Too many eggs…..

What jumps out at me from this piece (drought in the USA.  previous post) is that 75% of supermarket food products contain corn!!!! The supermarkets that everyone claims to offer so much choice. It’s all the SAME junk food in different shapes and sizes, with different names in different packets. We don’t need corn. We don’t need supermarkets.

Nearly everyone I know is having failures of apples this year. A beekeeper friend says it is to do with the bees not pollinating because of the particular conditions this year.

However one apple tree I know is doing ok, and it maybe that certain varieties will be fine. Diversity is the way forward, because you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. If you have several different varieties, or crops, if one fails, something else will succeed.

My raspberries have finally ripened, and black currants and raspberries and rhubarb all very good this year.


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  1. Wish13 says:

    Our courgettes are doing exceedingly well, potatoes too. Strawberries are taking their time, but with the lack of UK sun so far, this is understandable. Our damson tree has a great crop which should be ready in the next couple of months, so the Jam and the wine will be ‘fruitful’! Same as you, rubarb doing grat, in fact we’ve already cropped a load. Most of our herbs are doing well, except our rosmary which failed to shoot, and the oregano, which has died. The excess wet is seeing a proliferation of slugs/snails, so continued vigilance is needed. At least the cabbage/caulifalowers are thriving, as the white butterflies seem to be absent – probaly due to the amount of rain.

    Happy growing – growing together!

  2. Wish13 says:

    Although slightly off topic (apologies), I would like to bring up the subject of hemp production. Industrial hemp can grow in many adverse conditions, and in the right conditions can give upto 3 crops per year on the same land. This really is a ‘miracle plant’ and ecologically sound that can provide cloth, medicines, paper, plastics, food, and much more without the reliance on petro-chemical alternatives, or crops that require extensive use of pesticides and fertilisers. Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests.

    For the history of prohibition and uses see:

    Also see ‘Run from the cure’ the Rick Simson story:

    This is a very badly maligned plant that could drastically improve the state of the world we live in.

    For example:
    An acre of hemp (grown in less than a year) can produce as much paper as 3 acres of trees which can take upto 30 years – and be pulped and processed using less chemicals.

    Pure hemp cloth can last a lifetime, Original levis were pure hemp.

    Henry Fords built cars with hemp fibre body panels (similar process to making fibreglass, yet is stronger and lighter than steel).

    Oils from psychoactive hemp can aid in the cure of cancer.

    The oil has many uses including the production of biodegradable plastics.

    The oil can be used to grease machines, make paints and varnishes, it can also be used for salad dressings and to cooked with. The seeds consumed provide the highest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids – the ‘good’ fats. It’s very high in essential amino acids, including gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a very rare nutrient found in mother’s milk, as well as a source of protein.

    Hemp oil and seed can be made into many tasty and nutritional products.

    Perhaps the solution is to change main crops (as well as diversity). Remove prohibition of hemp around the world – change the world.

    As it will grow in many climates, and many soil types and conditions, it *would* be a worldwide solution too.

    Ignore the ‘killer’ marijuana hype – this is the usual programming of the masses – essentially due to the fact that big pharma, chemical companies, and other elite controlled industries cannot patent a naturally growing, un-modified entity … there’s no money in it!

    Research it, and you’ll see what a gift this plant *really* is to the world. If we could get it out of the hands of our controllers – made legal and into the fields, massive changes are possible for the good of all.

    Some hemp quick facts:

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