Why did Shropshire Police break into Hollie and Anne Greig’s house?

Dear Tap,
It is becoming even more strange.
DC Bates phoned me, as the ladies` adviser, at 13.27 hrs on 3rd June 2010 to tell me that Shropshire Social Services had contacted the police to say that they had concerns about the whereabouts and safety of Hollie and Anne Greig.
I explained that I did not know about their whereabouts at that moment, nor was it normal practice for me to know, but I understood from a recent conversation with Anne that she and Hollie were taking a short holiday. I told him that as I had absolutely no concerns about the ladies, I failed to understand why Shropshire Council or indeed anyone else should have any worries at all. They were entitled, like the rest of us, to travel freely without giving notice to me or anyone else.
At around 15.00 hrs the same afternoon, three police officers and two council employees arrived at their house, broke in and according to neighbours, stayed there for several hours. When Anne and Hollie returned from holiday to discover that their home had not only been raided, with documents and computer being taken, but the home had actually been vandalised. I was with them when they re-entered the property and supporting photos of the devastation were no taken. No inventory was left.
It appeared later that Shropshire Councils Social Services falsely led the police to believe that Hollie was under the county`s care. Hollie was not under their care, nor has she ever been. It was a downright lie and efforts continue to be made to discover exactly who passed on this information. There seems to be a good deal of nervousness by both police and the council to reveal the truth.
Thank you for responding so promptly.
Yours sincerely,
Robert Green

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