Who Cares About False Flags? Global Cooling Is Being Geo-Engineered.

humanati said…
I thought he (the journalist who said the evacuation of London was being planned) sounded unconvincing & contrived.

I am now beginning to suspect we are are being played in order to discredit the idea of false flag attacks & the people who try to make others aware?

(TAP – there is no doubt about that, humanity.  The ‘conspiracy theorist’ is now the standard ‘nut’ on TV shows.  Bloggers are the danger men in movies!)

But I do still think they want to inflict trauma on us debt slaves in the near future because they are getting desperate & they either got to break us or they know they’re going to prison.

9:32 PM 

Tapestry said…

There’s a big wind-up going on, humanity. The chances are that if there’s a major false flag on its way, the wind-up would not be happening.

The wind-up suggests something else is being planned or is actually happening, and they want attention kept on other things.

For example, I observe that the skies are being closed to sunlight with aerosol clouds. That’s dramatically cooling the climate.  This is July and it’s bloody cold.

They failed with AGW. Now they’re going for AGC. That combined with Vitamin D deprivation, reduction of nutrition in foods, and the toxic poisoning of hundreds of millions in NATO countries.  This will accelerate the rate of death, and as a whole be used to justify world government and a totalitarian state.

Why worry about possible false flag attacks when we can see a real attack going on each day in the skies above our heads?  The gulf stream is weakening as the Gulf Of Mexico is filling with oil spilled intentionally from under the sea.  Winter will be icy indeed.  A bomb or two could kill thousands.  Messing with our climate and nature will kill far greater numbers.

Deliberate global cooling is being rushed into place.  They failed with their global warming plans, and have switched over to a plan based on global cooling.  This they can geo-engineer with aerosols and other techniques at their disposal.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP

    Please keep up your great work.

    They are really pushing out loads of TV & Radio adds about coughs, its mentioned elsewhere in your blog.

    I wonder who is actually behind & paying for this massive advertising campaign?

    how would you find out & could this information expose the real people behind CHEMTRAILS?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap ,

    Have you changed your mind on the purpose of chemtrails ? Previously you thought they were to poison the population – Do you now believe that their primary purpose is Global cooling in some way ? IE reflection of the suns rays or prevention of heat reaching Earth ?


  3. Tapestry says:

    There is plenty of evidence that chemtrails are poisoning the air, the ground and water. Aluminium. barium. Strontium. Uranium are depleting the capacity of the earth to support living things, including human life.

    They also block sunlight and make the climate cooler, and deprive plants and humans of the benefit of sunlight.

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