Why Doesn’t AGA Oil Work Any More?

Wasp writes – I regret Gillian, et. alia that The Post on ‘CHEMTRAILS’ has not been sent yet, but there are many other things I have to do. I am endeavoring to carry out The Annual Routine Maintenance, my House Demands, amongst other things, quite a Daunting Task, I also had to repair the Lighting System on The Aquarium, as Tropical Fish don’t like the Dark, so Blogging Time is Reduced, added to which MY AGA IS NOT DECEIVED by THE RUBBISH they now call ‘Fuel Oil’. The “EU GANGSTERS” HAVE DEMANDED A REDUCTION in High Sulphur Fuel Oil, so Suppliers now stick an additive in it to try & Reduce Carbonizing, but it doesn’t work as well as the proper stuff, & requires cleaning out more regularly, than used to be the case. All this is to justify their Non Existent Global Warming Policies, A Key Strategy they must keep going, or they will loose the MEGA REVENUE THEY STEAL, viz. CARBON CREDITS, or as we Know it ‘THE EMPERORS CLOTHS’.

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