The Illuminati Agenda. Chemtrails Facilitate HAARP Mass Mind Control.

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2 Hr interview with Alan Watt on Coast to Coast AM Classic. Too many subjects to list… chemtrails, Knights Templar, Illuminati… are just some of the subjects covered.
The Illuminati Agenda

Alan uses one on one telephone techniques to explain to people how they are living within a control grid/a structure.  The agenda from the most ancient times up to the present day has never changed.  The powerful work in the same way to achieve mass mind control.  Ancient Egypt kept a mass of documentation of the techniques of how to control the people.  The priests were taught how to do this, having one religion for the elites and one for the masses, some being lawyers supervising trade as far away as India in 5000 B.C.  They used money and commerce as the means of control.

The Illuminati is only one branch of the secret societies that have been around ever since.  The idea of being a Citizen Of The World came from Adam Weisshaupt, but he was not the originator of the plan.

Jack Vitalli wrote a book the New Millennium in 1990.  he wrote about the winners and losers from The New World Order.  The plan was to remove the US borders in 2001.  The USA would end up as a Spanish speaking people, which would collapse in debt, after spreading democracy across the Middle East.  He had access to the Bilderberger level and knew what was happening from the inside.

No one does anything to stop the illegal immigrants.  This is part of the plan.  The eventual taking down of the borders between Canada and the US and Mexico.  The plan was to sign this into law in 2005.  They decided it wouldn’t be a big bang like the EU.  It will be a five stage agenda.

This was written about in the 1840s by karl marx in Das Kapital.  He described three trading blocs under a supreme world government.  National governments would cease to exist.  The idea is to make Montreal the new capital of all the Americas.

Other plans are to cut back the world population massively and create a scientific world where people are only permitted to be born if there is a use for them.  Countries that overpopulate will be denied food.  Read the Kissinger books, the Bryzinsky books and Prince Philip’s book in which he wants to come back as a virus to kill off human population.  Read Philip’s book.

The elites believe they have attained Godhood.  There are links to the bloodlines going back thousands of years, all based on their elite religion.

The elites are desperate to get the population kicked down as soon as they can.  They decided that 2001 was the time that they would get on with their plans to take over the world and get One World Government started.  Their plans were written out in 1992.  See the Grand Chessboard by Bryzinsky, in which he said we need a Pearl Harbour event to get the wars started – with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria on the hit list.

The wars are not working as far as capturing the imagination of the masses.  911 is a high esoteric number.  Chapter 9 of Revelations is a business plan.  Rumsfeld said that he was ready to spray Prozac and other drugs from aircraft after 911, to calm populations.

ID cards are trackable by satellite.

Russia and China are adversaries of the OWG?  The Soviet Union and Chinese communism was launched by the elites.  This is just rhetoric.  The elites of China d=and Russia are in the same game as in the West.  They just need a threat of war to get control of society.  Professor Carol Quigley says you can get a s much social change through in five years of war as fifty years of peace.

The plan was to make China the sole manufacturer for the planet.  China would then become the policeman for the world.  The elitists is each country don’t think of themselves of American or British or China.  They are internationalists.

They’ve studied humanity for thousands of years.  Plato understood that the elites knew how to control the masses, and had access to technologies thousands of years ago.  There have been five definite ages of man, in which civilizations rise up and then wipe themselves out in warfare.  They had waves which burned you if you carried any metal at all.  Tacitus said that the Druids knew of three previous ages in which the earth had been burned and then covered with water in a deluge.  They survived in mountains.  Tesla stopped using HAARP because he said it would cause a fire around the world which would melt the icecaps and create a flood.  It’s very possible it’s been done before.

The Knights Templar merged with the Assassins.  They trained orphans to assassinate.  They disliked women.  All secret groups dislike women.  Francis Bacon had to leave his wife behind him to join the higher orders.  The Knights Templar were a secret society with not so nice ways of sorting business.

His message is anti-Christian, claiming Moses and Christ were merely heavenly bodies.  The same stories existed in India, e.g. Moses.  Moses means child in Egyptian.
Twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve constellations.

The Freemasons are only knowledgable at the fortieth degree.  Most have no idea. Those who can influence the public are fast tracked up the organization.  Alfred Pike aims for a scientifically controlled elite will run the world in an orderly fashion.  No excess population allowed.  Society will be run eugenically, no choice of partner allowed.

Your chip in your ID card and driving license, will contain all your medical records, all your up-to-date inoculations, including your DNA code.  It will become your cash card too.  It will be shared with the Police, and all government departments too.  Money will be eliminated.  The State will be the sole arbiter as to how much you earn.  The card will be a form of social control.  You will be cut off from money, and will have no money by the following week.  You won’t be reaccredited if you are in breach of any rules.

Chemtrails are what?  We find that the father of the H Bomb was the first person to suggest heavily spraying the atmosphere with barium, aluminum oxide etc to make it easier to broadcast electrical charges into the population.  There are 56 HAARP installations across the world, and they can use them to control mood, driving people to suicide, arguments between husband and wife.  They also have polymers which are capable of carrying viruses and bacteria.

The blue sky looks like the blue through a polythene sheet, which are the polymers.  Once snow melts, there is a cotton candy three or four inches thick, which is the polymer.  It breaks down under sunlight into powder.  It is made of aluminum oxide, copper.  It causes Alzheimers, and damages human memory.  This coupled with the pulsations of HAARP, can affect the moods of people, and be used to put thoughts into peoples’ heads.

H.G.Wells was a founder of the Fabian Society.  They pretended to be a socialist organization.  Bertrand Russell tells you that the Webbs were set on a world government run by a super elite, technocrats with the public having no rights.  The Tavistock Institute gave H.G.Wells certain stories to write to influence people.  He wrote of gassing people from the air.  He said that WW3 will start in Basra, prior to WW2.

The predictive programmers.  The biggest problem the elites face, as admitted by Aldous Huxley, & Darwin’s grandson, was that they mustn’t help people maintain their health, as population would grow too high.  They must develop diseases which the people won’t suspect are laboratory created diseases, such as AIDS, which is happening all the time today.

Malthus thought of putting houses over swamps, ensuring people get poor diet.  H.G.Wells said that WW1 hadn’t killed enough people.  They wanted an ideal family of 1.2 children per family.  Mrs Thatcher decided to let people in from India, as there weren’t enough people to pay off the national debt.

They don’t need all the workers any more due to technology, and use depopulation as an excuse.  The flooding of populations into cities gives the appearance of overpopulation but they overplay it to fit their agenda.

They want three trading blocs with provincial governments subservient to a world government.  They want to limit populations to sticking to the regions they come from, and there must be limits to the numbers of babies.  This is what the situation is in China.

Euthanasia at a certain age will be brought out.  The power to kill must never be given to government.  They will abuse it. They don’t want old people, useless eaters, and they will be terminated by the government.  They are programming us to die at a certain age with inoculations.  The Polio vaccine was brought out with 100 live Simian viruses in every shot.  The sm40 was known to cause cancers.  Yet was issued to millions of people.

Population reduction is being brought in ‘by all means possible’.  They use predictive programming.  Ideas are given to authors to write the idea as fiction.  So that once it becomes real, you are programmed to accept the things as inevitable.

Alan’s three books are about the ancient mystic societies which have used the same methods for thousands of years.  The money-lenders went from country to country.  They forced the countries into debt and were made to hire standing armies and make war on each other.
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