja Era.   Too Late.

Alex Jones works for the Khazarian Zionists (With The Pindar being a Rothschild) The Head of all this is someone from the latter family, NOT The Queen. She is NOT the PINDAR. There are many groups fighting for supremacy, The Japs are now out of the picture, remember it was Group4Security who installed the Camera’s at the Fukishima Plant…. (Always the same Black Listed Isreali Security Group)

The goal as you already know is depopulation, having said that, tbh, If you came around here you would want most of these people “Gone” as I watch them Litter, black smoke bellowing from their exhausts.. Their Rubbish dumped out onto the streets… Rubbish Flung out of their car windows…  etc etc etc…
I’m not taling about bums too.. These are “Educated” people. With Money too…

Irrespective of their upbringing (Steered with the TV, GLOBO TV is a………………………..

……….Jewish run channel ….
Yup, Hate to say it, these J’s are calculating and Patient, as they create the Mind Patterns in ALL who stay glued to their Propaganda…. Then as you outrightly know, turn the tables around and the Public get the Blame, and they AGREE that they, Indeed are the cause of all that’ bad in the world…

If there is trouble, remember all those 40 yrs and above not needed (Due to skills required etc) will be sent to a real Gas chamber, unlike the one built in 1948 by the Polish…. Yup, I have read D. Irvine’s material on WWII..

I made a friend upset the other day, by telling him it was his fault his dog died.
He could not even realize that the RFiD chip he’d had implanted in the Dog had induced a Tumor in and around the Chip… He told me that the Chip had travelled around the body, hence the Dog’s body had various cancerous growths, obviously caused by the CHip….
He thinks differently now, but I told him that those allowing themselves to be chipped, will suffer the same fate.

Far too much rambling!

What have you found out regarding Trevor Constable’s Archons?
(The only way to stop their influence is Meditation, and I’m talking about Meditating on the Earth’s Ley Lines and w/out ELF/VLF interference….. Which is virtually impossible as the Earth is already covered in this Electromagnetic Sea…)


P.S.  Check out Swerdlow for me, have a look at his Q and A section… See what you think… Is he one of us or not?

By the way, Godlike Productions/creations (cant remember which it is!) Is Disinfo…

Bluebeam is on it’s way, but only when the technology is ready for the absolute mind control, ie: when they can influence our thoughts.. (some say its already possible, like Russia’s Zombie Gun,)
Maybe those ridiculed as “Tin Foil Hat” wearers, might actually be the only one’s protected by the Microwaves??
( Tim Foil Hat being a Faraday cages over one’s head???)

I’m just like you at this point in time… When the time comes, if the time does actually come, will we even know that the time had came along, since we would never know… I hypnotized a guy at University, and I can tell you, it’s a scary world… Anything I wanted him to do, he would do. Recite pages and pages consciously and unconsciously.. Amazing power. Even girls asked me to do it to them… Obviously I have Morals and declined.
Even if I had done, no I wouldn’t have done what 100% of ALL men would have done. But it’s very easy to do.
Now the Bad guys have the technology to do this (Hypnosis) w/out the means that I had to use at the time…

Scary Times we live in , But apparently, you and I and all those others out there CHOSE to be here at this time..

Why is it that we can only remember this time now?

If you never read the Roswell Interview,read it and tell mw what links it makes with other facts/or fictitious events that you have encountered…

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  1. stedra rulz says:

    The Roswell Interview? Is this the book he’s referring too?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I would like to thank Nick, for giving us the Chemtrail information from Brazil.
    Are the results seen straight away where you are Nick.
    It takes a day or two for the Chemtrails in our area to make rain.
    Regarding Nibiru, the Sun is in a different position over us, so the Earth has moved, have you not noticed.
    Use the Tap search box to see Nibiru posts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys

    why not take 1000mg Vit C from asda usually less then £2 a tube of tabs.

    Orange dissolve with water.

    Great drink maybe 4 – 3 times a day

    what harm can it do?

    Lv HETT

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