Are supermarkets dodgy?

Julia writes –

Good news that Tescos profits are down, possibly due to their dodgy politics! I hope this is the start of something new, and not just a market shift whereby people think Sainsburys are really squeaky clean and rush off there instead. They are ALL dodgy.
TAP –  They sell baby milk containing a known killer, fluoride, detergents that are carcinogenic in dry form, milk with its vitamins removed by pasteurization, fruit and vegetables grown with fertilizers on ground stripped of its mineralization, irradiated to destroy any goodness, and genetically modified to bring in sterility in humans.  They adulterate meats by soaking them in water to swell the weight and then add red die to make the meat look more authentic.  Breads are loaded with preservatives and god knows what else.  Their bottled waters are recently reported as being from the tap.

Other than that, they are expensive.  Most things are much cheaper, fresher and tastier when bought locally from small shops or farmers’ markets.

Are they dodgy?  They’re a cartel, and a delivery vehicle for the depopulation agenda.

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  1. And they squeeze the suppliers, farmers and producers, almost to the point of bankruptcy, and then squeeze the consumers at the the other end. They are the ultimate ‘middle man’.
    Then, they pay little or probably zero tax and take all the profit straight out of the country.
    Every penny we spend in supermarkets, impoverishes us all, further.
    Small businesses are more likely to spiend their profits locally, over and over.

    Question: I wonder if ANY of the VAT us consumers pay to corporations, actually gets to government coffers? Especially to the utility companies?
    I bet they keep it all – the whole 20%.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another thing about Tesco’s and their dodgy practices. You wouldn’t believe how much land they own which is not developed yet. They buy up land in advance to stop other supermarkets, and those ‘express’ shops moving in. They basically want as much of a strategic stronghold on key land ownership as possible and God knows how many back-hander deals are going on to ensure the rights to land.

    Same with pharmacies, you are only allowed so many pharmacies in a certain area (I believe it’s two on average). Tesco will pay top-dollar over and above to buy out a local independent pharmacy if necessary to make sure people come shopping and get their Big Pharma drug cocktails at their newest store.

    The thing is, money talks… and Tesco have plenty of it.

    Tesco is a complete rip-off too. I’m quite happy to shop elsewhere and let the sheeple waste their money there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like ASDA are selling tap water disguised as ‘smart-price’ ‘bottled water’… classic PR.opaganda.

    There’s no lengths these corporations [supermarkets] will go to to swindle the public in the name of profits.

    From the Daily Fail:

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