007. The name’s Dee. John Dee.

Hi Tap, as Gordon & I have been Dubbed The Residential  Conspiratorial ‘NUTS’, they appear to be far more concerned with the content of  our Posts than we are with theirs, If we are ‘NUTS’ then they would Pay No Heed, one would think. With regard to LOGIC, they wouldn’t know it if it Looked Them In The Face.

007 – Revealed ……………  John Dee  007 was mentioned, in comments, far more to him than you might think

Why did the Olympic ceremony producers show “007” and the Queen parachuting into the stadium? The sketch had nothing whatsoever to do with Olympic sporting events

 Who is 007? The real “007” British secret agent was not James

Bond or Sean Connery. His real name was Dr. John Dee.

“John Dee was the Queen’s astrologer, a Rosicrucian

Grand Master,
a black magician, and a secret agent for the new

intelligence network.

John Dee signed his reports “007”- the same, of

course, as James Bond,

the stories written by a

20th century agent of this same British Intelligence,

Ian Fleming,

a friend of the black magician, Aleister Crowley” —

David Icke; The Biggest Secret

Dr. John Dee was a 16th century Satanic occultist spy by 
“royal appointment”. Notice the “Century 16” name of the 
cineplex where the Batman massacre occurred.
The Olympic opening ceremony recited lines from 
Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Shakespeare’s character 
named Prospero was based on an idealized portrait of 
the Queen’s secret 007 agent John Dee.
Anne Hathaway played the female co-star in the
Batman movie. The historic Anne Hathaway was
Shakespeare’s 16th century wife.


I would suggest in view of the fact that the OLYMPIC SITE has a ‘RADIOACTIVE SIGNATURE’, as well as being a CHEMICAL & ASBESTOS  DUMP, The Corporate Organisations involved have already made a Financial Killing.

It is difficult to imagine anyone wanting to develop on such a site, as total clearance of contaminants wasn’t possible, if you remember , they used a PLASTIC SHEET, at 2 ft. DEPTH, however, they will probably find some NUTTER who will fall for it. Did they tell the workers involved in the initial work, the conditions they were working under?

Regarding The Fire, The Telegraph got it almost right, they said the Recycling Plant, was holding 60 tonnes of powdered and tablet forms of calcium hypoculdrite, its should have readCalcium Hypochlorite, which means they were a Waste Water Recycling Outfit. This is not very nice stuff at all, it wasn’t only smoke from burning debris there was CHLORINE & DICHLORINE MONOXIDE, present as well, which is much nastier stuff  than Chlorine, which you can look up if you wish. It was very close to the Blackwall Tunnel, don’t you think, had the Fire Brigades not been so Efficient, things might not have been so Rosey me thinks

Someone sent me a complex analysis of the Olympic Ceremonies, this is not simple & so I will just say that The Opening Ceremony was a Black Mass.

The Closing Ceremony,was also highly Occult Orientated, & ended with The Phoenix over  The Olympic Flame.  SO LUCIFER PERFORMED THE 2012 CLOSING CEREMONY

Closing Ceremonies Phoenix

I watched only about 10 mins. of it, that’s all I could stand, TOTAL UNADULTERATED RUBBISH, is the only comment I can use to describe it.
It just shows how the SHEEPLE have been indoctrinated, they don’t now what real Entertainment is ,do they?

So now Olympics  have finished, it cost in Security alone £1,600,000,000, the Banker Cameron, & the rest of the NON REPRESENTATIVE, ELECTED MOB head off for Post Olympic Holidays, The Tax Payer is left to pick up The Final Bill of c.a. £24,000,000,000, having spiraled inexorably from The original Estimate of c.a. £2,400,000,000 which we thought was staggering ENOUGH – and these “COMICS” THINK THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS INTO A PROFITABLE VENTURE. THE ILLUMINATI HAVE ALREADY MADE A STRKE FINANCIALLY, & GOT ALL THIS FOR NOTHING.
BO-JO reckoned £12,000,000,000 was an exaggeration. Coe, & the QUANGO’S have done an ACE JOB in Ripping The Tax Payers Off.



As for The Anons’. Assessment of me, a complete load of “BOLLOCKS”, I started this on one of my Laptops sitting by the AGA, in my outer kitchen  with a Good Real Ale, but then moved into the Computer Room with the  fans on, which was cooler to complete it on the Desk Top PC as the Computer Chair is More Comfortable.My interest is Research, pure & simple, as I have previously stated, an Incremental Process.



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18 Responses to “007. The name’s Dee. John Dee.”

  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, should anyone not have fond it I forgot to put in this Link:- http://helpfreetheearth.com/news620_olympicritual.html
    An excellent analysis, by Sandra Barr.
    Connections: Batman Massacre, The Olympics, The Queen and “007”


    If I recollect, Gordon, brought our attention to 9/11 & The Olympics, by a different Route.


    The centrepiece of the London opening Ceremony is an 80 foot wizard/sorcerer.The press have speculated that the Wizard is Prospero (John “007” Dee) from the Shakespearian novel “The Tempest”. The pre-show started at 8:12am (8+1+2 = 11). The main show began with the tolling of the bell at 9 am. The numerology is 9/11.

    These are Data Sheet Links which didn’t show.inc only to show it was a Health Hazard. & a major incident, that appears to have been played down.

    CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE was the Initial Material

    L1 http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9927478

    L2 file:///N:/F-14.08.12/Calcium%20Hypochlorite%20Granules.pdf

    L3 file:///N:/F-14.08.12/calcium-hypochlorite-tabs.pdf

    The Fire at Hunt’s Recycling Plant
    Was this a Warning to HUNT, “not to spill the beans” having met Murdoch w/r/t Leveson Inquiry. or was it The ILLUMINATI up to their tricks again?


    But it could have been:-


  2. Sackerson says:

    Queen Elizabeth asked Dee to use astrology to choose the most auspicious date for her coronation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the ‘Trolls’ are finally getting to WASP.

    You shouldn’t take life to seriously

    Regards………. ‘TROLL’

  4. WASP -“Hi Tap, as Gordon & I have been Dubbed The Residential Conspiratorial ‘NUTS’

    Answer =True.

    WASP -“they appear to be far more concerned with the content of our Posts than we are with theirs,”

    Answer =This shows WASP and Gordon are only interested in what they have to say. Shows they are rather autistic and not concerned about anyone elses opinion.

    WASP – “If we are ‘NUTS’ then they would Pay No Heed,”

    Answer =Many of us want to see truth and integrity on the internet so we comment when people write lies and tripe.

    WASP-“one would think. With regard to LOGIC, they wouldn’t know it if it Looked Them In The Face.”

    Answer = Logic doesn’t seem to be part of anything that WASP and Gordon write. They seem to think “logic” is anything they want it to be rather like Humpty Dumpty’s famous saying in Alice Therough the Looking Glass.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “SO LUCIFER PERFORMED THE 2012 CLOSING CEREMONY” – I don’t see the problem, i’ll take the bringer of light and truth over one direction any day of the week.

    Don’t forget self indulgent BaronSilverBaron

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and Egotistical there’s alot of ego around here.

    And cult like behaviour.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They show time and time again that when they get it wrong – and 99% of the time they do, due to lack of real research and incorrect assumptions they are very quick to amend their world-view so as to rationalize the unexpected outcome without losing their conviction about the validity of their underlying belief system

  8. Spot on Anon 7:48.

    A wonderful description of “Self Delusion”

    It is the duty of every balanced, logical person to “call-out” and expose unproven nonsense whether it be on the Internet or in the main-stream media.

    The only reason that so much tripe appears on the Internet is because the people writing it are given free reign without any come-back. In fact if you have the temerity to object to their “invented conspiracies” they shout TROLL.

    As I have said before if people like WASP were to admit when they are wrong you might take a little of what they are saying seriously.

    My only conclusion is that WASP is probably about 14 years old so does not yet really know the meaning of a shared responsibility.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Comments on The Tap have always been open house. I don’t see how ad hominem attacks are any argument.

    If I think there’s a troll about, I will shout TROLL. We all have freedom of speech. What is interesting is that the anonymous troll-type replies come in at any time of the day and night. This suggests a staffed 24 hour operation is opening up on WASP.

    To my mind that adds greatly to his credibility.

    What readers must not lose sight of is that this is the internet end of a global depopulation program me. That is main business of the elites – vaccination as declared by Bill Gates, pandemics, wars, water and food adulteration, chemtrails and air contamination, weather and tectonic events.

    Keep reading about these strange murderers and their Olympic and other deadly rituals.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Personally I agree with Anon at 7.48am

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Seems you have stirred the trolls into a frenzy.
    Are the trolls saying nothing happened and there were no Military on guard.
    That the strange start time 8.12am never happened, even the Church in my Village rang the bells for three minutes.
    Come on BSB what have you to offer as evidence.
    So the list provided by Hett, counts for nothing, there are no such thing as 33 degree Freemasons in power.
    Even Gareth Williams was starting to investigate his own paymasters.

  12. stedra rulz says:

    I saw some “dancers” with James Holmes type orange hair during the closing ceremony.

    There was this weird skit where a Robin Reliant(Only Fools and Horses)blew up and Batman and Robin appeared.???

    Links to Aurora?

  13. James says:

    Wasp- imagine for a moment that you are an Illuminati and you want to do a spot of false flag attacking at the Olympics.

    Why on Earth would you bother to research and then find ways to bring references to a 16th century astrologer into the plot? Why would you need someone to kill some moviegoers 5000 miles away? It would be far easier to concentrate on the task in hand rather than to paint some beautiful looking picture about it as well.

  14. wasp says:

    James, you fail to appreciate the way the system that the ILLUMINATI work to has Time Honoured Traditions, & Hidden Symbolism.

    Nothing is as you might think it is, or should be. You as a person are what you see, but you are also a Mobile Electromagnetic Field, which then opens a totally new Spectrum, on Human Existance.

    Interactions with this Magnetic Field will then effect you. A study of the Occult will give you an insight into this. Religion uses just such Systems, Prayer is a form of thought Energy Concentration.

    Those who would seek to dismiss The Occult as rubbish are Ignorant of the Power involved. Similarly The ILLUMINATI base their system on Numerology, which dates back to The Chaldean System. You might think its Rubbish, but they don’t.

    The world operates through Signs & Symbols, Mathematics is just such a system.

    Different People have different views as to what Mathematics is. If you haven’t studied advanced Maths, you wouldn’t have a clue what it was all about, if for instance you were unaware of Calculus, or shown a Fourier Transform, or a Wave Equation, you would think it was ‘DOUBLE DUTCH’ yet having the requisite knowledge these would be interoperable. I am sure you can work out the Corollary of this w/r/t the ILLUMINATI.


  15. Tapestry says:

    The school where the wounded and the dead were moved to initially had Olympian associations. There are too many coincidences. The Illuminati see themselves as steeped in history, and connected to the past through bloodline. They have a Satanic religion. It’s like another breed and another culture, which is designed to be obscure and hard to follow by the rest of us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, James does not think there is anything strange about the Cinema being called “Century 16”.
    That the Dark Knight was at the Olympic ritual.
    That the event started at 8.12am with the ringing of bells over the whole Country.
    That Gareth Williams signed off as Deadfoo7, he was tracking the plot to his last breath.

  17. wasp says:

    Tap duality of purpose w/r/t DEADFOO7

    computer virus (‘deadfoot’) – clandestine nuclear-weapons procurement – Guild of Contract Hits – D2 Banking’s digital-data archives

    viz. http://www.abeldanger.net/2010/11/deadfoo7computer-virus-deadfoot.html

    I haven’t got time to elaborate.


  18. Tapestry says:

    I guessed it was a version of ‘deadfoot’, but did not know what the associations of that word were. Let us know about clandestine nuclear weapons procurement, contract hits etc when you get time, WASP. The trail seems to point this way.

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