Weather Tricks. Now For Something Completely Different.

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It was reported on the radio just now that the weather will dry up next week, just in time for the Olympics.


TAP.  The weather is controlled over Europe and North America.   It keeps their little minds amused while they chemtrail clouds, deprive the population of sunlight, destroy crops in Europe, and bring drought to American Mid West destroying the world’s wheat supply.

The depopulation programme is in full swing using the weather weapon.  But not during the Illuminati’s favourite ritual celebrating their power, the Olympic Games.  Top up on Vitman D while you can.  Don’t watch your TV.  Get outside.

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5 Responses to “Weather Tricks. Now For Something Completely Different.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The [B]ull$h!t [B]roadcasting [C]orporation will be at the forefront of any propaganda during the Olympics. Just one reason alone to throw your Tell-lie-Vision out of the window. I noticed a billboard the other day where they were boasting about 24 channels of Olympics… wow.

    If there is a false flag during the Olympics, I wonder if the BBC can remember not to report it 20 minutes early like last time… lol:

  2. Paul says:

    I like to point out this subject in this way…”They have promised good weather for the Olympics, I guess they have bought the weather modification stuff the Chinese used in Beijing 4 years ago then” This gets them thinking, usually end up in a conversation and point out what the Chinese said they did, point out what many others are now saying, point them in the direction of the weather war stuff on the interwebz and a day or two later they either come back with an OMG!! Or havent bothered… more and more are coming back with the OMG!!!! these days though… good signs 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    It feels like the weather is slightly improving with a greater proportion of sunny ish days, up to 2 or 3 a week now, inbetween the heavy rain days.
    So it will be very very obvious if it clears for the Olympics. Everything is getting increasingly obvious, and I think it will carry on doing so until enough people have wised up. It’s as if they want us to know.

  4. Spanner says:

    What i am finding is recently we are getting perhaps one or two (if lucky)dry sunnier days, in between the colder overcast wet days, but because there isn’t any summer, people think the dry sunny days are fantastic when in fact temperature wise they are lower than normal or previous summers, it is just that they are warmer than the dull grey days.

    Just to add, today no chemtrails and a nice warm sunny day, okay tempertures, and just normal clouds in the sky.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I see chemtrailing going on on the clearer days, maybe not as intensive as sometimes, but the clouds are still very much manufactured-looking.

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