Welcome To Bankerworld – The One You Live In

Global warming, climate change are all a con. These are only the latest in the lies that been propagated to control the world. CO2 is lower now than it has been throughout most of history. Confessions Of A Greenpeace Dropout tells it all. Plants need a lot more CO2 than they currently have. CO2 is the most important nutrient for life on earth. Plants need five times more CO2 than we currently have. Humans have reversed the trend of CO2 decline which is vitally needed to promote life on earth. Unmanned weapons systems are on the drawing board, with programmed killing instructions. Killer drones are in our future. Many more details in this video. GITMO – inmates were drugged with mind-altering drugs. They classify people as mentally ill, drug them, then interrogate them. The same organizations that ran Gitmo are being given contracts to run British jails. Specialists will run our lives in every area from birth to death. World government will give way to high density city states, with populations locked up and controlled in mega cities. The excuse is to protect the environment. Under Agenda 21, water will be allocated. Biodiversity will be protected, limiting human activities. Small towns will be terminated. Population will be controlled. Social activity will be/is being controlled. They analyze social life. Who you are friends with, why you are friends. They track you on free social networks like Facebook. Sterilising women will be promoted as Women’s Rights. Psychological Operations….. Allan Watt tells the story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Find out secrets on you!!

    How to Annoy Facebook
    Adrian Chen

    Are you pissed off at Facebook for, whatever? (Yes you are.) Users of the popular message board Reddit have undertaken a systematic campaign to annoy Facebook using arcane European privacy laws that force the company to mail their personal data to them on a CD. Heroes, one and all.

    A popular thread on Reddit features instructions on “how to annoy Facebook.” The instructions are as follows:

    1. Open this site: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=data_requests

    better link:-

    2. Enter your personal information
    3. Make a reference to the following law: “Section 4 DPA + Art. 12 Directive 95/46/EG”
    4. Click on Send

    This is annoying to Facebook because the page is a “personal data request” form, which requires that Facebook send you your personal data, in the mail, burnt onto a CD.

    Provided you’re European, that is. See, in Europe, where they still have the quaint 20th-century value known as “privacy,” there are laws known as “right to access,” which requires companies to promptly send customers’ all of the personal information they collect on them if asked. (See this Forbes article for more details.) A group called Europe v. Facebook recently started a campaign to get Europeans to request their data from Facebook, which likely spawned the Reddit post. Now the campaign’s been so successful that Europeans who request their data from Facebook are being warned that “we are experiencing a significant delay” in processing them.

    Good job, internet! You know the last big tech company whose business model required it to send out thousands of CDs was AOL, and look where they are now.


  2. Twig says:

    Thanks HETT, that sounds like fun.

    Here’s a link you might like, incl. video clips if you have a couple of hours to spare.

    The truly insane global elite are about to be ‘occupied’ at Bohemian Grove

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Twig great link




    ps any more?

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