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All Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Governance (APPGWG) is a cross-party 
group with currently 163 members drawn from both Houses of the British Parliament, 
the European Parliament, and the Welsh Assembly. It promotes discussions and awareness 
about global governance issues and the role of Parliamentarians in reforming the UN and 
other global institutions to make them more democratic, accountable and transparent.

Established in 1947 by the then newly elected Member of Parliament Henry Usborne, 
the APPGWG is one of the oldest groups in the British Parliament. Its members established 
the One World Trust, a registered charity, in 1951.

Every year, the APPGWG and the One World Trust co-host a number of meetings for 
parliamentarians and the public featuring experts on global governance issues and 
related parliamentary processes. In addition, the Group holds an annual AGM to elect 
its officers and review the year’s progress. At its AGM on the 8th of July 2008, the Group 
had 73 members in the House of Commons, 61 members in the House of Lords members, 
15 from the Welsh Assembly, and 15 from the European Parliament. This diverse membership 
gives the group a unique perspective on the problems raised by the need to reform global 


Mark Pritchard MP – Chair (elected 2008)
Jim Sheridan MP – Co-chair (elected 2008)
Tom Brake MP – Secretary
Peter Bottomley MP – Treasurer
Joan Walley MP – Vice-chair
Lord Archer of Sandwell – Vice-chair
Dr Nick Palmer MP – Vice-chair

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the work of the APPGWG or 
joining the group, should contact Michael Hammer.

If you are interested in reading a more detailed history of the Group and the One World Trust, 
click here.

TAP – what’s Mark Pritchard doing on there.  We all thought he was a eurosceptic.  
Not another bleeding two faced politician.

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    I’ve edited this one as best I’m able. Same trouble as last time, but it’s readable. Agreed?

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    Do you know where we can get a full list of current members Road hog?

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