Rain Stops For Olympics. Divine Intervention? Or Human?

Gillian writes –
Hi Tap,       
Funnily enough I came across that comment of Prince Philip’s for the first time only last night!   
It was included in a series of videos I was watching entitled ‘The Zionist Conspiracy’ it was in twelve parts of
approx. 10 mins. each part.  Although rather annoyingly part 7 was missing.  OMG, they i.e. zionists really detest
the rest of us.  They also detest the ordinary Jewish people who don’t want anything to do with zionism.      
This depopulation programme is because they hate us.  Not because they like or want to save the planet.  That’s
just a smoke screen.    
This planned economic crash that is happening seems to be waking a lot more people up.  But as yet most haven’t 
grasped the full picture.  Or, joined up all the dots.  Many are very suspicious of the rain stopping just before these
wretched Olympic Games.     

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3 Responses to “Rain Stops For Olympics. Divine Intervention? Or Human?”

  1. bert says:

    Very heavy chemtrail spraying in East Scotland for the last few months. The sun came out this morning for the first time in a few months but was dulled with the remains of chemtrail clouds.
    I’ve taken pics of my sky for most days since February and will have to post them on a blog.
    It’s more like geo engineering rather than anything more sinister.
    Each day that my neighbours and us hope for some sun we get about 4 757’s flying over to darken the skies. each jet is logged as ‘no flight plan’ on planefinder and usually starts it’s journey in Stuttgart and ends it in the US. With a meandering city by city visit on the way. Accompanied by numerous ‘no flight plan’ friends ont eh way.

  2. Ria says:

    Beautiful Blue skies this morning over Accrington.. Then the trail apeared and destroying it into haze tracks,,They will block the sun, later

  3. Twig says:

    From Shopholistic.co.uk

    “It came to our attention a while ago that there were suspicious and unusual activities surrounding the preparations
    and propaganda regarding the Olympics.

    Many of our sources are convinced that it is building up for something big to happen, such as a terrorist attack.

    The independent thinking community is convinced that if something does happen (and we seriously hope that it is nothing)
    it will be a contrived event such as a False Flag attack* which will be for…” read more

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