Chemtrails cause frost in August in Britain.

Hi Tap,

Night of 30th August 2012 we had frost across the Scottish Borders, In
all my long life I’ve never seen the like. So much for Global Warming!


TAP –  Gordon, this is the result of constant chemtrailing all summer.  they failed with 
Global warming, and are now going for a nasty cooling attack .  Global warming is never mentioned these days.  They only talk of climate change.  The gulf oil explosion has been used to thicken the waters in the Gulf of Mexico and slow the gulf stream.  Prepare for a monstrously cold winter.  Then the political follow-on saying global government is essential to deal with such environmental catastrophe.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who would of thought it, these chemtrails had no effect over the summer, but now the winters coming its going to get even colder. What are they planning next. I’ve heard it’s going to be very cold over winter, maybe Haarp is behind some of it?

  2. Twig says:

    I watched the Discovery Channel Chemtrail Clips on YouTube, and I favour the idea that it is an attempt by NATO to engineer the climate. (links below)

    Discovery 1/3
    Discovery 2/3
    Discovery 3/3

    I have seen some interesting footage on the subject on YouTube, but I treat them with a degree of cynicism due the ease with which video clips can be edited nowadays.
    See this:

    Your Captcha challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to decipher! Can you set the level of difficult a little lower?

  3. Re: what we eat…I was in a shop called Wholefoods, on Kensington High St yesterday.

    The prices are beyond belief. The worst I could find was £6.97 for a smallish punnet of figs.

    These are the foods for the elites – those who serve the corporations and high-ups in governments.

    We ‘goyim’ must eat the filth we are supplied with in supermarkets, poisoned with flouride and GMO and other things.

    The worst thing I saw in there was bottled water, brought all the way from…FIJI…!

    £1.29 per litre.

    Ingredients: NO FLOURIDE.

    Check out bottled water in even the ‘better’ supermarkets – it all contains flouride.

    Bottled water from FIJI…that is a f**king disgrace.

    I hate these corporations. They don’t give f*** for you, me, anyone else or ‘the planet’ that they have destroyed – and are now blaming us for it and saying we need to be culled, exterminated and that we are a cancer.

    Enemy No.1 Corporations, I believe all ultimately controlled and owned by Rome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Very heavy chemtrailing over Doncaster through the night.
    Must have been high up as trails had widened to 100 yards at 10,000 foot.
    Some of the trails were North to South, which only happens over this area when its the matrix pattern.
    Very cold this morning.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Helen Highwater

    Not all bottled water manufacturers state whether there’s Fluoride in their bottled water… some don’t bother to say… some just put ‘Sodium’ instead (which is just short for Sodium Fluoride). I noticed on NaturalNews this artcle:

    Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as ‘insecticide’ and ‘adhesive preservative’ in addition to water treatment chemical

    … so next time you are drinking Volvic you can tell everybody you are drinking insecticide instead.

    Water filtration is the way to go. I’m after a Big Berkey myself. They are not cheap, but the filters can last over ten years and they filter out almost everything and do pay for themselves many times over in the end. Speculate to accumulate as they say.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I recently purchased a berkey water filter and ran tap water through it as stated on the instructions. I tested the tap water with a total disolved solids meter (TDS) and then tested the berkey water and to my utter shock found that it was about 20 parts per million (PPM) higher than the tap water. With my reverse osmosis filter it drops signifiacantly and I add back minerals with a post mineralisation filter. I can only say that something is being added and nothing is being filtered out. I believe it is the stainless steel used as it smells really metalic (the water even smells when it comes out) and I proved it by filtering some water into a glass bowl and testing it, it then had the same PPM as my tap water. I have since had a full refund but I lost £100 in import duty and postage costs. Fortunately I didn’t drink any so it has not cost me my health. I think the berkey filters are a con and that bad reviews (as there are none) are removed from the web. My advice to anyone thinking of buying one not to, how can all that nasty stuff in tap water be taken out by filters that last for years, think about it.

  7. Tapestry says:

    The best re water filtration is Dwight Wood of

    He will get your water into consumable state through filtration. Quote The Tap Blog. He might even give you a discount!

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