82 year old nun breaks into Oak Ridge Tennessee Nuclear facility. G4S again.

Nun, 82, ‘shut down NUCLEAR facility after breaking in and splattering uranium complex with blood’

G4S’s attempt at providing security for Olympic Games was thought to be a bit of a DISASTER, so could it have just been a one off?
  I don’t think so, this article would tend to prove it to be the norm. Some one must be having their ‘palm greased’ one would tend to think, or is there some other reason, for these concerted COCK UPS.

We are referring to an 82 year old nun & her accomplices, not a dedicated sabotage team! 

Link:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183022/Y-12-complex-Nun-Megan-Rice-arrested-allegedly-breaking-Oak-Ridge-Tennessee-nuclear-facility.html

The NNSA officials said the activists cut through two chain-link fences surrounding the sprawling facility and a third fence surrounding the ultra-secure enriched uranium stockpile building, known as the ‘Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility.’
The building served as the U.S. government’s only ‘warehouse’ for storing highly enriched uranium used in nuclear weapons.
Highly enriched uranium is a radioactive material used in the core of bombs to produce a nuclear detonation. The Oak Ridge plant is one of the most important government installations involved in the maintenance and production of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.
Although the security breach occurred overnight last Friday, officials confirmed that the shutdown – which applies to ‘all nuclear operations’ at the Y-12 site – did not begin until Wednesday.

The security failure was an embarrassment both for the security firm – THAT WAS A BIT OF AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

G4S are comming to a Police Force near You!


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