Gordon Bowden on Andrea davison


Your readers are muttering about the MASONS, has the comment, “Gone over my Head”
Not a chance, The ANSWER:    NO
I include as ONE of FOUR attachments another Document I recovered in June 2010.
Page 1 of 4 of ITEMS SEIZED by Derby Police 13/1/2010
Print it: along with the other 3 attachments.
The reason Ms Andrea Davison  Photo, Criminal Case, real FAMILY Name, her Senior CONSERVATIVE MP Father, her links to MI5 / MI6, ARMS to IRAQ/IRAN Evidence, her involvement with giving evidence in secret to the Scott Inquiry is not splashed all over the major LONDON and WORLD Tabloids as JULIAN ASSANGE’s buddy.
The reason MS ANDREA DAVISON not being in a PRISON CELL right now is because her “DADDY”
Was a very very senior CONSERVATIVE
a  very very senior 
Ms BIGGS-DAVISON  is right now and ALWAYS has been, protected by:    THE MASONS as a JOB’s DAUGHTER

Mind you, although in Court (Civil) Case HQ10D04366 she described herself as a severely handicapped Pensioner living in an old terraced flat in Bangor North Wales.
Pity, she never produced the photographs of herself to the Judge of herself with her ex SAS live -in Partner on the TYNOL (BANGOR) Old Tunnel’s  100mtr  RIFLE Ranges dressed in full Cam gear keeping her eye in, doing some weekly target practise with her other BANGOR BNP Members.
Note the Military Spec Rifle she was using. Poor old handicapped lady: My Ar-e
Gordon Bowden

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ex-Health Minister speaks about UFOs, Aliens, Mind Control & Conspiracies


    Good overview interview


  2. Anonymous says:

    Masons and looneys. Didnt she expose a lot of peadophiles guess that upsetts some people. My Gran is the same age and she hates peadophiles like Gordon Bowden and his filth friends. Sick of all the lies and all the flies.

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