Vitamin D Shortage from lack of sunshine

Hi Tap,

I’m sorry to hear about baby Sean. I would suggest a rehydration
solution (I think Boots sell it). The best way is intravenous but I don’t
know if that is feasible with a baby. 
Adding vitamin D to the solution would make it more effective.
Vit D is absurdlly neglected as a treatment for infections in Britain
as you know. I used to get dreadful ‘Chinese’ tummy from seafood
and found that an intravenous drip and some vitamin D pills
worked wonders.

I can quite understand that your wife is losing confidence in the NHS.
Some strange things happen in British hospitals these days. 

I hear that members of the SNP are visiting the Tap!

Best regards,

Gordon Logan

TAP –  I get quite a bit of feedback from people suggesting
the blog is read more widely than it used to be, and more
widely than google stats suggest.  The SNP should leave a
comment or two!  What’s the angle on One World Government?  
Surely we are more easily overpowered as two smaller separate
countries than as one.  Their aim is to break us all up into pieces.  
Why go along with such plans?

For Vitamin D I suggest raw milk.  We gave some cow’s to Sean and
his cough stopped within hours.  It then caused him to get
constipation as he doesn’t have the enzyme lactase in his gut yet.  
Today I’m in the mountains searching for goat’s milk which is easy
for babies to absorb.  We’ve stopped in a pub which has wifi!

The cow’s milk we get comes from a pedigree herd with doesn’t
buy in new animals, making the risk from TB remote.  
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5 Responses to “Vitamin D Shortage from lack of sunshine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Breaking NEWS

    Iran sentences four to death over banking scandal


  2. Paul says:

    Since I started taking 10,000IU of Vit D3 and getting organice raw milk my body has improved greatly, but I think we talked about that a few weeks back, glad to hear Sean is feeling better now… and goats milk is great, I grew up on a farm and we had 2 milking goats just for that, drinking the milk.

  3. Sheila says:

    If there are any SNP folks viewing, please have a look at the variety of “independence” our dear leader is pushing:

    Scotland’s cry is independent, but interdependent –

    Scotland is being used as a testbed for much of what’s in store for the rest of the world:

    One example of this is what I’ve called the Scottish surveillance scandal.

    While the ID card scheme and Contactpoint were hogging the headlines something much more ambitious was being engineered up here, quietly and behind the scenes.There is evidence that elements of this are meant to be “sold” further afield.

    I believe that this process has been slowed thanks to a series of articles by Kenneth Roy of the Scottish Review (and one by myself which he published). Kenneth is an old style investigative journalist with complete control over his publication.

    I’ve posted Kenneth’s excellent articles and other relevant coverage on this forum thread:

    A reminder too that this blog has also helped to draw attention to these issues- thanks 🙂

  4. Jock says:


    “Scotland is being used as a testbed for much of what’s in store for the rest of the world “

    I wish someone would have a look at what’s going on in the skies over Scotland.
    It promised t be a gorgeous day today. ( 31st July 2012).
    8am was clear and blue. 9am a few chemtrails drifted in. 10 am a few more. It’s 1pm now and the sun is hidden behind a cloudy haze with the chemtrails dispersed and removing any blue sky. Just a cloudy haze covering the whole sky. And I can still hear aircraft overhead. Although none appear on
    I’d be as pleased as punch if it was all nothing and someone could explain it all. But after a year of seeing it going on I doubt if it’s nothing.
    My hopes of a few weeks clear skies during the Olympics only lasted one day 🙁

  5. Paul says:

    Here in Carlisle was just the same, I rise early, mainly due to the pain from my disability, open the curtains in the bedroom to usually gorgeous blue skies, come down, do my physio exercises and have a shower, have breakfast, get ready etc and then open the door and have a look outside. Generally one of two things has happened by then…rain or the sky is criss crossed and milky white above the normal clouds and people just are not bothered.

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