Olympic Ceremony Troubles

The woman who was chosen by the Olympic Committee to arrange and produce the Olympic Opening Ceremony, refused to have anything to do with it once she saw what she would be required to do. (She has since agreed to do the Closing Ceremony when the replacement organization failed to perform satisfactorily, taking over only a month ago).  Looking at the Opening Ceremony’s details, you can see why she backed out…..She is a well known figure in the British events industry and can be identified by finding out who is arranging the Closing Ceremony.

TAP. The information came from a very reliable source.

Youtube comment – This video does a terrible job of explaining the ritual. I don’t doubt that it’s all true, it’s just not explained well at all. Also, there is no mention of the lights in the stadium that are obvious pyramids with all seeing eye capstones.

TAP. I hate the voice-over on this YT channel. The reports seem to come from the dark side, revealing a little, but not much, and sowing confusion. The same voice was on the Whitney Houston ritual sacrifice videos. I am not even sure who makes these videos. Does anyone know? I found it on Jim Corr’s blog.


Hi Tap!

I just finished this 20 page document about the London 2012 Olympic Games conspiracy. I hope you have time to check it out! You can use it freely, if you want to. I included one of your articles in the document. I hope you don’t mind me doing that!

File: London 2012 Olympic Games Conspiracy.pdf (5MB)

Download the file from here:


Let me know, if you have any problems downloading the file and I will upload it on some other site. Thanks!

Best regards,


TAP – Enjoyed that.  They do false false flag, as well as false flag.  Who knows which this one is?  We’ll see.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Sounds very much like the voice of Siri on my iPhone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you listen carefully, there are some pulsating tones and whispering going on during the featured video….if subliminal is the way to go who knows what they are putting out on the net?

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