NWO Uses Subliminal Messaging To Promote Social Disintegration



The devil card of the tarot pack depicts him holding a torch in his left hand, left in Latin is called “sinister” and all black acts are called left hand path.
The Olympic torch is a telltale signal of its intent and its purpose, the torch illuminates and is a sign of the devil worshipping illuminati bankers.
If you are planning to watch the Olympic Games on TV I would think again, as a whole raft of evil subliminals will be screened through your TV into your home to influence your families’ sub-conscious. 

Old school advertising subliminals were not as subtle as the new incoming messages; it’s no longer passing billboards in the background, but actual words written on the screen but hidden, the art of photoshopping means we can be controlled in everything from what we eat and drink, who we vote for and the clothes we wear. 

The Harry Potter films were full of these sinister, what are called “inbeds” that is words and pictures imbedded into the films, the little girl in the Harry Potter films Hermione, is shown with the word “sex” in her hair, while the cloud behind her head is shaped like the country of Africa, the human mind at a deep level would take it in that the little girl should be having sex with people of African descent.
Similarly the lad Harry Potter has many references to homosexuality, two main NWO functions are in the promotion of multiculturalism and homosexuality, that’s why big corporations fund gay parades, gaydays and gay mags, but anyone who wants to run a family day, a family parade or a heterosexual event will be prosecuted, all black magic rituals involved homosexual sex.

While many are saying that the Harry Potter films while mediocre in nature are left hand path and direct from the Tavistock institute of mind programming.
Experimental ads in seventies, America used subliminals for soft drinks and even for promoting the Vietnam war and political campaigning, and later not only have vote for Bush subliminals, but commands not to vote for other candidates, McDonalds, Walt Disney and Hollywood are old hands at manipulating us at deep levels. 

The immensely popular James Bond films incorporated messages promoting anti-women messages and pushing promiscuity and that women were just beautiful creatures to be used and discarded, similarly Hollywood keeps bashing us that Adolf Hitler who stood up to the NWO bankers was a mass murderer, ignoring that the Soviet leader Stalin according to Alexandr Solzhenityn murdered 63 million Russian Christians, swastikas are regularly and secretly put into film images along with various hate words to keep alive the war of 70 years ago, while the Russian hammer and sickle emblem, the word obey and 666 promoting socialism and atheism are often in hidden film shots. 

The BBC still screens propaganda hate films made in Hollywood during the war often on a daily basis, but before the days when the BBC promoted homosexuality in the seventies the bosses of the BBC were told by special branch that certain highly paid artists such as Jimmy Saville and comedians Wilfred Bramble and Frankie Howard were a constant danger to young boys, the BBC who had invested in programmes featuring these among other artists, turned a blind eye and shelved it, now it’s no longer seen as wrong and we have the words “be gay “hidden in everything from people’s faces, their clothing and even in their gestures, both on TV and in video games.

The British government used what was called in intel documents, “background messaging” to persuade the people the direction they wanted them manipulated, in the late sixties a protest movement took real hold and people were queuing round the block all over Britian to sign up for what was called the “National Front”, this was a political body to halt more immigration and encourage the sending home of those here without work or with criminal records.
A full scale campaign began on TV and the Maxwell press to convince the British public that they were evil and we really needed yet more people, which undermined the movement which then collapsed. 

Politician Peter Mandelson in his Common Purpose organisation uses extensive NLP, this is a way of saying something but really meaning something else, Tony Blair used this people manipulation technique too which explains why politicians will never give a straight answer. 

The Olympics has little to do with games, but more to do with occult issues and racism, psychologists tell us that the supporting of one race over another, is pure racism. 

The cheers from the crowd when Britian was awarded the games, has been exposed by blogger Colin Carswell as the games being bought with bribery and corruption, with the cheering being totally planned and contrived, if the games are held here they should be British Olympics not Zion banker Olympics, and the building of the stadium and its security should come from our people, not people imported in for the job while ours sit on the dole. 

A new proposal would be for firms who import in workers to pay a special tax to go towards our unemployed. 

The games will not be on in a lot of British homes, they are seen as an unwanted huge financial waste of money, by the British people who want their country back, they want jobs, security and democracy, they want no more bankers taxes and they want the police to stop intimidating and attacking people and start to fight crime, the people want what the politicians promised us before every single war, jobs homes and security for all. 

The retina in the eye is at the back of the eye and very light sensitive, it transmits messages and images to the brain as nerve impulses, which then interprets the images, but experts have learned how to bypass the eye and impact directly on the brain, advertisements are not what they were, they are no longer obvious and are the brainwashing behind the sex drugs and rock N roll they push to our kids.

T Stokes London
* NWO=New World Order 

TAP – My late father was watching TV once, and he said the screen froze.  An otherwise hidden message appeared and sat there for a second or two.  It said ‘Euro’. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was watching a rugby match and the screen froze as well. The words on the screen were “God is green”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WTF !!!!!!??

    the torch

    THEY keep referring to the :- “CAULDRON”

    doesn’t this confirm everything?

    wakeup London


  3. Chris J says:

    Just to check Tap – was it you that took my comment off about chemtrailing? Im just checking incase it was someone else-its ok if it was you – can u put it in to a more relevant post if so though?

  4. Tapestry says:

    I’ve been out all day. Just come in. Please resubmit. I didn’t remove any comment to my knowledge. I’m sure I would remember. We do get ‘funnies’ on here from time to time.

  5. Chris J says:

    Im sure others have commented on it but they are doing a stop start technique of chemtrailing over south Wales now – in the hope that it will look less suspect and more ‘natural’ – it has the opposite effect.

    I notice that still not a single mp has enquired publicly about the spraying even though the bbc have given out official statements about it

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday a network of contrails, but today not a one. Northern Ireland.

  7. ChewyBees says:

    On my flat screen (America) there are frequently digital blips in the upper left hand corner, always different colors. IDK what it is, but why is it if it isn’t necessary. Have a full length blanket over TV and satellite currently. Not sure what that ‘eye’ in the middle of the directv receiver is. Me thinks its a waiting a good poke.
    That withstanding, don’t necessarily believe the ‘Lone Wolf bull crap coming in about J Holmes. Look up Robert Holmes in addition and you’ll be able to process the real reasoning behind the framing….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Full on chemtrails over Doncaster from night spraying.
    Noticed the clouds formed into the Haarp waves at 6pm, then a wind blew up and it turned cold.
    More and more people are talking about chemtrailing in the Village.
    Who will be the first Farmer to put in a claim for damaged crops to NATO.

  9. speed zen says:

    I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

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