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Water Meters…
I will inherit a water meter at my new home. Water is no longer free at the point of use. Every glass of water will have a price tag on it. Like Facebook timelines and mobile phone packages, the upgrade is one way. You can’t go back to the old way. It also allows them to put the price up without you noticing. You will just think you are consuming more.

Blow up Your Granny..
Seen on an ad today. An ad for getting photo enlargements. Strange how war terminology is used so much elsewhere. Taking photos is like killing people. You position the camera on your target, and “shoot” the picture. Looking down the lens of a camera is not dissimilar to the barrel of a gun. It is also an invasion. Cameras everywhere. Not just CCTV. Everyone everywhere constantly taking pics. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you could be on camera.

Traffic enforcement cameras…
This seems to be the new name for speed cameras. It is on a sign on a main road in Bath. Is it to hide the true purpose of the cameras? Are the cameras to enforce traffic? To create traffic somehow?

212 steps…
Up the Bath Abbey tower, now open for guided tours. An Illuminati number! I must try it!

Diet Coke hits mainstream TV…
My neighbour told me that she saw a TV program about how Diet coke interferes with your brain and makes you crave sugar. I am noticing more and more of this kind of stuff sneaking into mainstream.

London is a business…
“London is very much open for business”. A quote from Transport for London in their latest advisory email about the Paralympics disruption. It’s as if London is a business. Which it is of course. It’s a corporation and it collects taxes on all the transactions made. Expressions of speech often give away the truth.

NHS doctors have integrity…
A friend told me recently how a NHS psychiatrist treating an anorexic could no longer carry on treating her, because he did not like the methods and processes he was being asked to do by the system. I also know a dentist who pulled out of an NHS job for similar reasons, her ethics would not allow her to do what the NHS now forces, which is not in the best interests of the patient. The public sector is collapsing, and I think this is a good thing providing we no longer pay taxes.

Knights Hospitaller of St John…
According to Ike, these then became the Knights of Rhodes, then the Knights of Malta. The Knights Hospitaller gained land and property from the Knights Templar by Papal order in 1312. In Bath, there is St Johns Hospital! A very prominent set of buildings next to the Spa, with it’s own chapel and “The Master’s Lodge”. It is supposedly for helping poor old people be housed. But I suspect this is a front. They seem very wealthy and own a lot of property. There was a lot of refurbishment recently, and I don’t know where the old people were put for the duration. The Knights Hospitaller supposedly came to an end when kicked out of Malta by Napoleon, but maybe they are still going strong in Bath.

Word Play…
Coronation, coronary, and coroner are all somewhat similar. I wonder why. Is it something to do with the heart? (coroner = heart stopped investigator). And if so, why is a coronation something to do with the heart? Curious. Only the UK has coronations these days. And the first UK coronation was in Bath. Now they are in Westminster Abbey (Temple of Apollo). A coronation is an initiation rite according to Wikipedia.

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3 Responses to “Julia’s Optimistic Daily Ramble”

  1. Anonymous says:

    With regards to Coronation, coronary, coroner… it’s to do with ‘corona’ or more specifically the crown… we must pay homage [cough, splutter] to the Queen. This goes back to the days when we were all serfs… hang on a minute, we still are… most people just don’t know it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And while we’re on the subject it’s called ‘shooting’ as it’s a targeted effort, treat the camera as a gun not a vacuum cleaner. These were terms used when most cameras were film based not digital, Short effective snaps are key not wasting good film.

    Just a little trivia for you.

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    Modern cameras are ‘traffic’ cameras because they don’t just measure speed. They will compare reg nos with the insurance database, check if you are in a bus lane or parked in a no parking area and various other functions.

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