Why The Police Hate The Olympics.

A blog post by a policeman on why most police officers hate the Olympics. It is interesting that the police, and the army too, seem to have mass rebellion rising up in their ranks. 


Only 17 of planned 56 security staff turned up for work at the Olympic team hotel in Salford.

Only 20 security staff,out of 300 planned,  turned up at Box Hill cycling site in Surrey.

180 security staff were due at an induction and training session at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, but only eight turned up.

All these venues are now being covered by police officers who should be on the streets. Here in Ruralshire, our response teams are operating at dangerously low levels due to the planned Olympic deployment, let alone now, with further deployment necessary.

It is important to note that while politicians point to the total number of police involved compared to the total number of police in the UK, they know perfectly well that it is from the frontline uniform response and neighbourhood units that these abstractions have to be found.

Almost without exception, police officers below the rank of Chief Inspector I have spoken to both here in Ruralshire and in our neighbouring counties HATE the London 2012 Olympic Games, and hated it well before the current security fiasco.

Chief Inspectors and above like the Olympics because they do not have to go, because they have managed to get exemptions from the annual leave ban and because they have been told to like it. Most Chief Inspectors want to be Superintendents, so they tend to think what they are told to think, since they (mistakenly in my opinion) believe that this will make them more attractive at the promotion board.

Police officers HATE the London 2012 Olympics for three main reasons:

1. Summer leave has been cancelled so we can’t spend time with our children, time we don’t usually get because we work shifts.

2. The language and content of the training has been patronising, Orwellian and short on serious content. We have been treated like fools in the briefings, with most of the emphasis on political correctness and how to smile a lot. This pisses people off more than you can know!

3. The London 2012 period from 27th July to 9th Sept is being used to mess our lives about on an unprecedented scale, while senior officers and non-operational staff continue on as if nothing is happening.

* The new farce with G4S failing to turn up all over the country has further depleted our frontline teams.

The same is true for thousands of NHS staff and their families, for millions of people who couldn’t get tickets and for Londoners, who must now suffer the Zil lanes and traffic chaos. I am with Keith Allen, who recently gave a great ‘bah humbug’ interview about how much he hates the whole thing.

The one great thing about London 2012, is the very public exposure of G4S. For me it is not necessarily the scheduling issue. It is the horrendous stories coming out about the training, the organisation, the quality of the staff and the general shoddy nature of whole squalid back-room deals over workfare candidates vs. profit.

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  1. Twig says:

    The Police Service is crippled by political correctness.

    Cast your mind back to the man who died in a knee deep duck pond while the police and fire services stood by and watched him drown. There refused to go beyond ankle depth for health and safety’s sake (safe for who?).

    Charity shop worker drowned in lake just 3ft deep after firemen refused to wade in due to health and safety rules

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