Jonathan Moyle murder. what did he know?

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check this out Andrea Davison Gareth Williams and Johnathan Moyle 
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Santiago : Chile | Aug 30, 2010 at 4:36 PM PDT
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Jonathan Moyle
The tragic death of Jonathan Moyle
On the Night of his murder Jonathan Moyle ,a defence journalist, has a visitor in his hotel room, it was someone he knew. They ordered coffee which was delivered by the hotel employee, who was also to die that night allegedly in a homosexual lovers’ quarrel.
It is believed the coffee was drugged with Bromacepam and Diazepan, these powerful tranquillisers were found in his stomach during autopsy. The Fact that Jonathan and his visitor argued is testified to by a witness. Following this the visitor left but returned later with two subordinates, who both fled to El Salvador after the murder. By the time the Chambermaid knocked on the door of room1406 at 9.30am Jonathan was dead, hanged by his shirt in the wardrobe. The room looked as if it had been turned over, and blood found on the bed-sheets looked as if someone had tied to clean it off.
Chilean judge Soliz, the investigating Judge, said it was suspicious, while the press in Chile ran articles about the Murder of Jonathan Moyle. Then, starting in the British Embassy in Santiago a campaign of slander erupted. Jonathan had died in a Bizarre sexual act said the Embassy Official, he even told a story to the Archbishop of Canterbury who was on tour of South America at the time. The FO spread the disinformation around the world, while in the UK Mi5 briefed a number of journalists with the same slander. Following a Home Office autopsy the version changed to Jonathan committed suicide. Even World In Action (well known weekly documentary) who spent weeks with Tony Moyle? Concluded in the words of researcher Christian Jennings “I’m not convinced he ‘was murdered’. Jennings went on to slander Andrea Davison someone he had approached for information on Jonathan’s death.
A frightening successful campaign had been authorised by someone to discredit Jonathan. But its success was cut short because of the love that Tony Moyle has for his son.
Justice for the Moyle Family came late when the authorities Coroner finally acknowledged that Tony Moyle was right and Jonathan had been murdered. And the Book by Wensley Clarkson, a carefully researched investigation into Jonathans murder scheduled to hit the streets the day after the Coroners verdict, had nothing to do with the Coroners judgment, which eight long years after Jonathans death confirmed what everyone knew that indeed Jonathan had been murdered.
spiked story is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.

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some particularly good stuff on the blog today
about jonathan moyles, he was a very freindly guy and popular with M I 6
 he had an eye for the ladies and was not an alcoholic or homosexual as rumoured,
he was negotiating to sell converted helicopters to iraq, the US sanctioned the deal
and he reported it to M I 6

even the conversion was watched over by informants
but the isreals sent a 7 man team to watch, and make good the escape while at least one of them drugged him and killed him.

it was a mossad job.

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