Royal Air Force Kills British Citizens

Hi Tap, I have been doing a lot of reading but not sending out much information, so here is an interesting topic. 

I have given you in the past, references relating to the ‘WEAPONISATION OF WEATHER’, together with references on HAARP, one in particular , if you want to get up to Speed was ” ANGELS DON’T PLAY THIS HAARP” by Nick Begich. but there are other ref.s searchable within your Blog.

This Book will tell you all about HAARP, & it’s MULITIFUNCTIONALITY.  I also told you that Experiments relating to Weather Control were being conducted over 60 years ago., & were related to The Lynmouth Flood Disaster, but could not find any documentation at the time to support my claim, so as Weather & Chemtrails, are back under discussion again, this might interest you.

Chemtrails &Weather are undoubtably a Big Issues, & overlaps with many other Projects They Are Subjecting Us To. There are, however, other reasons, I will try & get around to do a Post on. 

Deadly flood blamed on RAF rainmakers

By Sally Pook
12:01AM BST 31 Aug 2001
THE heavy rainfall and flash floods that struck the Devon village of Lynmouth nearly 50 years ago, killing 35 people in a single night, may not have been a natural disaster, it was claimed yesterday.
Newly declassified documents have been produced to back suggestions that the RAF was involved in rainmaking exercises during the period that the floods took place.
Former RAF servicemen have described how they took part in the experiments in the years running up to the flood, a claim consistently denied by the Ministry of Defence.

A 50-year-old radio broadcast has also been discovered that alleges just such an experiment, officially called cloud seeding, took place in the same month as the Lynmouth tragedy.
On the night of the flood in August 1952 nine inches of rain fell, swelling the East Lyn and West Lyn rivers until they broke their banks.

A wall of water carrying boulders and trees swept down the valley and into the fishing village from the moors above.
Thirty-five people died, hundreds more lost their homes, while bridges, shops and hotels were destroyed.
Alan Yates, a senior lecturer at Cranfield College of Aeronautics and a glider pilot, claims that he was asked by an international team of scientists to inject salt into clouds in the summer of 1952. The project was said to be called Operation Cumulus.
In a 1955 radio transcript unearthed by the BBC, Mr Yates said the scientists told him the experiment had led to a heavy downpour 50 miles away over Staines, Middlesex.
“I was told that the rain had been the heaviest for several years. There was no disguising the fact that the seedsman had said he would make it rain, and he did. Toasts were drunk to meteorology.” 

Mr Yates said the BBC had been filming the experiments, but the resulting programme was abandoned when the country awoke to news of the Lynmouth flood the day before it was due to be broadcast.
Although the Ministry of Defence said yesterday that no cloud-seeding experiments had taken place before 1954, a BBC Radio 4 programme last night broadcast claims that documents released by the Public Record Office show that they were going on from 1949 to 1955.
Group Captain John Hart recalled the success of the early experiments in 1949 in the north of England. His logbook refers to “seeding dry ice into cumulus clouds to produce rain”.
He said: “We flew straight through the top of the cloud, poured dry ice down into the cloud. We flew down to see if any rain came out of the cloud and it did, about 30 minutes later, and we all cheered.”
His Squadron Leader, Len Otley, told the BBC that they referred to the exercise as Operation Witchdoctor, “because witchdoctors make rain”.
Declassified minutes from an Air Ministry meeting held at the War Office in 1953 disclose the reasons why there was such interest in rain-making experiments.
The list of possible uses included “bogging down enemy movement”, “incrementing the water flow in rivers and streams to hinder or stop enemy crossings” and clearing fog from airfields.
Other documents express concern by the ministry over who would be financially liable if such rainmaking experiments went wrong. …………..
HERE IS A Download for you, with lots of Information.
I have yet to see anything with any substance, relating to this in the 
Main Media, in our days, have you. 

Weather weapons:

There is far more than Weather they are concerned with viz.
Dennis M. Bushnell gave a talk
to NASA in which he outlined plans for dispersing airborne

viruses, such as Ebola and new, specially engineerednanoviruses.24

 In a 2005 Parliamentary debate, David Drew MP
asked the then Secretary of State for Rural Affairs to ‘look into
the polluting effects of chemtrails for aircraft’ in the UK.19 US
Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s Space Preservation Act (2001)
also mentions chemtrails by name.20 Although the US Air Force
dismisses the phenomenon as ‘a hoax’,21 declassified records
show, however, that the MoD did the same thing to the British
public from 1940 through to 1979.22
The Fortune magazine quote above concerning biological
substances strategically placed in storm cells has resonance
with the Lynmouth floods of the 1950s. The Guardian reported
that the MoD also experimented with putting radiological
substances into the clouds — what they would call a ‘dirty
bomb’ today.23 More recently, Dennis M. Bushnell gave a talk
to NASA in which he outlined plans for dispersing airborne  
In 1953, after Lynmouth had been destroyed, the US
established the Presidential Committee on Weather Control,
the director of which, Navy Captain H.T. Orville, said that ‘If an
unfriendly nation gets into a position to control the large-scale
weather patterns before we can, the results could be more
disastrous than nuclear warfare.’ He went on to claim that the
Soviets had developed technologies designed to melt the
polar icecaps; and it is true that for decades Russia has
experimented with ionospheric heating. …………


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  1. Mary says:

    So is this why certain countries have no rain attall and the childdren are always in a state of starvation??

  2. Tapestry says:

    As I understand it, starvation is one of their favourite games when it comes to population control.

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