Plans For Megacities Of Buildings Containing 500,000 People

Cameron says he cannot visualize a time when austerity will end. They planned the world of the megacities a hundred years ago. All your money has to go to pay licenses, carbon taxes (which all goes to the Rothschilds Bank in Switzerland), energy prices and so on. There will be very few children due to rising infertility from fluoride, vaccination and GM foods. Since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England, there’s been war after war after war, as they keep funding them, and then slumping the economy after they finish. They often sacrifice the few to get sympathy for the many, as with the Jewish victims of WW2. Alan Watt emphasizes how long ago things like the EU was planned, over 100 years. Fukushima is now declared safe. People are bathing in the sea next to the nuclear station. US Police shooting peoples’ pets as a matter of course during house raids. Children get kicked in the side by the cops. They in fact raided the wrong home, so they search the house for some justification for their being there. Local forces terrorized a black man and white girl who were living together. They raised trumped up charges. The very real danger is that they will kill you to stop you testifying. The Parliament of The World was written by Shelley…World Movement For World Federalism….World Congress etc seem heavily left wing. Yet they are funded by the high elites. Think tanks – psychopathic people highly paid. Australia testing personal carbon taxes. You’ll get a bill for everything you purchased that week. Above all socialism are the high capitalists who believe themselves genetically superior, and deserving of their powers. They are training the ‘leaders’ of the vast socialist society of the future, in organizations like Common Purpose. Olympic Games has the highest security operation since WW2, says politician. Megacities would be filled with millions of people. No space, no privacy, no sex. As now in Facebook, no privacy. The windows’ high tech with changing pictures of outside, not real.

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