Olympic Terror Tales Reach The BBC

Gillian writes –

Hi Tap,       
In this 27min. video recorded on 28/06/2012 Alex Jones talks with an undercover journalist, who among other things used to work on ‘The Cook Report’ this undercover journalist has got a job working for the security firm hired to protect/guard the Olympic Stadium.  He describes the ‘training’ they were given, which by the sound of it was totally inadequate. 
The video gets a whole lot more interesting at about 15mins. in when he says that they, the security staff were told they would be needed to help in the mass evacuation of London shortly after the Olympics!  This has got all the hallmarks of a planed False Flag operation.    
According to the Infowars site the whistleblower has now revealed his true identity, because of fears for his safety.  I guess that is in case something untoward happens to him we will know it is highly suspicious.  Video is on YT under the above mentioned title.  Sorry I can’t give you the link.       

TAP – with the BBC running this, I would see the Olympics/false flag thing is more likely a huge wind-up covering over the real attacks which are happening now, the heavy chemtrailing of the sky blocking out all summer, sending temperatures plummeting.  Oil is flooding in the Gulf Of Mexico slowing the Gulf Stream.  Northern Europe could be frozen over this winter.  Climate Change will be back on the political agenda.

Conspiracy nutters will be laughed off the TV for claiming London was going to be evacuated after the Olympics.    

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