Wet Weather. No Fruit.

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Eco Homes…
Regulations for Eco homes say you must keep the windows shut. An important feature that is being pushed big time is to SEAL EVERYONE IN. Well they say it is to seal the heat in. Energy saving is big news at the moment. Insulation materials are being pushed with lots of grants for insulation. What are these materials made of? They look like a load of very unnatural, unhealthy chemical based stuff. Somehow everyone has been duped into thinking Eco is good. It was once,  before the government hijacked the cause. It is now big business, and no one is questioning the health effects on themselves or the planet! The very thing Eco is supposed to help. It seems like Eco is being used as a vehicle to introduce unhealthy homes. The motivating factor is that you get brownie points for being a good citizen, if you are Eco, and you save money on your bills.
Argon gas and sealed windows…
A leaflet through my door today is advertising new super double glazing. SafeStyle UK it is called! Anything with the word “Safe” in it puts me on instant alert (Safeguarding children is another one). The double glazed windows have very secure locking mechanisms and ARGON GAS in the sealed unit. Two quotes from Wikipedia….

“Argon is an asphyxiant in the poultry industry, either for mass culling following disease outbreaks, or as a means of slaughter more humane than the electric bath. Argon’s relatively high density causes it to remain close to the ground during gassing. Its non-reactive nature makes it suitable in a food product, and since it replaces oxygen within the dead bird, argon also enhances shelf life.

“Argon is used to displace oxygen- and moisture-containing air in packaging material to extend the shelf-lives of the contents “

My experience of double glazing is that they frequently develop leaks over time and the sealed units are no longer sealed. The return of the gas chamber for our domestic WW3.

Bath and Avebury link…
I knew there would be one! They are linked by earth energy lines. The lines form a node in Bath Abbey, and go through Avebury stone circle. The same line pair goes onto Stanton Drew, the second biggest known circle in the country. I think it also passes through the area in Bath where I recently found three standing stones. Would be quite exciting if it actually went through the circle!.

Hills and Islands…
I am getting the feeling that Earth Energy lines and nodes like hills and islands. It is a bit like the chicken and egg. Does the earth energy make hills and islands more solid, stronger, so that they resist decay and movement. Or do the earth energy lines get drawn to hills and islands, to the stronger ground? 

No apples…

I have one apple, one or two plums, and no pears. Other people are saying the same. Hardly any fruit tree crops this year.   (TAP – local shop says no locally grown strawberries and raspberries this year.  Crops are ruined.  The black currants are hardly edible without sun.  Leaves and grass are growing fast, but no fruit.)

Moon Weather matches Earth Energy….
The Earth Energy lines move in a pattern that changes at the half moon. This is remarkably similar to the weather patterns that I have observed. The shift to a new “program” at the half moon, the new program lasts til next half moon, about a fortnight. It’s like putting another CD on your music player. Sometimes it’s just repeated though! So the Moon seems to press a control button of sorts at half moon time. And this button seems to load up a weather pattern that lasts a fortnight and an Earth Energy pattern that lasts a fortnight. Or does the Earth Energy affect the weather? Maybe the Moon controls the Earth Energy, which is electromagnetic, and that in turn influences the weather? There has got to be a link here somehow. The moon controls too much. I do not see any good coming from the Moon. 

Been busy on blogging…. (Henry I think you will like the Earth Energy one.)
TAP – put us a link, Julia.  I’m lazy, remember!

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4 Responses to “Wet Weather. No Fruit.”

  1. Nivek says:

    Word of warning re safestyle..
    they are lying cheating barstewards, willing to scam they’re ’employees’ as well as their customers. I know because i was scammed by their Reading Office

  2. Tapestry says:

    Did you pay too much or was quality less than it should be? What do you mean by ‘scammed’, Nivek?

  3. Julia says:

    … Is the link to Earth Energy stuff.
    There were links on the email I sent. Maybe they are being disappeared? Lots of new posts as well as this one.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Yes. The links were not apparent.

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