Chemtrails spreading infections. Julia’s back.

Back from holiday now, and straight on to moving house! Rambles will be a bit thin on the ground for a month or so. For now, I have some interesting observations to report from the ancient and unspoilt lands of Scilly, which are now heavily chemtrailed.  
No more sunsets...
5 years ago, a main feature of camping on Scilly was the evening sunset show. This year, despite pretty good Olympic weather, the Sun always disappeared into a load of hazy cloud before reaching the horizon. Chemtrails. I was outside all day and I watched them form.  
Fog like fire...
One day, the chemtrails turned into an evening fog that swept low through our camp. It felt and smelt smoky and chokey. (I should have been a poet). The next day the fog was very peculiar, at one point an island looked like it was on fire. Not just my observation, lots of others commented too. At another point we had blue sky overhead and sun shining, but the islands close by had been blotted out by a hazy fog so it looked like a hazy horizon.It gave the appearance that there was nothing hidden, just a horizon, no other islands, as if they had been airbrushed out of the scene.  
It's a really healthy holiday out there, but many people seemed to have unusual illnesses. Sharp abdominal pain, gastroenteritis, and lots of coughing. I have not had anything for nearly 2 years since I stopped working in schools, and I got a really nasty throat infection a few days after the smoky fog.
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