Athens. Grannies buy guns as economy collapses.

BBC –  Crime rate in Greece soars

When burglars broke into 22-year-old student Vasilis Davaris’s family home in the middle of the night and held a knife at his mother’s throat, he went after them with a shotgun.
The burglars robbed the family and managed to get away before continuing on to the next house in the same street; a few moments later Mr Davaris heard his neighbour shouting for help.
“Vasilis took his father’s hunting rifle and gave chase and the next thing he knew it had gone off and he had killed one of them in the street,” says family lawyer Alexandros Alexandrakis.
Police say the two criminals, who were related, were from Albania and may have been responsible for a number of burglaries in the area.
When he appeared at the local magistrate’s court, Mr Davaris was met by a large cheering crowd showing their support.
“There was a lot of sympathy for him,” his lawyer explains. “People are tired of these foreign desperadoes who are laying siege to the country.”
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Last week an old lady told me she walks around her flat with a rifle strapped to her back”

George StamatopoulosGun shop owner

The case sparked national debate about whether citizens should be taking justice into their own hands.
But George Stamatopoulos, who runs a gun shop in the centre of Athens, says it is already happening.
He says demand for firearms is up by 60%. Despite gun licences being granted only for sport and hunting, he says most enquiries today are for personal defence.
“It is mainly older people who feel the most vulnerable who want to arm themselves,” he explains.
“Last week an old lady told me she walks around her flat with a rifle strapped to her back because she is so scared.”

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