Blowback heavy over Andrea Davison in Ecuador Embassy revelations

This Andrea Davison story is messing me up.  Three computers won’t function at all in one weekend. I’m down to a tablet where pictures won’t upload, and I can’t write text on previous posts.  It seems like they don’t like the story of her being holed up in the Ecuador embassy one little bit.  Hard to blog right now, but I’ll do my best!

The system wants to insist she is a criminal on the run, while the blogs bill her as an exposer of arms traders to Iraq, and paedophiles.  Why could she not be both?  The below piece suggests that she was both, while implying evil motives, or at least entirely selfish motivation.  Once I upload akrotiri onto the blog, I am unable to get back into the blogpost and add any of my own comments.  This topic has brought more reaction than any other in my previous blogging experience.  There is no denial at any point that she is holed up in the Ecuador Embassy.  There is the thought still that it is her presence there that makes Hague want the Embassy stormed and not the media Conman Assange.

Akrotiri has sent another comment.  It seems she worked for the system quite happily for years, or at least was a double agent.  Mata Haris always seem to be well hated by the men they deceive.  I am not sure why Akrotiri thinks revealing sexual diseases adds much to his case.   He seems to think all the evil resides with Andrea Davison.  It’s not easy to judge, but there is no denying the facts she revealed at any point.  At least she is a teller of truth, whatever her motivation.

akrotiri has left a new comment on your post “Andrea Davison had no choice but to run“:


Ms Davison was appointed and represented by, from her initial Carmarthen Case hearing and pleading in January 2012 by one of Londons finest Criminal Law Firms:
227/228 STRAND
Their speciallity in representing defendants prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office in “White Collar” Crime, Commercial crime and Organised Crime.

Ms Davison used over 6 different ID’s in fronting her business AFBIO which is registered to a suite address in Vancouver Canada but fronted also in Rhodes Greek Islands, Gibraltar, London and Wales.
She also fronted many Off Shore Shell Companies run by a network of Germans under her administration from the same address as her Tag Along Journalist, Pete Sawyer, who’s Investigative Journalist Company ASSIGNMENTS UNLIMITED LIMITED which was registered in 1981 but was dissolved back in 1992. This was the Time Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON dropped her Conservative Paymasters after she had been recruited in the 1980’s by a MI5 Colonel setting up her Business to Operate massive CovertMoney Laundering Fronts linked to the Dirty World of Covert Government Arms Trade Smuggling.
In 1992 she become a Labour Party Spy, her “Daddy” being Senior Conservative SIR JOHN ALEC BIGGS -DAVISON.
Stopping by the Photo Copy machine or using a Micro Dot Camera, she provided (for a fee and PROTECTION) Senior Labour Leaders with Stolen Secret and Classified Government Documents making sure she had her own copies (Such is the power of BLACKMAIL)

Sometime between 1989-1994, Ms Buxom Honey Trap Labour SPY was given a nasty illness, you know Sexually transmitted. At the Time she worked “UNDER” MP Peter Lilley and Sir Kenneth Warren.
Detail of this (Medical Records)in the List of ITEMS SEIZED by the Derby Police 13/1/2010
I recovered the COMPLETE List.

Now, from about 1994 Ms TARA ANDREA (BIGGS) DAVISON aka TARA DAVIS 2008 BNP Member (Intelligence Advisor)
Andrea Davidson
Ms Davison was a well paid MI5 Financial facilitator running Money Laundering “Boiler Rooms” from many Countries until 2008 when the Derby Police managed to “Spot The Braincell” and link evidence I gave them in 2006 to her Bangor North Wales Address.
They worked a Joint Operation with the Met Police, it was called Operation SOUNDWAVE and OPERATION HANDSA Ms Davisons Address was raided as part of that Operation as the Duty Solicitor informed her as the “Mastermind” in an International Multi Million Pound Organised Crime network.

Now, funny this, Ms Andrea Davison or whomever she is, only started bleating to the World about all these 20 year old STOLEN SECRET ARMS to IRAQ IRAN documentation and Naughty Conservatives she held illegally AFTER HER ARREST for being a major player in International Organised Crime.

Anyone remember Colonel OLIVER NORTH well, “take your time RODNEY”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read that Aktori AKA Gordon Bowden helped set-up Andrea Davison and that he owes her money. Maybe thats why he hates her so much.

    He is a first class nutt job who adds nothing to the debate

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s AKROTIRI you “numpty” an A RAF Airbase in CYPRUS where I served you armchair thicko “plonker”
    “Nut” Job, that’s rich coming from a halfwit, you should get the nurse to slacken the laces on the back of your jacket so you can think & spell properly

  3. Anonymous says:

    Blimey, the machiavellian troll has returned, using quite poor tactics to try and stifle the efforts of good blogging and seeking out the real truth.

    I say old chap, would you mind ever so much running along now to let us adults get on with things without your tedious and churlish trolling.

    You sir are no more than a ghastly red, patchy rash that oozes puss.

    Run along now, there’s a good chap.

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