Andrea Davison was friend and neighbour of ‘spy in a bag’ Gareth Williams

Chris J sends –

People persecuted for political reasons
must be defended.





Andrea Davison who risked her
life to expose arms to Iraq and 
pedophillia in England and Wales
has been wrongly
convicted by the British 


Like activists and whistleblowers
before her  she was targeted by
 the State for political reasons.
The State spent an estimated 1
millions pounds and 2.5 years
pursuing an older  lady,
who even given what she was
 convicted of had harmed
no-one at all.  She is believed to  
have been providing intelligence
to Julian Assange’s network
before she was arrested
as the Mastermind in an
 international fraud  early
January 2010.

Claiming Andrea  was  the
 Head of a criminal network
 gave the Derby Police, 
 headed by DC Stephen Winnard,
 the excuse to search her home 
 in North Wales.   This was a
ploy  to sieze from her
thousands of documents
on arms to Iraq and Iran  and 
documents which  name
pedophiles in the police and 
the government.  They also
wanted to silence  a   lady who,
 working secretly with the
press,had all but brought down
 the last Conservative

Fearing Andrea may challenge the legality of
 their haul
of documents the Derby Police  obtained  a
 Order against   Andrea by  lying to a Judge
 that she
was  the Mastermind  of the International Fraud.
 Restraint Order prevented her  paying for legal
 or assistance  and Legal Aid was refused. So
March 2010 until just before her trial in July
 Andrea was denied any legal  advise or
This is strictly against the European Human
 Law.  They even kept the Restraint Order in
 following the trail and conviction of 13 of the
 fraudsters in June 2011.   See full detailes of
fraudsters on this blog. 
The fraud is on-going and the fraudsters are
 openly  in Thailand, The Police  have not
or even  interviewed the men who are still
 in this on-going  Fraud.

The prosecution Barrister Felicity Gerry who
to be a Human Rights Barrister  was  brought
in to
set-up Andrea in collusion with  the  Derby
officers.   It is believed that the Derby and
blackmailed Gerry because of the Mark
 Ratcliff  power station case.

 Gerry who knew that Mark Kennedy was
 undercover cop lied to the Court.  If it were
 for  undercover cop Mark Stone/Kennedy
coming clean and admitting he had set up
Ratcliff  Power Station Activists then  all
 innocent activists   would have been
and jailed.

see Daily Mail

Felicity Gerry  did not care what lies
she told
 to get the activists convicted because
 was already embroiled  deeply
 in corruption
 and easily blackmailed.   She lives
 in Bedford
with her husband and three children and
 is said
to be involved with paedophiles.  How
much the
Derby police know about her activities
 is unclear
 but Gerry is often chosen to Defend

A body  was set-up to investigate
the Mark
Kennedy affair  and her role .
Gerry then
 lied to the commission saying
she knew
nothing about her witness Mark
being an undercover cop.  If she
had not lied
 she  would have been given a long
So it was easy for the Derby Fraud
 Squad to
blackmail Gerry into setting up the
 older lady  Andrea Davison.

The Solicitors Garstangs  of London
appointed by the Court against
Andrea’s will
 and they failed to call any of her
witnesses or present her volumes
 proving her innocence to the jury.
evidence to prove her innocence
 had been
seized by the Police and they
 failed to
make disclosure of this.   The
jury were
not told about the thousands of
 on arms to Iraq that were seized
 by the police
 or the numerous Human Rights
abuses Andrea
 had suffered at the hands of the
Police and the

In August of the  year of her arrest
in January
2010  her friend and neighbour
 ‘spy in a bag’
Gareth Williams was murdered
 in London by
 the same people who may be
 out to silence

Even after persecuting Andrea
 for nearly
 three years  they  could not
 find any
evidence that she has caused
any loss, or had harmed anyone
there was no complainant.  For
one of the crimes she  received
a 2 and
a half year sentence for was
stealing a
 passport from the passport
office. This
 was her own passport which
she paid for.
 The passport office had put a
6 instead of
an O in her date of birth and
 she has not
complained.   How could a jury
someone of theft for stealing their
own passport?
they should have realised the
police were
clutching at straws and had
no real evidence
against her if they were forced
 to charge her
 with stealing her own passport.

She is  now  seeking Political
the same as Julian Assange
 to be  in  Ecuador  or in the

I escaped Palestine to come 
to a country 
the world believes has a just and
 fair legal 
system only to find it is a country
 of deep 
hypocrisy where the innocent are 
set-up by
 the State who have endless 
resources to 
silence  those who tell the truth,

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  1. Sackerson says:

    1. I have emailed the Ecuadorian Embassy in the US to ask whether shes is indeed being given refuge in the London one – no reply yet.

    2. Can you adjust your margin settings? Words and pictures are being trimmed off on the right hand side.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Interesting about 1. Keep us posted.

    As for 2, I now adjust the width of pictures and videos as I can’t expand the blog’s width. I only started doing this very recently. I hope it cures the problem. If any back catalogue is annoying people, let me know and I’ll go and adjust if I can.

    That works when I upload individual pics and vids, but not a copy and paste, as the html code for the pictures etc doesn’t appear for me to adjust. I’m learning all the time on this new version of blogger.

  3. Sackerson says:

    Re 2:

    At top right of blog, click on DESIGN, then on left LAYOUT, then at top right GOT TO TEMPLATE DESIGNER, then look at options top left for ADJUST WIDTHS.

    You can then shrink left sidebar and expand right; or choose a different template that lets you have more or fewer columns etc.

    Took me quite a while to work out, too.

    Re 1: probably just got me a new “watch him” file opened.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for that Sackerson. I hope it’s as simple as that, but what happens is when you copy and paste normal stuff, there is no problem. When it’s a piece they don’t like much the available width on the blog halves without me doing anything to it at all. I will try your fix, but as with this I just spent 30 minutes adjusting text in to smaller columns.

  5. Tapestry says:

    tried adjusting template with disastrous consequences!

  6. Tapestry says:

    Oh dear I can’t find any way to get the old template back again and I have to go out now. I’ll try again later.

  7. Tapestry says:

    The layout tab has disappeared from the blog. I didn’t select this spotty mostrosity by the way….

  8. Anonymous says:

    She’s not in there. Never has been, never will be. (Wasn’t it the all knowing ‘watch out there’s a badass about’ WASP who started this fantastical story?)

    There’s even debate to suggest she’s not even real.

    The comments have actually been disabled by a crack team of illuminati members who are part of a paid 24hour attack on this blog remember that one TAP… o

  9. Donald says:

    Whats happened to the Blog, has it been hacked?

  10. akrotiri says:

    Here’s a clue to Ms Andrea Davison’s network.
    Look up Club ODESSA (Bangor)
    That was a Russian singles Dating Club. Tara Andrea Davison ran her AFBIO Fake Companies fronts from the same Address 14 MENAI VIEW TERRACE.BANGOR.
    The Club was run by a group of Germans and Tara who happened to administer a network of Fake Fraud Money Laundering “Virtual” Companies, one of her close chums was PETER RAUSCHER who also ran CLUB ODESSA.
    Go confirm accuracy by recovering from

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Keep up your efforts, our family have 4 computers, they are all playing up, so it’s not just yours.
    This article is drawing attention and keeps getting sidetracked.
    As soon as Gareth Williams is mentioned that’s when the trouble starts.
    What does Andrea know about Chemtrailing, what was Gareth doing in Salt lake City.
    I feel that all the players mentioned in this article were onto something very important.
    It’s bigger than money laundering.
    The box starts to open, then gets slammed shut.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Seems their is a lot of disinformation being broadcast about Andrea Davison. What is sure is that she was an arms investigator and upset the last COnservative Government together with mainstream journlaists like Pete Sawyer, David Lowery and Kevin Cahill. She also caused the downfall of Johnathen Aitken. She was convicted in July of several minor charges of fraud where no-one actually lost any money. They even charged her with stealing her own passport from the passport office because it had the wrong date on it Wierd or what! SHe won a lible action against the Palestine Telegraph. Also won against Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden who were publishing she was guilty of fraud for about two years and all through her trial. No-one tried to stop them publishing this. Wierd when other people are sent to jail for contempt of court in these circumstances. You can read her abuse of process application on

  13. Anonymous says:

    Keep it going tap their is something really important about Andrea Davison and Gareth Williams. Something so many people want to squash. Lets hear more

  14. Anonymous says:

    check this out Andrea Davison Gareth Williams and Johnathan Moyle just found this

  15. Anonymous says:





    Watch/ download/record and save


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