Mercury fillings known to be deadly to humans in 1845

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Charlie Brown discusses the latest breakthroughs in 
establishing mercury-free dentistry worldwide, and the 
progress made at the 4th World Health Organization 
Mercury Treaty meeting in South America.

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By Charlie Brown
Consumers for Dental Choice
“I do not approve the practice of any who use mercury or quicksilver as an ingredient for stopping teeth, and would not privately recommend any one to go to such.”
– Eleazar Parmly, M.D.
Dr. Eleazar Parmly’s warning about the dangers of amalgam fillings was not issued in 2012…nor even in 1912…he spoke these words way back in 1845.  Over 150 years later, health professionals still voice those same concerns about amalgam – a product that is 50 percent mercury by weight. Over 150 years later, some dentists (albeit an ever-dwindling number) still claim that mercury is safe in people’s mouths.  Over 150 years later, even children are still subjected to the unnecessary exposure to mercury fillings. 
Enough is enough.
The time for debate is over.  Countless studies, reports, and articles now conclusively prove that dental mercury is dangerous in the environment.  And Consumers for Dental Choice  is working with our colleagues from the dental, medical, and environmental sectors to make sure everyone knows it.

How Dental Mercury Harms Your Health—Even if You Don’t have Amalgam

If you subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, by now you know that mercury is never safe – it is a neurotoxin, a reproductive toxin, and absolutely unneeded in 21st century dentistry.  When you’ve been given a choice, you choose mercury-free fillings for your teeth and for your children’s teeth.  So are you safe from dental mercury? 
Unfortunately, no.  Dental mercury is so toxic in the environment that it affects our whole planet…our nations…our communities…and individuals. 
Here’s how:
Amalgam fillings are one of the largest consumer uses of mercury in the world.  Between 313 and 411 tons of dental mercury are consumed each year.  In fact, the demand for dental mercury is higher than the demand for almost all other mercury products – more than lighting (120-150 tons), electrical devices (170-210 tons), and measuring devices like thermometers (300-350 tons).  As other mercury products are being phased out, amalgam is fast becoming the largest source of mercury pollution from products. 
Some dental mercury is dumped directly from the dental office into the environment.  But most dental mercury walks out of the clinic in people’s teeth.  From there, dental mercury enters the environment by numerous unsound pathways.  For example, dental mercury is polluting:
  • AIR via cremation, dental clinic emissions, sludge incineration, and respiration; and
  • LAND via landfills, burials, and fertilizer.
  • WATER via dental clinic releases that go down the drain and human waste;
Once in the environment, dental mercury can convert to its even more toxic form: methylmercury. Ever wonder where all that mercury in fish and seafood comes from?  Mercury fillings are one source of mercury contaminating the fish and seafood that we eat.  The environmental health effects of dental mercury are well known: brain damage and neurological problems, especially for children and the unborn babies of pregnant women.

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