Asylum For Assange!

Asylum for WikiLeaks Founder

14,000 have already contacted Ecuador’s Embassy, which has publicly and favorably commented on the campaign.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is asking Ecuador for asylum, while Sweden seeks to extradite him from England. 
Sweden, in an apparently unprecedented move, is seeking to extradite and imprison someone without charging him with a crime — after having refused opportunities to fully question him in England.
We don’t know the facts behind the sexual assault accusations against Assange and can take no position on them.  We take sexual assault seriously.  But the WikiLeaks leader is seeking protection from the United States, not Sweden.
Sweden has a record of bowing to U.S. pressure, including the handing over of two men to the CIA in 2006 — leading the U.N. to find Sweden complicit in torture.

The United States reportedly has a sealed indictment prepared for Assange
, charging him with crimes against ‘national security.’
The United States has a record of, and an open formal policy of, incarc eration without proper trial, solitary confinement and other abusive treatment, and the death penalty.  Assange has the international human right to be protected from such a nation and to request asylum elsewhere.
Assange, neither charged with nor convicted of any crime, is acting out of fear of our nation’s abuses of the rule of law.  It is the same fear that has led some of his WikiLeaks colleagues to quit doing the work that has so benefitted the people of our country and the world.


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A Sherwood Ross email.
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5 Responses to “Asylum For Assange!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have no sympathy for a man who has no regard for the laws of any country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Assarnge has every right to be treated fairly but the question today goes up a notch…..
    Britain has told the Ecudorian Embassy that if he’s not handed over they are going to storm the Embassy and take him.
    Now my understanding is that he is an innocent man and has not been found guilty of any crime. The Swedish authorities have been invited to interview him on the Embassy but they have refused???
    So can somebody explain to me what right does Britain have to deny him his human rights.
    Then we have to judge what is happening to him against terrorists, murders and rapists we can’t seem to deport from Britain.
    We’re is Camero, Hague and May this week it’s very quiet???

  3. Tapestry says:

    Unbelievable that Britain will smash all pretence at international law by invading the Embassy. He should be smuggled out in advance of the raid.

  4. THEY are very powerful now and don’t care if they act outside of the rule of international law. National governments don’t really ‘exist’ any more, they are literally just puppets for the higher powers of this world, THE CORPORATION.

    This is who Assange has offended, wounded.

    They are a difficult adversary to know and understand. They’re heavily into the occult, Mystery Babylon and I believe that they have a multi-generational plan, which they are attempting to bring to fruition.

    To continue to believe that the world is ok and hunky dory, requires some truly acrobatic double-think.

    In order to be deceived, one has to WANT TO BE DECEIVED and give tacit, even un-thought, automatic agreement to go along with any given deception.

    If British forces raid the embassy and take Assange by force, then the game is really up. Even the dullest of blinkered automatons will have to admit that all is not well, and that the British government has no respect or regard for international law.

    If this were to happen, then I believe that, from that point on, the cat’s out of the bag and there are no rules. Anything goes.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Now we know Cameron is an agent of the world government, acting out a role similar to Hitler’s win Germany, and Churchill’s in WW2, pretending to lead a nation, but in fact working for outside forces.

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