Andrea Davison modern day Mata Hari

akrotiri sends –

Oh, Tara Andrea Davison’s real name.
Easy: At age 62, she was born:
That makes her one of 4 Daughters of deceased Senior Conservative:
(Then Chair of THE MONDAY CLUB)
A think tank for funding the Conservatives:
Just like connected 
DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS got caught for by the Italians when he was running money laundering fronts for the Italian PM and MAFIA.
Like Tara was running since 1994. Recruited by a Colonel for MI5 / MI6
It was called AFBIO
Short for:

Association for Former British Intelligence Officers.
A “Virtual” Office fraud front, registering thousands of fake fraud Off Shore Companies, money laundering front Cash Shells and BANKING Services.
However, it was registered in VANCOUVER Canada, running bounce Companies in RHODES Greek Islands, Gibraltar, London, Wales, GERMANY and RUSSIA.

That’s why “Daddy” was a Communist.

In 1990 she betrayed her Conservative paymasters to become a LABOUR PARTY SPY.
She then begame years of stealing and providing Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Peter Hain and the likes of Lord Doug Hoyle with the Secret and Classified Government Documents she was entrusted to deliver to Number 10 and Maggies muppets.
How do I know ?
I’m the one that downloaded over 400 of those Documents she threatened to disclose.

Mind you, give Tara her dues,
Nothing like playing all sides.

She is also recorded in the 2008 BNP MEMBERS LIST as
TARA DAVIS (Intelligence Advisor)

Then in 2011-2012 as ANDREA DAVISON
Anchor for the LIB DEM Blog ACT 

TAP – the aforementioned lady is currently holed up in the Ecuador Embassy keeping an eye on Julian Assange, we are told by WASP.  She seems to be an agent for the destruction of political parties.  She was more likely a spy feeding the destruction of democracy than just a rotten Conservative apple, just as Assange is an agent of the destruction of internet freedom (inter alia).

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6 Responses to “Andrea Davison modern day Mata Hari”

  1. Chris J says:

    Any links/evidence to back this up akrotire?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, You seem to have the measure of both controlled spies.
    Now we have to uncover what the spies don’t want us to know.
    there is more to come out of the box.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Plenty on for Chris to look at.

  4. Julia says:

    Well if all of this is true, it seems that the powers that be control the democracies and the destruction of democracy. So they win either way.
    I am curious as to how Davison and Assange started out. Were they originally small time activists? At what point did they become politically controlled? Do they still believe what they are doing is right, or are they being blackmailed to follow orders?
    The logical next step of thinking is that we are ALL following orders to some extent, believing that what we are doing is right. We are all being pulled onto the stage orinto the audience to participate and keep the show on the road. This blog is part of the stage too.
    Do we want to keep the show on the road? This blog seems important to me, but I hope that one day it won’t be needed.

  5. akrotiri says:

    The bigger picture.
    The “Missing Tory Party Mushrooms”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tara Andrea Davison is from a poor family and was sent to the infamouse Duncroft Approved school where she was abused as a child. She is a heroine and Aktori is working to give out disinformation


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