The ‘Empty’ Olympics. ‘Governing Bodies’ and ‘The Media’ Must Know Something?

Olympics: Probe Into Rows Of Empty Seats

Sky News – 1 hour 44 minutes ago


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    Olympics: Probe Into Rows Of Empty Seats
Olympic organisers have launched an investigation after fans expressed disappointment at the sight of rows of empty seats on the first day of the London Games.
Locog were prompted to act after gaps were visible at a number of venues, including the Aquatics Centre where British medal hope Hannah Miley missed out on a podium place in the  400 metres individual medley final.
In contrast, huge crowds lined the streets, where tickets were not required, to watch Mark Cavendish and Team GB compete in the cycling road race.
A spokesman for Locog said the majority of the empty seats were believed to belong to accredited groups such as governing bodies and the media.
He added that some tickets remained unsold and urged members of the public to check online for availability.
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3 Responses to “The ‘Empty’ Olympics. ‘Governing Bodies’ and ‘The Media’ Must Know Something?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is hard to understand here? The economy of the world is in the toilet except for Germany and the elite, so average people can’t afford it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who gives a sh1te about watching someone running or chucking a spear? Watch it on TV, at home for free, if you really are interested.

  3. Tapestry says:

    In a way, yes, but they’d give them away to get the embarrassment off the agenda. The implication being they can’t even give them away.

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