Chemtrails. Are you catching on?

I have just been looking at an old book of the Scillies, dated 1994. And one photo has very clear chemtrails in the sky. The Scillies is the most South Westerly place in the UK so a good place to seed the clouds for the prevailing winds up to the mainland. Incredible how I never noticed before! I don’t know why it is that they are so hard to notice when you do not know about them. Even if you are told, it takes a while for your brain to kick in and actually start to really SEE them.

    • Sally Parker I looked at an old photo of where I live today and that was taken back in 1994 too and the sky was covered in chemtrails then too!
    • David Lloyd Amazing its been going on for years in plain view ,but more and more people are catching on ;
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  • I don’t remember chemtrails in the 1990s.  They would never have occurred to me. bbut i remember the weather going funny from about then.  warm dry winters when you could play tennis outside year round in the UK.
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    1. Anonymous says:

      What I think your missing is that Ronald Reagan made a speach back in the 80’s about ‘star wars’.
      Around that time Maggie Thatcher signed us up to future wars in exchange for satalite information and weapons to be used for the Falklands Invasion.
      The ‘star wars’ I believe is the HAARP weather control. An ideal war weapon and chemtrailing is part of the system.
      The question we should be asking are we under threat from HAARP and are we being forced to do experiments for the USA.

    2. Twig says:

      I wish they would dump the dramatic background music and flashing up stock photos of things like rain, clouds and jet trails, unless is actual evidence of the point being made.

      The clip of a chap pointing at a dead shrub, which was surrounded by lots of perfectly healthy ones doesn’t prove anything except maybe some weevils got to the root or someone has sprayed it with glyphosate.

      This is not a comment about the validity of the chem-trail theory, just the format of the video documentary, which I think actually undermines the case they are trying to prove.

      I would accept more readily that this is geo-engineering by misguided “useful climate change idiots” being manipulated by big business than deliberate mass poisoning by the Illuminati.

    3. wasp says:

      Experimental weather control, goes back some 60years.

      This is searchable within the blog.

      Here is one of Many Links.

      They are also reducing the BEE POPULATION, with all this rain, which leads to Crop Failure.
      This is happening now, even the controlled media are reporting it, but not the reason why!


      REGARDS …….. WASP

    4. wasp says:

      For Further Reading I would refer you to Weather Warfare, Project Cirrus, October 13 1947


      Click on Menu & a Whole New World will Open to You.


      So Mote It Be

      REGARDS …….. WASP

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