Comments? Five between 7 and 10 then silence all day.

It may be that you are all bemused by the excellent blogging and are unable to add anything to what’s written.  Or there could be some other cause.  Tap Blog comments are usually active 24/7.  To go a full twelve hours with zilch is very odd.  I know from emails that sometimes our comments get stuck and you can’t get through.  Was that what’s happened today?  It’s been quite dull without you, I have to say.  Even the trolls have shut up and gone away.  That’s really very odd.  They’ve been highly persistent of late.  Surely WASP hasn’t scared them all off with his pictures of Troll Spray and his other anti-troll stunts.  If so, WASP yet again has to be congratulated on yet another mini-victory

The other problem is that I get many of the blog posts from comments.  It shows how dependent I am on your feedback to stimulate my thoughts, and keyboard into action.  I hope tomorrow is better.   Maybe a troll might take pity on me and give me an earful of abuse.  At least it would show that comments are still functioning.  Any thoughts, anyone?

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7 Responses to “Comments? Five between 7 and 10 then silence all day.”

  1. Anonymous says:


    No thoughts.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for that. The trolls are still there, at least. Goodnight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Might have had something to do with getting sidetracked.
    The blog about Andrea Davison, Gareth williams and Wasps comments was just getting to grips with the situation of deception.
    Did you Tap, get a reply about the location of Andrea.
    Is Assange a domestic terrorist paid by the CIA, lots of questions to ask.

  4. Tapestry says:

    No. I didn’t. Masses of blowback and vitriole against the lady, but no denial that she is inside the Ecuador Embassy. they seem mighty keen that her media coverage remains non-existent.

  5. Paid Illuminati Troll No: 80081355 says:

    TAP the reason you’re not getting comments is because WASP is on a self righteous power trip, you’re ego is on overtime censoring the blog and there’s infighting between your regular conspiracy nut jobs.

    The only people who want to comment on this tripe are ‘trolls’ who want to see worthless, malicious and poisonous blogs like this shut down

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