Is Prince Charles A Psychopath?

I decided to read The Protocols as sent in by Gordon from
‘help free the earth’. 
The Protocols describe the world we live in today, which
suggests they are real.
The last one is the only one that offers any hope.  The whole
structure of 
One World Government as planned requires the existence
of a King.  His role is to be hard
and not sensitive to anyone or anything – inhuman in fact,
a psychopath, a torturer and
The ability of families to recreate a series of psychopaths is
not in doubt, but 
every now and then, the existence of the other side of humanity,
the caring nature will out.
Charles combines his crazed environmental ideas with the
Zionist beliefs to create a 
genocidal environmental philosophy (the UN’s Agenda21),
that Diana
(daughter of Sir James Goldsmith) clearly didn’t approve of.  
It is unlikely either William or Harry would want to continue
with Charles’ 
psychopathic tendencies.

World King
We confirm the dynastic roots of King

David to the last strata of the earth.
The education of thought of all humanity 

will be directed by this 
Certain members of the seed of David

(Windsors)will prepare the kings 
 and their heirs. They will be inducted into 
the most secret mysteries of the 
political schemes of government, but none 
will have knowledge of the secrets.
Only those of our learned elders

who can be firm and cruel will
 rule under the mask of freedom and rights. 
In case of weakness, kings must 
by law hand over rule to new and capable 
hands. The king’s plan of action for 
now and for the future will be unknown, 
even to those who are called his 
closest counselors.
Only the king and his three sponsors will 
know what is coming. 
 The king with unbending will is master 
of himself and of humanity. 
None will know what the king wishes to 
attain by his dispositions, and 
therefore none will dare to stand across 
an unknown path.
The brain reservoir of the king 

must correspond in capacity to the
 plan of government. He will ascend the throne 
after examination of his mind 
by the learned elders.
The people may know and love their

king. He will converse in the
 market-places with his people. This will mend 
the two forces which are now 
divided by us from the terror we commit. This 
terror was indispensable for us
until the time comes for both these forces 
separately to fall under our influence.
Our king must not be at the mercy of his 
passions, and especially of sensuality. 
On no side of his character must he 
give brute instincts power over his mind. 
Sensuality worse than all else 
disorganizes the capacities of the mind and 
clearness of views, distracting the 
thoughts to the worst and most brutal side 
of human activity.
The supreme lord of all the world 

of the holy seed of David must
 sacrifice to his people all personal inclinations. 
Our supreme lord must set 
an example and be irreproachable.
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