Federer throws Olympic final

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People saw the Federer/Murray match and were suspicious there was something fishy about Murray’s win, and went online to search using search phrases like –

did federer throw the final, the match, the gold, the olympics and so on.

WASP –  Hi Tap, here is most of your Federer Stuff which was deleted.  I had some weird things happen when I was tracking this down, some of the browsers were blacking out, & overloading. It could possibly have been due to other people looking,which lead to saturation, other than that – GREMLINS!

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Federer throws Olympic final.

Sunday, August 5, 2012 19:16

By The Tap Blog

The Illuminati’s signature is all over the Olympic games.  The threat of Illuminati black flag terrorism cannot be discounted.  They are fixing matches to engineer a state of euphoria in Britain.  Is this the set-up for a crushing blow to morale?  Just as with the London bombing on 7/7, the day after the Olympic signing at Beijing, they do seem to like whipping up a feeling of optimism before sending it crashing to the ground.  Of one thing we can be sure,  the Illuminati agenda is not benign.

The Olympic winner stamps campaign must have been on the drawing board well before the winners started rolling in.  You would expect it to start after the Olympics is over too.

I am not the only one who sees a hidden hand manipulating Britain’s Olympic success.  Here’s James Lyons from the Daily Mirror.
One man who clearly has mixed feelings about the Olympic gold haul yesterday is the Daily Mirror’s diminutive deputy political editor James Lyons:
Have we really got six golds in one day? I mean really?
Golds in double figures. Jeez

OLYMPIC UPDATE – 5th August 2012.  Federer threw the gold medal.  It looked as if he was acting more out of resignation than enthusiasm.  Someone said he looked like he had a hangover.  This time Murray’s nerve held, and the throw was effective.  Federer’s been given an ‘offer he can’t refuse’.

Earlier UPDATE – From Wimbledon final.   7th July 2012.  First set .  Federer’s throwing it.  Unforced errors at critical moments, the opposite to the usual champion’s game.  The crowd has no idea. No tension in the match.  Royals in the Box.  It looks like the championship will be ‘Murray’s’.   But let’s watch another set or two.  Watch the Unforced Errors count, especially when they come in critical points. (13 Federer to 3 Murray at end of second set)
UPDATE – Third set. 7.10 PM  Murray had a nasty fall at the net on the still wet grass.  It might be hard for Federer to throw the game.  Murray’s not looking good.  Federer’s going out of his way to lose points.  He doesn’t want to win the third set.
Alex Salmond in the Royal Box, looking concerned since Murray’s fall.  David Cameron also looking worried (booed from Henman Hill when his face appeared on BBC).  Murray’s play is not what it was.  But Federer’s still supplying the necessary unforced errors to keep Murray in the game.
Ten deuces in the sixth game.  Federer decided to go ahead and kill the game.  It was getting embarrassing.  It’s going to be easier to lose his service where he’s in control than Murray’s!!!  Not so…Murray’s in trouble and cannot play at a good enough level for Federer to disguise the throw.  Yet It’s still UNFORCED ERRORS – Federer now a staggering 30 in total (17 in one set) (more than a set’s worth altogether).  Murray 16.  Even with all that lot, Federer’s won the third set.  He can’t throw it to Murray.  Murray’s collapsing. It was the rain that did it, not Federer!
The inevitable will happen, unless Federer can engineer some more double faults and unforced errors smartish.  No.  He’s wrapping up now.  No more Mr Nice Guy.  A cut to David Cameron showed a face of resignation.  Up until the fall, it was all going the other way.  The walk out to the loo occurred not long after that point, and maybe his instructions were changed.
The moment Murray fell a second time.  Politicians knew their best electoral fuel was spilling.
‘Best to kill it off, Roger.  Thanks for trying.  People will notice if you notch up 50 Unforced Errors.  30 is already the all time record for a Wimbledon Final.’
British pride is mollified by Murray’s being in the Final.   The Murray show, like the Henman one, will run and run.  Just look at that emotion after the match.  Media and political gold dust.    No wonder the politicians were queuing up to bask in Murray-reflected glory – but the plan has gone awry.
The commentators, always sharp as razors, are blaming the closure of the roof.

Watch the clip carefully. Federer sets up Murray winners, which he keeps missing. Injuries and big stage nerves prevent him winning the set, which Federer then takes.

ORIGINAL POST.  I watched the Men’s Doubles Final.  The match was so obviously thrown, it was ludicrous.  I had my doubts about Tsonga throwing the match against Murray yesterday, especially the final set, when he made so many unforced errors in series, it was as if he was being paid to do it.

Wimbledon’s Royal Patron knows the score

At least Murray was giving it his all.

But the doubles final with the British and Norwegian pair, Marray and Neilson was a farce.  They stood at the net and volleyed balls to their opponents who were glued to the base line, but not once did they offer a lob.  The rallies were non-existent.  It was if all parties to the game knew the result that was fixed in advance, and just played out as dramatic a performance as they could.  All did the clenched fist gesture at a rally win, and looked suitably stern at the loss of a point.  It was just like a TV wrestling game with the moves worked out and choreographed in advance.  Don’t get me wrong.  You have to be a damned good player of any sport to throw a match and make it look like you were trying to win.  These are real professionals, and they know what’s required.

This is Jubilee Year and there have to be British winners.  Murray tomorrow is unlikely to beat Federer.  But maybe Federer too understands the etiquette of the game.  Virginia Wade was the unlikely winner of the Womens Singles in the Silver Jubilee Year 1977.  Now they’re at it again.  Tennis never looked duller.  The days of McEnroe/Borg, and the Woodies are well gone.  This is TV theatre at its worst.  Wimbledon, a place I’ve visited time and time again over the years where I’ve seen great matches live, seems lost.

BBC? Read the pathetic hype.

From WASP -the comments lost when the first post was deleted by Google.


Anonymous said…

What do the people “throwing” the game get out of losing?

7:00 AM

Tapestry said…

If someone offers money to throw the game, that, as I understand it, is the normal motivation. Although people could be offered all kinds of reasons, including negative outcomes if they don’t cooperate. Stick and carrot.

The main reward for top players isn’t the prize money but the advertising contracts and so on. What about, if Roger Federer was offered worldwide selling space for his RF clothing brand, ensuring billionaire status, just as long as he doesn’t win the Final. That is beyond my current theory as to match throwing at Wimbledon, but you could imagine that as significant motivation, for example. I would be extremely surprised if Federer threw away his chance for a 7th Championship.
8:35 AM

stedra rulz said…

maybe 2 or 3 times the prize money,as a losing bonus.
8:59 AM

Anonymous said…

“What do the people “throwing” the game get out of losing?”

Study Betfair for liquidity and betting patterns and you soon learn where the money is going.

Match fixing is rife in most sports, I’m afraid, and there’s serious money to be made out of betting.
11:37 AM

Anonymous said…

To Tap, stedra ruiz and anon11:37

Sorry you are all smoking to much “conspiracy” weed.
Either that or you need to change your medications.

You all obviously judge others by your own standards.

Federer has more than enough money and fame. He doesn’t “need” to play tennis. He doesn’t “need” to win Wimbledon again. Have you ever considered that there are people in this World who have “standards” to live up to?

2:37 PM

Tapestry said…

You don’t expect him to humiliate the newly married Duchesss Of Cambrdge who’s grinning from ear to ear in the Royal Box as if she knows her role in this set-piece sporting theatre.. There is etiquette to observe, and power to bow down to, and money to be made.
2:49 PM

Anonymous said…

Ok so Federer won. Where is your theory now?

Of course like all conspiracy people you will now justify yourself but never admit you are wrong… never.

There are many things wrong with the World and the system without manufacturing them.

If you were a”vrai homme” you would admit you are wrong and gain respect but my feeling is you will be full of excuses.
5:34 PM

Tapestry said…

I often admit I’m wrong.

You cannot explain the Final and Federer’s numerous unforced errors, without some kind of theory. What’s yours, GS?
6:32 PM

Anonymous said…

Fixed matches are not a [cough, splutter, throw up] ‘conspiracy theory’.

Part and parcel of the world of ‘sports’.

Money talks.
7:11 PM

Anonymous said…

I always thought your site was quirky but honest.

You disappoint me Tap. You are just like the rest.

You make excuses instead of just saying you were wrong.

You have to live with yourself and it must be difficult when you lie to yourself and justify your action.


P.S. honesty is the one thing that the internet relies on. Without that the internet loses it’s power for good.
7:45 PM

Tapestry said…

Interesting how these comments have appeared ‘out of sequence’.
5:38 AM

Anonymous said…

When I proved an article on this site was incorrect and proved it to him he refused to take it down and wanted more proof ,he can’t accept that any of his “theories ” can be wrong
9:23 AM

stedra rulz said…

Who knows? MAYBE, the fix was changed in mid-fix to wrongfoot those who said that a fix was in for Murray?
9:42 AM

Anonymous said…

Maybe the fix was changed after the fix was changed again.Then when they went off someone changed the fix to wrong foot the doubters but no-one told Federer about the change of fix and he carried on with the original fix not realising that the original fix had been changed then changed again.Still width me? Ok at this point realising that Federer didn’t know that the fix which had been changed had been changed again and again a special thought transfer comms device and began beaming messages to Federer saying win? Lose? As a backup a special cloud was brought into the arena bringing a micro burst which was enoug to send Murray crashing to to the floor. Unfortunately a robot Federer which was on standby to replace the REALl Federer was denied entry to centre court by a jobsworth official because he didn’t have the correct ID. Finally veer decided ya no wat fuckit I’ll just win this and equal the record and take my chances against the Jesuit Jewish Vatican cabal.
Meanwhile the RAF continued to seed the clouds with metal so as we have a shite summer and top ourselves due to depression to thin out the population ready for world domination. That’s what really happened a ball boy told me whilst in a threesome with Gordon Brown.
11:40 AM

Tapestry said…

I always leave my posts up, anonymous. Being wrong is all part of the process. That prompts those cleverer or more knowledgeable than me to bring the true explanation. I’m only a dumb human being after all.

If I delete my errors, would that make me more honest? Being trusted is more important than being right. Please correct as many of my ‘theories’ as you like.
12:09 PM

Tapestry said…

That’s the best tap Blog spoof I’ve read yet.
12:10 PM

The Boiling Frog said…

No offence meant Mr Tap, but have you lost the plot?
2:49 PM

Tapestry said…

Oh yes. I’ve lost the plot years ago. But I am sure that Federer was throwing the match. It’s just that Murray was too uptight or injured to hit the set-up winners.

The match against Tsonga was also obvious. Tsonga looked absolutely delighted with the result, grinning from ear to ear.
3:48 PM

Roparzh Greek said…

hello there, I think match fixing is also related the way they distributed the matches around the championship and Tenis Federation has something to do with that. Sometimes when I see Federer and Nadal competition on their side is likely to be easier than Djokovic competition. Djokovic is a fightr but lately he has been playing just for the sake of playing and suddenly he pull a NOVA just to remind you he wasnt number by share luck or even fixing. I saw the olympic roster match and I see Federer getting the easy march again (even though it wasnt so easy the first one) and Murray, Tsonga, and Nova on the other side so when they get to the finals they already exhausted to face Federer. Same happen when Nadal is playing, the put the stronger one on one side and easier ones to the other. So I thing tennis association preference so far is Nadal first choice, Federer 2nd choice, and Nova just was an underdog who got in out of no where. There is match fixing in every sports today so that is why Olympic should has kept professionals out of there. I think the only country that truly expose match fixing is Italy while other just shut up about it


  After reading your piece about the match fixing at wimbledon, i was reminded that despite being generally unwelcome, the British government was said by insiders to have pulled both legitimate strings and dirty tricks to bring the 2012 Olympic games to London. 
For when all is said and done, the games are little more than an expensive excuse for nationalism and jingoism.
The misuse of sport for propaganda purposes was very evident in Britain during the Iraq wars, when the TV news often gave football results before the war coverage and ominous death tolls.
Football like many other sports is soaked in bribery and corruption. When Britain won the world cup in 1966, the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson told the pop star Screaming Lord Sutch that he had bought the win for Britain.
This conversation is actually on record with the intelligence agencies.
Sutch who launched the Monster Raving Loony Party as an ironic jibe at conventional politics, was actually very astute politically. When he was asked to stand for Labour he refused, such was his disgust with the corruption in British politics.
Much so-called news is so slanted as to be almost unrecognisable as news, and is easily concealed behind this sport nonsense,
A Labour Government spokeswoman is actually on record as having described terror attacks in the U.S. along with sporting victories as:
“A good time to bury bad news”
And just as news is no longer impartial, sport is used as a  political tool.
During the 1930’s economic depression, the B.B.C deliberately slanted programmes to further the cause of Russian Socialism. In fact many of the Philby and Blunt brigade used the B. B. C. and particularly sporting programmes as cover for their anti-British pro-socialist spying activities.
Likewise, communist teams at Olympic games in the past were so loaded up with steroids as to make the men indistinguishable from the women. And the Chinese are now said to be using methods on children little more than babies that are as unorthodox as they are immoral.
Muhammed Ali is said to be the greatest boxer of all time, and is still revered throughout the world for his contribution to boxing, his catchphrase: “I am the greatest” became known world wide as his trademark.
However, according to informed sources and his F.B.I intelligence files, he was chosen to become world champion because he was good looking, smart and funny and had never been in trouble with the law.
His intelligence file also says: “He would make an ideal ambassador for American sport”.
Muhammed Ali according to one source, would let the cat out of the bag by such statements as; “he will take a dive in five”. Of course this may simply have been Ali bragging, but equally it may have been because he knew the fights were fixed.
He was actually knocked out in his fight with Henry Cooper, and Alis corner slit his glove with a razor balde and took time to change the glove and bring him round, Henry Cooper knew if he won the gangsters would kill Ali, so let it go to save the mans life.
The Kray twins from the London’s East End underworld, with many boxing acquaintances were privy to insider gossip on upcoming bouts. Although it is not generally known, the Kray’s were part of the Jewish underworld and would have had links with the same mafia that ran the boxing syndicates in the U.S. and while the Kray’s made substantial donations to British boxing charities, they certainly had the pulse of every upcoming heavyweight boxer both here and in the U.S.A.
Jack Ruby is on record as saying: “boxing and criminality are two faces of the same coin” .
Ali was said by one of his trainers to have been very upset to have to fight Sonny Liston.
On paper Sonny Liston should have murdered Ali, but was not held in favour with the F.B.I. because he had killed a man and had a long police record. Like many fighters both here and in the U.S., the gangsters owned Liston and they told him that as he was a favourite to win he had to throw the fight. This meant the mafia and those in the know at the F B I would clean up big time with the bets.
Liston did not hit Ali properly once during the fight, and claimed afterwards that he had boxed with a broken wrist. This is hardly likely and over the two fights the men fought, Liston came out surprisingly badly.
As East End gangster Reg Kray put it: “as if he was a bad actor.”

Liston may have been in much trouble but he was a family loving man: a big very strong, afraid of nobody type of guy. And from what a sports journalist on the Irish Times told me in an intelligence briefing some years later, Liston believed he could walk the fight, but his family would then be put at serious risk.
Liston has never had the recognition he deserved, he truly would have made just as great a champion as Ali, but he was indeed cut from a very different mould. 
T Stokes London

Tsonga resembles Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) facially, and in his mannerisms.  What if he was also ‘resembling’ him in other ways as written above?

He’s obviously a lot better player than his match results would indicate.


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (French pronunciation: [(d)ʒo wilfʁid t͡sɔŋɡa]; born April 17, 1985) is aFrench professional tennis player. He was born in Le Mans, to a French mother, Évelyne, and a Congolese father, Didier Tsonga, who moved to France in the 1970s to play handball.[2]Tsonga is a member of the Tennis Club de Paris (TCP). His current career-high singles ranking is world no. 5, which he achieved on February 27, 2012.
Tsonga rose to fame by virtue of his performance in the 2008 Australian Open when, as an unseeded player, he reached the final, having defeated four seeded players along the way, including earning a straight-sets win over the then-world no. 2 Rafael Nadal in the semifinals. Tsonga eventually lost to the then-World No. 3 Novak Djokovic in the final in four sets, after winning the first set, the only set Djokovic dropped during the tournament.
Tsonga followed this up by winning his first ATP Masters Series championship at the 2008 Paris Masters, thus qualifying for the 2008 Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai, China. His best performances in a major tournament since 2008 are semifinal appearances in the 2010 Australian Open and at Wimbledon in 2011 and 2012. He also reached the final of the 2011 ATP World Tour Finals where he lost to five-time and defending champion Roger Federer. He is currently one of the few active players on tour to have reached the quarterfinal stage of all four Grand Slams.

Tsonga is of mixed ancestry. His father, handball player Didier Tsonga, is from Congo-Brazzaville, and his mother Évelyne is French. Jo’s father moved to France during the 1970s to fulfill his own dreams of becoming a handball great, where he eventually met Évelyne and they married. Tsonga is nicknamed Ali, because of his facial resemblance to the boxer.[3]


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has a younger brother (Enzo) who, much like Jo, has been inspired to play sports and is part of the French basketball program (junior). He also has an elder sister (Sasha) who is less involved with sporting ventures. His footballling cousin is Maël Lépicierwho plays for Congo.[4] Tsonga and Gaël Monfils developed a good friendship from a young age, when they enjoyed mimicking all the tennis greats of the past.

As a junior, Tsonga reached a ranking of 9 in the world and won the US Open title. He reached 3 other semi-finals of junior grand slam events. Marcos Baghdatis was a rival of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the junior stage.

[edit]Tennis career

This section needs additionalcitations for verification.(January 2012)

[edit]Early career

Tsonga had a successful junior career, winning the US Open Juniors title in 2003 by defeating Marcos Baghdatis in the final, and also reached the semifinals of the other threeGrand Slam events.

After turning pro in 2004, Tsonga suffered a string of injuries beginning in late 2004, with a herniated disc that caused him to be out of action until March 2005. Then came two right shoulder injuries later in 2005, back and abdominal ailments from October 2005 to February 2006, and the recurrence of an abdominal injury at the end of 2006. In all, he played only eight tournaments during that time.[5]

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

17 Responses to “Federer throws Olympic final”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to drug Federer?

    Why go to all of these elaborate pay-offs and threats when simple un-traceable drugs can be used to engineer the results of ALL of the Olympic finals.

  2. Tapestry says:

    You’ll be giving them ideas, Baron!

  3. I think that’s what’s already happening.

    The “Host” country must get a promise of a significant haul of medals to keep the people happy to foot the bill for the “pay-offs” to the Olympic Committee and others.

    Just think of the back-lash from the taxpayers if the host country, after spending billions, didn’t get the propaganda benefit of multi medals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to go off topic but does anyone know the time of the attack at the olympics? it was supposed to be today but when? its just i need to catch a train later tonight from london and dont want to get caught in the emergency traffic. Apologies if its not today and its tomorrow.Is there a 0800 number for the illuminatee i can ring for travel advice?

  5. Tapestry says:

    Yet another lone gunman attack in US yet eyewitnesses saw accomplices as with Batman attack.

    London has emptied for the Olympics partly due to endless Illuminati signalling of an attack which maybe won’t come. Fear is the aim. Life always has to go on. Catch your train as crowds are less than usual.

  6. James says:

    So why didn’t Murray & Robson win the mixed doubles? Why wasn’t the gymnastics fixed so our most famous competitor, Beth Tweddle, would take a gold? Or Adlington’s swimming events?

    No, more likely that Murray won on merit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There will be no attack at the Olympics
    There will be no attack at the Olympics
    There will be no attack at the Olympics
    There will be no attack at the Olympics
    There will be no attack at the Olympics

  8. Tapestry says:

    James, what is ‘likely’ and what happens in reality can be two very different things. The Federer throw was attempted at Wimbledon. But when Murray fell badly, it had to be called off or people would have noticed.

    At the Olympics, Federer clearly knew he had to lose, and the throw was pretty obvious.

    No one wants any of these things to be happening. Hardly anyone understands exactly what the reasons are, only the people orchestrating events. Their main agenda is power, power through crisis, mass mind control, war and debt. For some reason they even fix games of tennis, and possibly other sporting events.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So what is the Illuminatti?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please tell me what an illuminatti is?

  11. Tapestry says:

    Illuminati? Search this blog.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’ve searched but all i could make out is a load of conjecture and no actual facts. Could someone be a bit more specific as to what an illuminatti is please?

    What are these illuminatti symbols in the Olympics all about? I thought it was a sporting event.

  13. Tapestry says:

    read left hand column and click Pilgrims/Illuminati

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, i looked but I think i’m missing the point of this illuminatti thing, so they’re a bank that wants to control the world?

    Like HSBC but bigger?

    Why do they want to control the world though? If they have all the money why don’t they just do it already?

  15. Tapestry says:

    They do, but in secret and out of sight. They tell you that noticing this reality is tantamount to being a conspiracy theorist. Check out the Rothschilds and the Royal Family, one and the same.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s all to complicated for me I thought they might have a local branch or something.

    Oh ok cool, i’ve seen the Royal Family on BBC 1 but they don’t make that anymore, what channel is The Rothschilds on?

    Thanks for you’re patience.

  17. I heard the result for the Olympic wimbledon and I thought Federer has been paid to throw the match just like Bette Stover, I even thought that he would throw Wimbledon but something was wrong that day.

    To get rid of Federer in straight sets Oh please its like a wish coming true, Its not real. its too good to be true.

    the various anonymi are such fools to disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes.

    As for controlling the world Everything is controlled. You can’t breathe freely without a camera or some other intrusion capturing you.

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